Chlapaty Cafe, Still Un-pronounceable, Very Tasty

While I continue to fight with the school’s network and attempt to up-load photos of the Double-L  to the Flikr stream, here’s an update on Chlapaty Cafe.

If you havn’t eaten there yet, it’s pretty tasty.  You have your typical Outtakes options of pre-made salads and sandwiches, and soup, along with fruit and such.  But the main feature is the Legacy Sandwich options.  There are two sandwiches you can get:  The Legacy, or the Extra Legacy (creative, right?).  Typically, the Legacy is a sandwich you could typically get…like, yesterday’s roast beef with horseradish sauce.  But the Extra Legacy takes it another step by offering a more gourmet, sometimes larger option, like yesterday’s blackened chicken ceaser wrap, which was absolutely to die for.  Which you do not hear very often about Chartwells food that is not from a catered meal.

The rub?  The Extra Legacy sandwich costs an extra dollar or Declining Balance Point when purchased with a meal plan.  If you’re just paying straight cash or declining balance, expect around $4.50 for the Legacy, and around $5.50 for the Extra Legacy.

As far as coffee goes, they usually offer up regular and decaf, along with two special blends, and then hot water for tea and cocoa.  Flavor shots can be purchased from behind the counter.  Last I saw, there were 3-5 different flavor choices.  But I’m sure if enough people ask for a flavor that is not available, it will magically find its way onto the list of options.  Sometime in the future they wil begin offering expresso shots, but no word on when that will arrive yet.

Chlapaty cafe is a great option to have on campus, and a nice way to avoid the long lines that usually still envelop Izzy’s.  Check it out if you havn’t tried it yet.  They’re open until 6 PM today, but normally open until midnight (Sunday through Thursday).