Fake Senior Week Flyer Prompts Student Senate Response

Now, I’ll be honest.  I was going for the win today with the Marcolian Purchases Writing on the Mall story line that played out today (it was a joint April Fool’s day joke…the Facebook and Twitter feeds posted articles from the Marcolian, and the website bounced you directly to the Marcolian website.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.  Special thanks to Alison Matas and the Marcolian for letting me play the prank.  I hope their page visits shot through the roof), but there may be somebody that beat me today :-(.

Enter the Fake Senior Week Event List (click for full size).


I added the watermark on there since I’m publishing it.  This is NOT something we put out, don’t worry.

However, the flyer did cause enough commotion to require an e-mail from Student Senate President Kyle Thauvette:

Students, Faculty, and Staff:

There have been a few concerns regarding a Senior Week flyer that
contains misleading information. The flyer in question has a clipart
picture of a graduation cap and lists events for senior week that
include  Hobo Train Ride, and Degree Auction.While the date for the
start of Senior Week, as well as the web address to register for the
events is correct, this was not a publication distributed, or approved
by Student Senate. Senior week in an opportunity for graduating seniors
to enjoy their last days at Marietta College and make more memories with
their classmates. Student Senate encourages all seniors to register for
senior week. If you happen to come across any of these false flyers,
please disregard them. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the weekend!


Kyle Thauvette
Student Senate President

Of Course, the actual list of senior week events is much less controversial, or at least from the college’s perspective.  You can find the whole list of actual 2010 Senior Week events, and how to register, at the Student Senate website.