Writing on the Mall is a blog for students, by students, about what is happening in and around Marietta College.  The idea behind this site is to provide a place for students to talk about events on and around campus, the things we use, watch, and listen, and the talking points of what the student body cares about.

This site has no ties to the college, so feel free to view this as an unfiltered, objective view of college life in Marietta.  A place for prospective students, current students, alumni, and all others to see what’s happening.  A mix of everything will be covered here, but mostly including the things that could or will affect Marietta College students the most.

Our blog’s name, Writing on the Mall, comes from the feature of our college that makes it so recognizable…the Christie Mall.  The bricked path, which used to be an active, bustling street before it was shut down and turned into the pedestrian walkway it is now, represents the intertwined stories that our college holds and breeds, growing from person to person.  You can get a glimpse of our campus, either good or bad, by seeing the things that get chalked on our mall from week to week.

WotM Bloggers

Patrick HahePatrick Hahe – The founder and creator of WotM.  He graduated from Marietta College with a broadcasting major, journalism minor, and leadership certificate.  Hahe is also a brother of the Kappa Alpha Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity.  He has served in leadership positions in Lambda Chi Alpha, Interfraternity Council, and National Broadcasting Society.  Patrick is knowledgable in topics about the college, student life, events on campus, technology for students, and worthless, useless trivia.

You can contact Patrick at patrick_h at writingonthemall dot net

Interested in Blogging?

If you’re interested in writing for Writing on the Mall, please contact us at bloghere at writingonthemall.net, with the subject of “I Want To Blog Here”.  We’ll begin discussions from there.  Typically, a blogger would be expected to write 3-4 blog entries a week and help get the word out about the site.  There is currently no payment, but if advertising revenues pick up, then we may see  that change.