Parking Wars: Parking May Be Issue in 2011, Beyond

2011 and 2012 could be interesting years for Marietta College students, faculty, and staff when it comes to finding a parking spot.

With new dorm construction starting in March, a major portion of Marietta College parking spaces will be destroyed near Mills and McCoy Halls.  At the same time, proposed legislation in the City of Marietta would require parking permits for street parking on the North side of Campus.  Wondering how that’s all going to play out?  Check out the map below!  You can click on the colored boxes to find out what type of parking it will be, and where temporary and new parking lots will be.

More to the story below map!


Color Codes:

White = Lost parking spaces
Light Blue = Temporary Parking Lot
Purple = New Parking Lot
Green = Faculty and Upperclassmen Parking
Blue = Upperclassmen Only Parking
Yellow = Faculty and Staff Only Parking
Red = Freshmen and Commuter Parking

Mills and Lower McCoy parking lots will be lost completely, while the College will maintain about 12 parking spots in the Upper McCoy lot (two of which will be handicap spots).  Temporary lots will be placed on either side of the old Miller Welding building on 4th Street, near the Commuter Lot across from the College’s tennis courts.  Demolition of Parsons Hall will yield a new parking lot on its location, with part of Parsons Field being paved as well.

Across the street from campus, if approved, homeowners would be eligible to purchase up to two parking passes for street parking spots near their home.  This is according to the Parkersburg News-Sentinel, which has been reporting on the issue more so than the Marietta Times of late.  As part of the proposal, parking spaces would be reserved for Sorority members living in the Chi Omega and Alpha Xi Delta houses.  Spaces would be restricted to pass holders between 7 AM and 6 PM, but would be available to anyone outside of those hours.  Fines for violating the parking restrictions would range from $25 to $50.

So how do you feel about this huge parking mess?  Let us know in the comments!

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MC To Start Dorm Construction in March

Students, Faculty, and Staff were e-mailed today to alert them that the new dorm project has officially been announced to the media.  Construction will begin in March.

2010-06-22 15.58.46With the last piece of the puzzle (funding from the Ohio Higher Education Facility Commission) dropping into place, the new dorm project is finally on its way to leaving conceptual drawings.  The new dorm, which has not been named yet, will be built along Putnam and 7th Street, and will form a “cornerstone” of the campus in what is currently a grassy area.

Marietta’s new dorm will follow the trend set by other schools its size in Ohio.  The new living space for over 350 students will feature a mix of living options: specifically, singles, doubles, and apartments like McCoy Hall.  Two singles will share one bathroom, while two doubles will do the same.  But different from McCoy, and original dorm plans from 2008, will be an in-dorm dining option and a health and wellness center.  We have sent an e-mail off to Tom Perry, Director of College Relations, for a better explanation of the health and wellness center.  What we do know for sure is that counseling services will move their offices into the new dorm as part of the center.

Another change with the new dorm design is the exclusion of Greek housing.  The original plan was to take the first floor of each wing of the new dorm, and place Delta Tau Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha chapters in those wings.  It was supposedly a way to get both chapters out of their decaying (and possibly non-code compliant) houses and into new digs.  However, various issues arose, and most Greeks were not for the move.

And if you’re a ‘green freak’ you’ll be happy to hear the new dorm will be built using LEED specifications as guidelines.

Heidelberg University recently started construction on their new dorm, which features many of the features Marietta has placed into theirs.  The major difference is that Heidelberg’s new dorm will be tied into a new Student Center.

DSCF1242With construction beginning this Spring, students may be left wondering where they will be parking.  According to the press release, the Mills and McCoy parking lots will be replaced with a new parking lot where Parsons and Parsons Field are currently located.  Considering that Parsons will still be in operations until the new dorm is built, we could be facing a parking crunch for the next year or two while construction and deconstruction occur.  We have also asked Tom Perry about this, and will publish more once we receive new information.

The new dorm will raise Marietta’s capacity from 1,400 students to 1,500.  MC is hoping to lure students who have moved off-campus back into college dorms, as fewer and fewer homes become available to rent to students thanks to City codes.  Another benefit will be eliminating the need for Parsons Hall, which has been in disrepair for years.  It’s design has also made it susceptible to crime, as we have reported on in the past.  it’s twin, Timlin Hall, was torn down years ago to make room for McCoy Hall.  Timlin was in much worse condition at the time.

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Cross Cultural Campus Assessment Findings in a Nutshell

Teresa Farnum & Associates recently completed their Cross Cultural Campus Assesment, which the results of were released to students, faculty, and staff today in an e-mail from President Jean Scott.  The goal of the study was to find the strengths and weaknesses of the college’s current diversity climate and propose ways that it could be improved.

The process started with a survey to students, staff, faculty, administrators, and the community.  It was followed up with meetings with focus groups and meetings with various administrators.  The consulting group then studied the results and issued the PDF file you see below.  But to save you from reading through 20 pages of statistics and findings, we’re providing you with the highlights.

Read more…

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Blackout 2010: What You Need To Know

Writing on the Mall has been trying to gather information to inform students that may be trying to get information, but are not able to follow our Twitter account (@WriteOnTheMall) or are also dealing with Facebook’s desire to croak at crucial points in time.

We are hearing that a transformer has blown near North Hill Bowling Alley, and that may be the cause for what seems to have peaked out at over 1,500 customers without power, according to AEP.  Also, a tree has fallen on Colgate Avenue, but I did not hear if that tree took out further power lines or not.

Students I have talked to confirm that a bright green flash was seen throughout the sky, quickly followed by the power outage.

What does the outage means for Marietta College students?  We are hearing that only McCoy Hall and Parsons have power. Specialty housing has also been affected, as Fourth Street has also lost power.  Most academic buildings have lost power, and students have said that emergency lighting appears to have been switched on in facilities that have them.

We’ll keep things updated as we can.

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City To Crack Down On Off-Campus Parking

DSCF1139Your days of convenient parking off campus are numbered, as The City of Marietta is planning new legislation to help residents park near their homes.

According to the Marietta Times, residents around the College have been complaining about students, faculty, and staff members taking up parking spots near their home.  After looking for a solution, they are planning to implement a residential parking pass system for areas around campus.  According to that plan, residents would be guaranteed a spot during specific periods of time with that pass, while others could park outside of that time.

Tom Perry, the College’s public relations director, mentions in the article that campus has plenty of parking for all of its pass holders.

But while parking is plentiful, it is typically in places where people do not want to hike.  Examples would be Mills Hall professors that might have to park in the lot near the Physician’s Assistant training facility.

Marietta students can get parking much cheaper than many other schools.  When I was at The University Akron (briefly) it cost around $180 for a parking pass, and there was typically only one parking spot for every three passes (that may be an exaggeration, but it’s what it felt like).  These numbers are different now, mostly because transportation costs and parking passes are covered in student fees for every student.   Here at Marietta, though, you can buy a parking pass, and be guaranteed a spot on campus somewhere, for $45.

Now, your immediate parking concerns should not be worried, as the proposal is nowhere near completion.  Residents are working with the council to modify legislation used in Oxford, OH for  parking spots near Miami of Ohio University, and they are not expected to present the finalized ordinance to all residents in the block until December.

We’ll follow-up this afternoon with more coverage and student reaction, hopefully.

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MC ALERT: Walgreens Robber Armed & On The Loose

Here’s the info, according to Marietta College:

Marietta City Police are searching for a white man, approximately 30 years of age for an alleged armed robbery of Walgreens at the corner of Third and Greene streets. The suspect was last seen on foot near Vogue-Swift Cleaners, located on Third Street, at about 8:30 this morning (Aug. 12).

The suspect is armed with a gun and/or knife and considered dangerous. Do not approach this man. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a dark green long-sleeved shirt.

If you see anyone matching this description please go to a safe place and call 911.

If or when the suspect is caught, the College will send out an additional notification.

Students were alerted via text, e-mail, and phone around 9 a.m.

UPDATE 10:18 a.m. – Students have reported that the campus has been placed on lock down while police continue the search for this morning’s robbery suspect.

UPDATE 11 a.m.The Marietta Times and WTAP are confirming that it was the Salvation Army that was robbed, not the Walgreens.

UPDATE 12 p.m. – Marietta College’s lock down has been rescinded.  Marietta City Police have called off the active search for the robbery suspect.

Stay tuned to Writing on the Mall for the latest.

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PHOTOS: Tent City Rides Onto Campus

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure chose the Southeast Ohio area for it’s annual Summer trek, and Marietta is one of five stops.  Marietta College has become home to over 2,000 bicycle riders from all over the place.  The GOBA caravan arrived on Sunday for set-up, and includes medical staff, shower trucks, bike stores, and four trailers to haul all of the luggage and camping gear for the riders.  While bikers were given the option of paying to stay in McCoy, many chose to stay in tents in any level grassy surface they could find.  Here are photos of the tent city that appeared Monday.

2010-06-22 11.45.42 2010-06-22 14.29.37 2010-06-22 14.30.04 2010-06-21 19.15.32 2010-06-22 15.13.50 2010-06-22 15.19.45 2010-06-22 15.20.21 2010-06-22 15.20.47 2010-06-22 15.21.28 2010-06-22 15.22.33 2010-06-22 15.22.43 2010-06-22 15.23.00 2010-06-22 15.23.51 2010-06-22 15.24.16 2010-06-22 15.24.27 2010-06-22 15.24.49 2010-06-22 15.24.59 2010-06-22 15.25.45 2010-06-22 15.27.02 2010-06-22 15.27.13 2010-06-22 15.27.52 2010-06-22 15.28.58 2010-06-22 15.29.17 2010-06-22 15.29.52 2010-06-22 15.30.27 2010-06-22 15.31.25 2010-06-22 15.31.35 2010-06-22 15.32.34 2010-06-22 15.33.10 2010-06-22 15.34.23

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FOLLOW-UP: Marietta Times Reports That Suspect Will Turn Himself In

According to a report from the Marietta Times, Ronald S. Science is planning to turn himself in to Marietta City Police today.

There is more information regarding the threats in their story.

Stay Tuned for further updates.

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Front Street Fire Ruled Arson

The Marietta Times is reporting today that the Front Street Fire has been ruled an Arson.

You can read the full article here.

There is a $5,000 reward for information in the case.

To report information about the arson,  contact the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Fire & Explosion Investigation Bureau at 800-589-2728 or the Marietta Police Department at 376-2007

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VIDEO: Students React To Demolition of Former Goodwill Building

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