BREAKING: Defaced Student Senate Candidate Posters Appear On Campus

As I walked through Upper Gilman today, I noticed that two posters for Student Senate Officer Candidates had been defaced.  Here are images of the two posters.

2010-04-05 13.32.26

2010-04-05 13.33.14

A poster for the Dave Hood campaign had been defaced by someone crossing off his name, then writing “Maxwell = Maximum Experience” and “By Voting Maxwell” in pencil.  Also, a poster for Sarah Campfield had been defaced, with somebody writing “But Her Grammar Doesn’t.”

Dave Hood and Josh Maxwell, both Juniors, are running for President of Student Senate, while Sarah Campfield is running against Chandler Wittel, the current Treasurer.

A poster for Josh Maxwell that was located in the same area had not been defaced.

The posters were removed immediately.

If you see any other defaced posters on campus, please let us know at Writing on the Mall by e-mailing

Writing on the Mall has sent e-mails to Megan Moore, Judicial Chair of Student Senate, and the four candidates for their responses to the situation.  Stay tuned to Writing on the Mall for further news and the response of the affected candidates on the issue.