Cross Cultural Campus Assessment Findings in a Nutshell

Teresa Farnum & Associates recently completed their Cross Cultural Campus Assesment, which the results of were released to students, faculty, and staff today in an e-mail from President Jean Scott.  The goal of the study was to find the strengths and weaknesses of the college’s current diversity climate and propose ways that it could be improved.

The process started with a survey to students, staff, faculty, administrators, and the community.  It was followed up with meetings with focus groups and meetings with various administrators.  The consulting group then studied the results and issued the PDF file you see below.  But to save you from reading through 20 pages of statistics and findings, we’re providing you with the highlights.

The study finds that there are five primary areas for improvement:

  • Campus Climate
  • Organizational Structure and Strategy
  • External Community Building
  • Multicultural Enrollment Management
  • Faculty and Classroom

Here are some of the things that caught our eye as far as their recommendations go:

  • “Include as a focal point of a new student and staff Orientation, a community-building program that addresses the relational challenges likely to be encountered. Invite families.”
  • “Mandate a school-wide “active listening skills” workshop for campus”
  • “Conduct a campus-wide conversation on fostering a safe and inclusive environment for GLBT students and staff.”
  • “Appoint a senior level advocate for diversity and aggressively make that known to the campus community and beyond. The Chief Diversity Officer provides overall strategic direction to Marietta College and would report directly to the President. As Chair of the “President’s Diversity Committee,” (currently known as Campus Life & Athletics Committee), he/she would collaborate with key departments and constituencies across campus and beyond.”
  • “Appoint a person to be the leader/coordinator for an External Cross-Cultural Community Building initiative. Perhaps a student or faculty member as part of a service learning project/Civic Engagement through the McDonough Leadership Program.”
  • “Appoint a Minority Student Success Task Force charged with developing and overseeing implementation of Minority Student Retention Plan.”
  • “Increase visitation from Marietta College staff to targeted schools/organizations with high ethnic minority prospective student population.”
  • “Provide training for all faculty members in order to establish a common framework from which faculty can define, understand, and infuse “diversity” into their lives and respective areas of teaching.”
  • “Facilitate faculty workshops to help adapt their current classes/curriculum to accommodate “diversity” content.”

The full document below includes all of the observations and recommendations, along with results from the survey that was conducted on campus.

Executive Summary Marietta CCC Assessment-1