The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: My Summer in D.C.

Editor’s Note: We are looking to highlight a few MC students and things they did during their summer vacation.  Today we share Sarah Snow’s adventure in Washington DC as a congressional intern.

As I drove around Dupont Circle during rush hour on a Tuesday afternoon, I thought to
myself, “This was not a good idea.” Cars lurched out in front of me and herds of pedestrians fearlessly
threw themselves into the streets as I tried to carefully maneuver myself around the busy streets of
D.C. in my mom’s car. Mom was in the passenger seat, practically hyperventilating over the traffic, and
I was left to find my way and not wreck at the same time. I passed at least ten Starbucks, a handful of
embassies, and a mile long line of people waiting at the Steak and Shake before I finally found my way
down Connecticut Avenue. At around five thirty, I finally spotted my destination and praised the Lord
for getting me there in one piece.

My first place of residence was here, with a Marietta alum and sorority sister who shares my
love for politics. After I unloaded the car and gave Mom a paper bag to breathe into for a few minutes,
we collected ourselves and set out, via Metro, to see the sites and get some dinner. Later that night, as
I gazed up at the Washington Monument in the moonlight, I was immediately at ease. Walking through
the World War II monument and reading the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Monument made me
realize that no, this was not a mistake, and it was indeed just the beginning of a beautiful summer
romance with our Nation’s Capital.

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Alcohol Policy Gets a Nip / Tuck, To Student Disapproval

A committee has been working to revamp the College’s Alcohol Policy over the past semester in an attempt to make improvements, and the changes were officially announced prior to Wednesday’s Student Senate meeting.  A packed house (of about 30 people total…hey, the Emeritus Chamber isn’t big) of Senators and concerned students showed up to the meeting to discuss certain aspects of the new policy.

There are three major changes being proposed for the Marietta College Alcohol Policy:

  • Section H will still allow for students of age to have 12 cans or bottles of beer (empty or full), as long as they are 12 ounces or less.  Or, you can still have a 750 ml bottle of wine.  The new wrinkle is that beer would not be allowed to be stronger than 5.5% alcohol.  There is not a similar restriction on wine.
  • Section O will require all social functions and campus dorm rooms to cease serving or consuming alcohol at Midnight on Sundays through Thursdays, and at 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • The table of automatic sanctions is gone, now replaced by a tiered system.  Tier One offenses are the low-end, while Tier Three are high-end offenses.  There are also two additional lists of sanctions (both social and educational) that can be divvied out as deemed necessary.

The full policy can be read below.  Changes are in red font.

Marietta College Alcohol Proposed Policy Changes


While the Faculty Council has already voted to approve the changes, Student Senate has made several recommendations to Vice President of Student Life Dr. Robert Pastoor and the Alcohol Policy Committee.  Dr. Pastoor can choose to make changes to the proposed policy, or choose to leave the document the same and have Student Senate vote on the document as-is.  If changes are made based on Student Senate’s recommendations, the Faculty Council would then have to re-vote on the policy.

The recommendations from Student Senate are as follows:

  • Striking Section O from the policy so that there are no restrictions on when students of age can choose to consume alcohol
  • Amending Section H so that students can have beers with up to 10% alcohol per volume.  The policy, if left unchanged, would have made many craft brews illegal to drink on campus.
  • Striking an educational sanction that would have required students (if given the sanction) to shadow a Resident Assistant on a Friday or Saturday night.  Senators saw the move as more of a burden to the RA than a punishment to the student.

Student Senate will receive a final proposal prior to their next meeting on Wednesday, April 20th.  If you have any comments or concerns, you can come to the meeting at 7 PM in the Emeritus Chamber, or speak with your Class Representative or Organization Representative.

It is expected that a vote will happen at this meeting.  If passed it is not clear as to when the policy will take effect.

What are your thoughts on the proposed alcohol policy?

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Student Speak Out Spring 2011

Hello everybody, it’s time for Student Speak Out again.  No stream this time due to unforeseen circumstances, which means we are going old school!  Refresh this page to see updates on questions asked and responses.  If you have a question, tweet at us at or ask us on Facebook at!

