Live Blog: Student Speak Out Fall 2010

Writing on the Mall has your annual Student Speak Out live blog coverage tonight starting a bit before 7 PM.  We also have live streaming video, thanks to Marietta College’s student TV station, WCMO-15.  You can watch the video below, and read my text updates below that.

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Student wanted to make everybody aware of at least 22 students with prior military experience on campus this year.  He wanted to try and connect these non-traditional students together, and help promote the opportunities at Marietta College for those leaving the military that are looking to continue their education.  Dr. Pastoor sees the number growing, and they are happy to see the number growing.


Talk to the Financial Aid department…sometimes jobs off campus come up that are not just for work study students.


Question from the Bloge – More blue card opportunities on campus?  Fin Aid says they have to provide jobs to all work-study students first, but will then fill other needed positions as money as available.


Dan Hartman wanted to let the panel know that he has had a very good experience with the study abroad department.


Manda Hart wanted to state that she has had a very good experience with athletics and a primary focus on academics.  She also wanted to state that she was expecting a better experience when dealing with study abroad.  The Provost says that everybody should have an opportunity to study abroad.  She wants to meet with Manda to discuss her issue and bring the issue to others.


This is a really interesting conversation, but I honestly can’t keep up with it.  Might need to review the video stream later.


Athletes and Non-Athletes are both treated the same way as far as status with the college when dealing with grades and financial aid.


Nicole wanted to remind students that it is their responsibility to take recycling to the large green recycling bins.

Sean wanted to ask about the student life website.  Student Life responded that a new website will launch soon to place better-updated info on the website.

Drew also wanted to ask about that, some more details.

Currently talking about student-athletes with low grades remaining on scholarship at the school, event though scholarships are not offered for athletics.

Sorry for the delay and low amount of details, I had to switch computers and restart.  Technical issues for the fail!


Derrick wants to thank CPS for talking with them about the thefts that occurred in the Honors House.  He also wanted to thank IT for the improved campus calendar.  The third point is for Rita-Kipp, he wanted to thank her for making him feel like his Bio program has really done a lot of good for him.


Connor Walters wants to know if something can be done about students that might get forced into taking 19 credit hours without being charged the penalty fee.  Panelists are trying to figure out who should answer.  The President says that there is no really good answer to this question.  Her cabinet has looked into it numerous times.  She says that they have struggled with trying to find a good answer, not sure how they could fix it right now.


Emma Burger lives in the windowless room on campus.  She wants to know if her room could be made into a storage room, while another room that currently is storage, has windows.  Bruce says it’s an overflow room they don’t like to use, but she got it.  He’ll look into it.


Sophomore Vincent Hendershot wants to know if the parking spots behind Russell are for RA’s.  Bruce says that the spots are for hall directors, and that there should be signs there to signify that.  Physical Plant will double check to make sure that the signs and paint are still there.


Provost Kipp has a question asked to her – Can more advertising be done about advertising summer classes?  The Provost says that she will advertise more this year.


Caleb wants to know if anything can be done about people without parking passes parking in the Glendale parking lot, especially to help those that have bought parking passes.  CPS says that they will stepping up enforcement, and have acquired a new piece of equipment to ID license plates on repeat offenders.


Sean is back at the mic to thank people.  He wanted to thank Jacob Tidwell, the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life, and compliment him on his work so far.  The mail room staff, he says they are very helpful (they are!), Peggy Arnold in Financial Aid, Chartwells employees, especially in Upper Gilman, and several CPS officers.


Kelly is back to ask if CPS could have an open house to provide an opportunity to meet all of CPS’s officers and staff.  RA’s had an opportunity to meet everybody, great experience.  CPS says that they are moving to a community officer program, so certain officers will be assigned to dorms/houses on campus.  They’ll hold events and work with students on different things.  They might try to do something during Freshmen orientation.


Lippy asks if departments could be contacted about info about events happening on campus to make sure information is correct.  No panelist responded.


Danica is back at the mic to ask about increasing safety for students that life in off-campus campus housing.  CPS says that students can be escorted by CPS to off-campus  campus housing, like the Alpha Xi Delta house, Chi Omega house, and Glendale.  The lighting issue is a city issue, but CPS is talking with them soon.  AEP handles the lighting, Physical Plant will talk to them.


Emma wants to know why soda (pop) fountains in Izzy’s and The Gathering Place put out flavored water instead of plain water.  Panelists said that things should get fixed now.


Freshman Lindsay Buckwell says that she has allergies now that she is in Ohio.  She wants to ask about Bruce about stand-up air conditioners or having air conditioners in rooms with security screens.  Bruce says that air conditioners can be pushed through, so that’s a no-go.  Upright air-conditioner info should be on the website, but he will double-check.  You can have upright air-conditioners.


Ryan Cahal was asking about the Rickey Science Center printer, and why he could not access the internet there to download a file to print.  IT says that you should only be able to access campus e-mail at those stations, so that the printing stations are only used for printing.  The same goes for all the resident hall printing stations.


Jessa Herron asks if Quesadilla’s could be offered as pre-made options at Izzy’s.  Food Services will look into it.


