Pioneer Perfection: Men’s Basketball Undefeated

The Pioneers needed to keep things clean against a winless Wilmington, and they did.

With an 89 to 78 victory over the Wilmington College Quakers, the Men’s Basketball team moves to 5-0 in the Ohio Athletic Conference, and a 10-0 record overall.  This comes as the Pioneers gather more Top 25 votes in the Poll.

Freshman Tyler Hammond is really stealing the show, as the Freshman from Cleveland, OH scored 22 points.  That’s his second game in a row with 20 or more points.  Junior Trevor Halter added 10 more points, and in a surprise, eight rebounds.  That’s more than junior Kevin Knab, who usually leads the team in rebounds.  He ended the night with 12 points and seven rebounds.

The Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams head out for a West Coast swing after the Christmas holiday, then return to face the University of Mount Union and Heidelberg University in the new year.

Check out the full Ohio Athletic Conference standings below.  Should be an interesting week when Marietta takes on both Capital University and John Carroll University in the same week.

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MC To Start Dorm Construction in March

Students, Faculty, and Staff were e-mailed today to alert them that the new dorm project has officially been announced to the media.  Construction will begin in March.

2010-06-22 15.58.46With the last piece of the puzzle (funding from the Ohio Higher Education Facility Commission) dropping into place, the new dorm project is finally on its way to leaving conceptual drawings.  The new dorm, which has not been named yet, will be built along Putnam and 7th Street, and will form a “cornerstone” of the campus in what is currently a grassy area.

Marietta’s new dorm will follow the trend set by other schools its size in Ohio.  The new living space for over 350 students will feature a mix of living options: specifically, singles, doubles, and apartments like McCoy Hall.  Two singles will share one bathroom, while two doubles will do the same.  But different from McCoy, and original dorm plans from 2008, will be an in-dorm dining option and a health and wellness center.  We have sent an e-mail off to Tom Perry, Director of College Relations, for a better explanation of the health and wellness center.  What we do know for sure is that counseling services will move their offices into the new dorm as part of the center.

Another change with the new dorm design is the exclusion of Greek housing.  The original plan was to take the first floor of each wing of the new dorm, and place Delta Tau Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha chapters in those wings.  It was supposedly a way to get both chapters out of their decaying (and possibly non-code compliant) houses and into new digs.  However, various issues arose, and most Greeks were not for the move.

And if you’re a ‘green freak’ you’ll be happy to hear the new dorm will be built using LEED specifications as guidelines.

Heidelberg University recently started construction on their new dorm, which features many of the features Marietta has placed into theirs.  The major difference is that Heidelberg’s new dorm will be tied into a new Student Center.

DSCF1242With construction beginning this Spring, students may be left wondering where they will be parking.  According to the press release, the Mills and McCoy parking lots will be replaced with a new parking lot where Parsons and Parsons Field are currently located.  Considering that Parsons will still be in operations until the new dorm is built, we could be facing a parking crunch for the next year or two while construction and deconstruction occur.  We have also asked Tom Perry about this, and will publish more once we receive new information.

The new dorm will raise Marietta’s capacity from 1,400 students to 1,500.  MC is hoping to lure students who have moved off-campus back into college dorms, as fewer and fewer homes become available to rent to students thanks to City codes.  Another benefit will be eliminating the need for Parsons Hall, which has been in disrepair for years.  It’s design has also made it susceptible to crime, as we have reported on in the past.  it’s twin, Timlin Hall, was torn down years ago to make room for McCoy Hall.  Timlin was in much worse condition at the time.

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Looking at Debt Around the OAC

DSCF1129The Institute for College Access and Success completed a recent survey of 2009 grads and compiled the data  into the Project on Student Debt.  The data provides information school by school, state by state, which allows us to compare our debt levels to other schools.

Overall, the State of Ohio has the 10th highest average debt, which is $25,842, and the ninth highest percentage of debt, with 66% of graduates having debt.  Marietta College grads are slightly higher than the Ohio average, at $27,455.  But MC is much better when compared to other schools in the OAC…

Debt Accrued by 2009 Graduates on Average (Percent Of Grads Owing Money)

Ohio Northern University – $45,902 (82%)
Heidelberg University – $35,397 (90%)
John Carroll University – $28,830 (74%)
Muskingum University – $28,343 (79%)
Marietta College – $27,455 (74%)
University of Mount Union – $25,804 (70%)
Baldwin-Wallace College – $17,716 (67%)
Capital University – N/A
Otterbein College – N/A
Wilmington – N/A

If you were curious…Ohio Northern grads averaged the sixth most debt in the entire country, out of all the schools and states that provided data.  The graduation debt average was also in Ohio, at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  And if it makes you feel better, the average debt of MC students in on par with most of the big public Universities.  Kent State grads owed $26,698, while Bowling Green grads averaged out at $28,542.

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Looking Back: Freshmen Greeks Have First MC Homecoming

Editor’s Note:  Welcome Andie West, a Freshman here at Marietta College, to the Writing on the Mall writing crew.  She will be periodically writing articles from the Freshmen perspective, among other things.

Marietta College Homecoming! A week filled with exciting activities, food, and chances for different organizations around campus to show their pride. The week is also an exciting time for freshmen, new to the experience. I had the opportunity to speak with seven freshmen on their first Marietta College homecoming experience. Here are their responses:

Patrick Tegge, a new member of Lambda Chi Alpha, says his homecoming back home is a big deal and was expecting as much from MC. To his surprise, MC did meet his expectations. On asked about his favorite experience he responded: “working on the float at 2:00 am and building a gate to the graveyard with Chuck Bonakoski!”

Pat and his brothers got to work with the local sorority, Omicron Chi Theta, on their float. He said that he was anxious at first since floats at home took 4 months to construct, but despite the lack of time and all of the activities associated with being a full-time college student, the float turned out to be well done. Tegge is very excited for next year’s homecoming.

Elisa Santiago, a new member of Omicron Chi Theta, expected the week to be a lot crazier than it was, but she was expecting to have a lot of fun and bond with her sisters. In addition to sisterly bonding, the Omicron Chi Theta’s experienced inter-Greek bonding with the Lambda Chi. Elisa said making the float with them was a lot of fun. “We forgot to open the windows (At the Lambda Chi house) so that was a headache with all the spray paint!” she said laughing. “Homecoming was a lot of fun and I can’t wait ‘til next year”!

Bryan Murray, a new member of Alpha Tau Omega, was expecting homecoming to be “kinda lame because (back home) cheerleaders and football players were the only ones who cared.” However, the MC homecoming “exceeded” his expectations. “I enjoyed it greatly and loved how much you could participate in and building the float was fun.” The croon was Bryan’s while Blake Alan Johnson jumped rope behind me!” Next year? “I’m excited especially now that I know what it’ll be like I can put more in it and get more out of it.”

Clay Ellenwood, a new member of Delta Tau Delta, figured it would be a pretty long, fun week and was looking forward to meeting a lot of new people. His favorite part of the week: “I think my favorite part was getting to compete in the Greek competition it was something I didn’t expect to be a part of”. Next year? “Definitely excited for next year for more opportunities to get involved and contribute since it’s not so new to me.”

I asked Alex Martin, a new member of Chi Omega, about her homecoming experience and she said it met her expectations. Her favorite part? “Can it be a tie?” she laughed. “There were so many good aspects it’s hard to pick out a favorite!” Her top two favorites were: The feeling of accomplishment after the cheer and her second was the announcement of fellow sister, Jen Kuhn, as queen. Next year? “I can’t wait!” She is excited to participate in more activities in the 2011 MC homecoming.

Mary Roberts, a new member of Alpha Xi Delta, was unsure what to expect from her new home’s homecoming. “I was pumped to do things with my sorority!” Her favorite activity? “Cheer! We are pumped for Greek week already!” Her impression? “A lot going on” but she enjoyed how everyone on campus was involved and showed pride in their organizations. Mary is excited for next year’s homecoming.

Kiki Cunningham, a new member of Sigma Kappa, knew homecoming was going to be fun. When asked if the week met her expectations she responded: “Yeah! It was a lot of fun and seeing how much pride everyone had for the school.” Her favorite? “The cheer and croon because I liked seeing what everyone came up with because everyone was so different.” Kiki is already excited for next year and uncovering the theme and how it’ll play through.

All in all, the freshmen experience of homecoming was positive and exceeded all their expectations. From the cheer and croon to amusing float stories, the MC 2010 homecoming is one to remember for our freshmen.

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Cross Cultural Campus Assessment Findings in a Nutshell

Teresa Farnum & Associates recently completed their Cross Cultural Campus Assesment, which the results of were released to students, faculty, and staff today in an e-mail from President Jean Scott.  The goal of the study was to find the strengths and weaknesses of the college’s current diversity climate and propose ways that it could be improved.

The process started with a survey to students, staff, faculty, administrators, and the community.  It was followed up with meetings with focus groups and meetings with various administrators.  The consulting group then studied the results and issued the PDF file you see below.  But to save you from reading through 20 pages of statistics and findings, we’re providing you with the highlights.

Read more…

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Homecoming Parade Photos Finally Up

Sorry for the delay.  Unfortunately, when photos are trapped on my camera, they take a bit longer to leave it.  Enjoy the pictures!

Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010 Homecoming Parade 2010

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Sam Rementer Wants To Thank You All

Editor’s Note: We asked Sam Rementer if she would want to let everybody know how she was doing.  Sam has recovered remarkable well from her accident in August.  So much so that she will be in Marietta this weekend for a visit.  Here, in her own words, is Sam explaining her journey and thanking those that have supported her.

Sam Rementer in the hospital after her accident.

Dear Everyone at Marietta College,

I want to first say THANK YOU for your thoughts and prayers! I am doing SO well these days! I’ve heard several stories of me when I was in the hospital and rehab! Some of which are hilarious! When I was at Grant Medical Center in Ohio I had a six foot seven inch physical therapist that at one point took me to therapy, threw a pen on the ground and asked me to pick it up. I then finished the session and took the pen from his pocket. I threw the pen on the ground and asked him to pick it up. When he did I replied “GOOD JOB,” which is what he said to me when I picked it up!

Over a month ago, I was taken to Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation center for an outpatient inspection.  They brought me to the speech therapist which has a lot to do with cognition. After I was finished with the speech therapist she brought me to the physical therapist. A woman which I met when I first walked into the rehab turned around to me and said, “You don’t need to go to physical or occupation therapy/ I see you now and know you can take care of yourself by yourself!” This was amazing to me! Finally, other people realized I was doing as well as I believed I was!

So now I go to speech therapy for one hour a day, three times a week. I take tests on the brain and now my therapist is trying to figure out psychology stuff so we can talk about the major I am pursuing. She is very great!

When this accident first happened to me, the only mark on my body from falling ten feet was a black eye. I ended up fracturing part of my skull and I also fractured under my right eye. Due to the swelling of my brain they had to take part of my skull out. I am now waiting to find a neurosurgeon in my area to finish the work the person at Grant Medical Center started. Once we do, they will be putting a plastic man made skull into my head. They were unable to save the skull they took out because I lost so much blood. If they did save it, I would be dead at this moment.

I believe that all of the thoughts and prayers given out to me have allowed me to make it to where I am. I have no physical changes what so ever. The only problem I have is my memory. I do not remember my summer at all. One interesting fact though is that the day before I got hurt (I was hurt the morning of August 14th) my mom told me my younger sister received texting. I actually remember my mom texting me to text my sister! I also remember texting her and being so excited! Pretty much, I only remember random small things that happened but cannot remember the big picture.

However, I am doing REALLY well! I truthfully want to thank ALL of you for your support, thoughts, and prayers! I believe I am where I am today because of the people who supported me! All I want to ask is that you please keep thinking and praying for me because my recovery is not up! I do not know when I will be fully recovered but I feel like I can and will be!

Thank You ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

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VIDEO: Up ‘Til Dawn Flash Mob in Gilman

Definition of Flash Mob (according to Wikipedia):

A flash mob (or flashmob) is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.

We tried to keep that in mind when we were tipped off about a flash mob happening tonight in Gilman.  The video that follows is what happened.

Yep, I do believe they succeeded.

Up ‘Til Dawn has their “Sweet Escape” letter writing campaign and celebration party next Friday (November 12th).  Find a member to contact and register early…I’ve been told early registrants get a T-Shirt, sunglasses, and extra raffle tickets.  It costs $5 to register.

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VIDEO: Homecoming Parade 2010

Hide your kids, hide your wife.

It’s the “Treat Yourself to Homecoming 2010” Homecoming Parade video.

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Homecoming 2010: Croon Video

Last night we saw 10 organizations participate in the Candidate Croon, which is a night where groups could specifically promote their candidate through song, dance, and performance.  Dance Team, one of the groups without a candidate, participated in an attempt to win the event.

The event went smoothly until the Brothers of Delta Tau Delta asked to delay their performance until 20 minutes after all other teams had completed.  Their chapter President, and Homecoming Candidate, Derek Ensinger said that the group was waiting for some of their Brothers to leave their Choir and Band practices.  There is no word from College Union Board as to whether they will be docked points or be disqualified for not being ready at their specified time.

Back to the fun – Here are all the performances…which is the best in your opinion?

Read more…

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