Meal Plan Prices Movin' On Up

DSCF0991While meal plan prices are movin’ on up, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve finally gotten a piece of that pie.

If you noticed on your statements for the Fall semester, the price of a traditional meal plan has gone up nearly $80, from $1,760 to $1,823.  Very miniscule compared to the overall price increase that the students saw for the full price of attending Marietta.  But this is a reasonable price increase due to inflation and the fact that there is now a fourth eatery on campus.  More staffing and greater food choices are worth the $80 a semester.

The increase also affects Unlimited and Super 3 plans, which are actually the best values on campus if you use them all (according to the math done below).  While the Unlimited plan is very restrictive (only available to use at Gilman Dining Hall, but 300 declining balance points to use at Izzy’s, Gilman Express, or Chlapaty Cafe), it is the best value on campus (if you ate there 3 times a day all week).  The Super 3 is a great idea for those that have odd schedules, since you can eat at any time throughout the day at any location, and is the second cheapest per meal plan on campus.  Both plans are $1,920, up from $1,845.

For those of you interested, here are all the numbers broken down:

Meal Plan Price Comparison

Which meal plan did you choose?  Do you use all your meals every week?  Tell us in the comments.