Sara Snow asks Dr. Pastoor while Student Life only has four tables to rent out for events.  Dr. Pastoor says that storage is one issue, but he has wondered the same thing.  Office of Student Life is looking into it.  They say that it might be more of a Physical Plant thing.  Physical Plant will try to scrounge up some tables for her.  Got some claps for that.

Sara also asks if Fourth Street could have GoPrint stations installed.  IT says that Fourth Street can access the Rickey Science Center printer until Midnight, and the Chlapaty Cafe printer is available 24/7.  The resident hall printers are currently an experiment.  Embarrassed by how expensive some printers have become because of how little use they are getting, won’t say which printers.


Andrew asks why he wasn’t allowed to make a sandwich and leave when eating at Gilman.  Food Services says that while Gilman is all-you-can-eat, but you can not take food out.  You can ask the Chartwells office to “observe” you make a sandwich in Gilman and then leave though, but there are better options on campus.


Question from the heme night box wondering why there was a transcript processing fee.  Provost says that there is a lot of work that goes into preparing transcripts, since they are legal documents.


Round of applause for that comment


Junior Danica Cunningham wanted to say thanks and wanted to tell Chartwells that staff seem so much more friendly this year.


Freshman Emily McNiel asks if there could be more protein offered in the vegetarian options offered.  Cheese with everything isn’t always what’s needed.  Food Services says that veggie burgers can be asked for at any time in Gilman.  Emily says she’s looking for peanuts, beans, tofu.  Did not know that you could ask for veggieburgers.


Junior Kelly Barnett says veggies at Gilman feel really greasy.  She wonders if healthier options could be provided.  Food Services says that at least one veggie should have no seasoning or butter at each meal.  Food Services will have a Suggestion Night in Gilman on November 5th.  They’ll take suggestions, recipes, anything you have.  Kelly also asks about more organic options.  Food Services will look into it.


Junior Sean McKenna asks why students can no longer just provide their student ID number at Chartwells locations.  He wonders if students could present a state-issued ID card and give the student ID number.  Food Services says it’s just a security thing.  They say to talk to the office manager to use meals without your card.


Drew Schulte is back, wanted to let everybody know that he thinks that The Gathering Place should be made more like a Dave and Busters, atmosphere wise.  He thinks this would keep more students away from the bars.  Dr. Pastoor mentions the Student Senate committee that is looking into improvements at The Gathering Place.  There is no budget set yet for improvements.


Justin also wanted to know if a heavy bag could be installed in the Rec Center.  AD will forward to Bill Vincent


The Athletic Director says to contact Suddenlink and ask them about it.  Josh Maxwell says that a Student Senate thinktank is pondering adding premium content channels to The Gathering Place TV’s.


Sophomore Justin Phillips wanted to know if Fox Sports Ohio (Cleveland feed) could get added to the College’s cable line-up.  Stephen Brakey asked the same question last year, actually.  The problem is that Suddenlink Cable controls the College’s cable channel line-up.  Physical Plant offers up online streaming options to fill the need for now.


Sophomore Laurie Curry (sorry for spelling issues) wants to know why financial aid numbers get changed around with scholarships and other financial aid.  Fin Aid responds says that there are other data that reflects on the next year.  They say its very complex, and that they are talking to departments to try to make things easier.


Josh Maxwell follows up to ask if more “standard” seating could be added for now.  Physical Plant says optimization of space is part of the plan.


Senior Charli Philpot asks if there could be more seating and tables put in Upper Gilman, especially with colder weather coming.  Physical Plant answers, saying that they had additional seating outside Gilman to start the year.  They don’t have a good answer right now, but that more seating is being evaluated.  Committee is bringing a dining services consultant on campus to help evaluate campus food services.  Hooray for more consultants?


Sophomore Ian Boley wonders why RA’s can’t get leadership and ethics credit for their time as RA’s.  Bruce says nobody has asked.  Provost says that some other learning and reflection items into it to qualify it.


Provost answers that Phi Beta Kappa bought the clock to celebrate the milestone anniversary.  WotM covered it last week or so.


Junior Drew Schulte wondered where the new Phi Beta Kappa clock came from.


Senior “Lippy” Lipniskas wonders why bottled water is still being charged at eateries on campus.  The answer from Food Services is that you can get free water from the fountains, but she has looked into it herself.


Derek left immediately asking his question, got some laughs for it


Senior Kelly Park asks Physical Plant if her residents could have a card reader installed on the back door of her dorm in the Freshmen Quad.  Physical Plant says that the card readers might be maxed out, but if not, they would check the architecture to see if it could be installed potentially.


Physical Plant says they’ll work on it.


Senior Derek Ensinger asks Bruce Peterson about the Delta Tau Delta House.  They want a drinking fountain installed, or some sort of drinkable water.


Josh is going over the ground rules right now.  Panel introductions going on right now.


Looks like we are getting underway!


Nearly all the panelists are here.  12 panelists to answer your questions tonight.  Check our previous post for all the panelists.


People are starting to arrive…there’s still time to get a seat…we’ll start at 7 PM in the McDonough Auditorium


Stream is set up, just have to hit the “broadcast” button.  Thanks to the WCMO-15 crew for getting the video set up and running.


Things are almost done getting set up.  Nearly an hour until everything gets started.