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Lip Sync Results From Greek Week 2011

Omicron Chi Theta – “True Life: I’m Becoming Greek” – Seventh

Alpha Tau Omega – “ATO Story Time” – Sixth

Lambda Chi Alpha – “It’s Great to be a Lambda Chi 2011” – Fifth

Sigma Kappa – “True Life: I’m A Greek Goddess” – Fourth

Chi Omega – “True Life: Jersey Shore” – Third

Alpha Xi Delta – “Sorority Girl Problems” – Second

Delta Tau Delta – “Hot For Teacher” – First

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Panhellenic Council Supports Our Troops

The Marietta College Panhellenic Community helps support the troops deployed for Pro-Panhellenic Week.

As a part of Pro-Panhellenic Week, the women of the Panhellenic Council put on a philanthropy event. For the event they could make letters that are being sent to Ladies of Liberty. Everyone could also bring different products that will be sent over to the women troops deployed.

The philanthropy event was a part of the Panhellenic Council’s Pro-Panhellenic Week. The week was dedicated to uniting the women of the Greek community and to display the benefits of the council.

“I am very excited for everything that has been collected for the troops.  We’ve been very excited for this week since the beginning of the semester and hope to do many more events like this.” Elizabeth Oswalt, President of Marietta College’s Panhellenic Council stated.

Ladies of Liberty is a national organization ,which Buckeye Blue Mothers is working with. Buckeye Blue Mothers is a non-profit organization that is made up of mothers whose sons or daughters are deployed overseas in the military.  Their goal is to support their troops anyways possible, mostly by sending boxes of products that the soldiers need. For more information visit,

“I felt that this was a good event to get the women of the community involved,” Sarah Griffin, Vice President of Community Development for Panhellenic Council, said, “It let’s them see that these items are going to women who are around the same age as many of us.”

Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the sororities at Marietta College. The community consists of Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega and Sigma Kappa.

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Armed Robbery Near Campus

From the Campus Alert System:

The Marietta City Police are currently searching for a man, approximately 6-foot, 200 pounds, who allegedly robbed the Smoker Friendly in the Giant Eagle shopping plaza earlier Saturday. He was last seen heading away from campus down the alley behind the Giant Eagle and Smoker Friendly.

The suspect was wearing a brownish/green hoodie, a black mask with light gray trim, blue jeans and tennis shoes. He was also armed with a .22-caliber pistol.

In light of today’s robbery near campus, Marietta College Police will have additional officers on duty throughout the night. Any students who see anyone suspicious should call the College Police at (740) 376-3333. Also, any students who would prefer to have a police escort across campus should call (740) 376-4611.

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Parking Wars: Parking May Be Issue in 2011, Beyond

2011 and 2012 could be interesting years for Marietta College students, faculty, and staff when it comes to finding a parking spot.

With new dorm construction starting in March, a major portion of Marietta College parking spaces will be destroyed near Mills and McCoy Halls.  At the same time, proposed legislation in the City of Marietta would require parking permits for street parking on the North side of Campus.  Wondering how that’s all going to play out?  Check out the map below!  You can click on the colored boxes to find out what type of parking it will be, and where temporary and new parking lots will be.

More to the story below map!


Color Codes:

White = Lost parking spaces
Light Blue = Temporary Parking Lot
Purple = New Parking Lot
Green = Faculty and Upperclassmen Parking
Blue = Upperclassmen Only Parking
Yellow = Faculty and Staff Only Parking
Red = Freshmen and Commuter Parking

Mills and Lower McCoy parking lots will be lost completely, while the College will maintain about 12 parking spots in the Upper McCoy lot (two of which will be handicap spots).  Temporary lots will be placed on either side of the old Miller Welding building on 4th Street, near the Commuter Lot across from the College’s tennis courts.  Demolition of Parsons Hall will yield a new parking lot on its location, with part of Parsons Field being paved as well.

Across the street from campus, if approved, homeowners would be eligible to purchase up to two parking passes for street parking spots near their home.  This is according to the Parkersburg News-Sentinel, which has been reporting on the issue more so than the Marietta Times of late.  As part of the proposal, parking spaces would be reserved for Sorority members living in the Chi Omega and Alpha Xi Delta houses.  Spaces would be restricted to pass holders between 7 AM and 6 PM, but would be available to anyone outside of those hours.  Fines for violating the parking restrictions would range from $25 to $50.

So how do you feel about this huge parking mess?  Let us know in the comments!

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Year in Review: Top Stories of 2010

I was reminded that it is time to take a look back when Marietta College posted their own Top 10 Stories list, so here they are…the 10 stories that received the most traffic on Writing on the Mall in 2010.

