Student Speak Out Spring 2011

Hello everybody, it’s time for Student Speak Out again.  No stream this time due to unforeseen circumstances, which means we are going old school!  Refresh this page to see updates on questions asked and responses.  If you have a question, tweet at us at or ask us on Facebook at!

6:55 PM – Students filing in, things should start soon!

7:02 PM – Student Body President Josh Maxwell introducing admin/staff present.  Residence Life, Student Life, Athletics, Dining Services, Academics, Physical Plant, Faculty, CPS, Financial Services all represented

7:04 PM – