Chalking on the Mall: 4:20 Supporters Protest for Legalized Marijuana

April 20th is known as a counter-culture holiday to support use of the drug Marijuana, which led students to chalk the mall last night in support of legalization.

However, what students may have forgotten was the College’s chalk policies, which state the following:

Chalking on campus is limited to flat ground where rain can wash the chalk away and not on building or under awnings. Chalk must be non-toxic sidewalk chalk. Paint is not acceptable and will result in fines and damage charges being assessed to the individual or group.

While much of the chalk on the mall will remain, since it is in open areas, many chalk markings have or will be removed by Physical Plant.  Below are photos of the chalk markings, the rock, and other messages written on and around the Mall.  Clicking on photos will tell you where it was located, and whether the chalk was legal or illegal.

Statement on Curb by McDonough and Library "Free Marc" Statement on Curb by Library/McDonough McDonough Steps After Being Washed 4:20 Chalk on McDonough Steps 4:20 Chalk On McDonough Entrance Wall 4:20 Mall Chalk 4:20 Chalk on Curb by Library and McDonough 4:20 Rock, Front 4:20 Rock, Right Facing Mall 4:20 Rock, Back 4:20 Rock, Left Facing Mall Peace Love 4:20 on Storm Drain near McDonough 4:20 on Mall Chalk Writing Partially Cleaned Up Part One of Date on Mall Part Two of Date on Mall Large 4:20 on Mall More 4:20 Chalk on Mall 4:20 near Gilman 4:20 On Wooden Bench Near Gilman Love Life near Gilman Happy 4:20 near Gilman Munchies On The Mall (In front of Gilman) Marijuana Leaf on Gilman Entrance Peace and 4:20 Near Gilman Entrance Peace and Love Inside Gilman Entrance 4:20 Inside Gilman Entrance Chalk Smilie Inside Gilman Entrance Chalk on Mass Media Building 4/20 on Mass Media Building