10 – Looking Back At Campus Flooding

This was the only story submitted by Tom Perry’s writing classes to make it to the Top 10.  Stacy Frederick did a great retrospective piece on the 2004 and 2005 floods.  The Ohio River went over its banks twice that year, flooding Marietta and the College in the process.  Frederick’s article had some great interviews with alumni and College officials, and shows the improvements made to the College’s flooding preparedness plans.

You can read that article here.

9 – Student Speak Out Coverage

Our Student Speak Out coverage was so popular this Fall that it actually crashed the site, which I was impressed by.  If you want to take a look back, here is the Spring 2010 and Fall 2010 live blog pages.  We will actually have our Top Questions from the Fall Student Speak Out here this week.

8 – Student Senate Posters Get Defaced

Maybe when I originally ran this story, it was a bit “Fox News”-ish.  But apparently readers wanted to hear about Student Senate candidate posters getting defaced.  The original story ran here.

Read more…

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Pioneer Perfection: Men’s Basketball Undefeated

The Pioneers needed to keep things clean against a winless Wilmington, and they did.

With an 89 to 78 victory over the Wilmington College Quakers, the Men’s Basketball team moves to 5-0 in the Ohio Athletic Conference, and a 10-0 record overall.  This comes as the Pioneers gather more Top 25 votes in the Poll.

Freshman Tyler Hammond is really stealing the show, as the Freshman from Cleveland, OH scored 22 points.  That’s his second game in a row with 20 or more points.  Junior Trevor Halter added 10 more points, and in a surprise, eight rebounds.  That’s more than junior Kevin Knab, who usually leads the team in rebounds.  He ended the night with 12 points and seven rebounds.

The Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams head out for a West Coast swing after the Christmas holiday, then return to face the University of Mount Union and Heidelberg University in the new year.

Check out the full Ohio Athletic Conference standings below.  Should be an interesting week when Marietta takes on both Capital University and John Carroll University in the same week.

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MC To Start Dorm Construction in March

Students, Faculty, and Staff were e-mailed today to alert them that the new dorm project has officially been announced to the media.  Construction will begin in March.

2010-06-22 15.58.46With the last piece of the puzzle (funding from the Ohio Higher Education Facility Commission) dropping into place, the new dorm project is finally on its way to leaving conceptual drawings.  The new dorm, which has not been named yet, will be built along Putnam and 7th Street, and will form a “cornerstone” of the campus in what is currently a grassy area.

Marietta’s new dorm will follow the trend set by other schools its size in Ohio.  The new living space for over 350 students will feature a mix of living options: specifically, singles, doubles, and apartments like McCoy Hall.  Two singles will share one bathroom, while two doubles will do the same.  But different from McCoy, and original dorm plans from 2008, will be an in-dorm dining option and a health and wellness center.  We have sent an e-mail off to Tom Perry, Director of College Relations, for a better explanation of the health and wellness center.  What we do know for sure is that counseling services will move their offices into the new dorm as part of the center.

Another change with the new dorm design is the exclusion of Greek housing.  The original plan was to take the first floor of each wing of the new dorm, and place Delta Tau Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha chapters in those wings.  It was supposedly a way to get both chapters out of their decaying (and possibly non-code compliant) houses and into new digs.  However, various issues arose, and most Greeks were not for the move.

And if you’re a ‘green freak’ you’ll be happy to hear the new dorm will be built using LEED specifications as guidelines.

Heidelberg University recently started construction on their new dorm, which features many of the features Marietta has placed into theirs.  The major difference is that Heidelberg’s new dorm will be tied into a new Student Center.

DSCF1242With construction beginning this Spring, students may be left wondering where they will be parking.  According to the press release, the Mills and McCoy parking lots will be replaced with a new parking lot where Parsons and Parsons Field are currently located.  Considering that Parsons will still be in operations until the new dorm is built, we could be facing a parking crunch for the next year or two while construction and deconstruction occur.  We have also asked Tom Perry about this, and will publish more once we receive new information.

The new dorm will raise Marietta’s capacity from 1,400 students to 1,500.  MC is hoping to lure students who have moved off-campus back into college dorms, as fewer and fewer homes become available to rent to students thanks to City codes.  Another benefit will be eliminating the need for Parsons Hall, which has been in disrepair for years.  It’s design has also made it susceptible to crime, as we have reported on in the past.  it’s twin, Timlin Hall, was torn down years ago to make room for McCoy Hall.  Timlin was in much worse condition at the time.

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