BREAKING: Campus E-Mailed Over "Gastrointestinal Illness" Alert

From watching Facebook yesterday and today, I’m surprised I didn’t pick up on this earlier.  But thanks to some readers and an e-mail from the college, we have a vague idea of what is going on.  I’m still trying to gather information as I can, but here’s what I have at the moment.  Stay tuned to Writing on the Mall for more.

In cooperation with both city and county health organizations, Marietta College is currently investigating the cause of yesterday’s limited campus occurrence of gastrointestinal illness.

The Office of Student Life reports that a small number of students were treated and released at Marietta Memorial Hospital last night and in following standard procedures the College contacted Dining Services and area health officials to help pinpoint the origins of the illness.

In seeking to discover the cause of the illness, Dining Services has immediately reviewed its quality assurance protocols in order to determine if the student illness may have been food borne or originated in some other fashion.

Pending the outcome of that inquiry, precautions include encouraging students to frequently wash their hands to prevent the spread of any illness transmitted from person-to-person.

If you are presenting any symptoms, please contact your Resident Director.

We will update the campus community when additional information is available.

~ Tom Perry, Director of College Relations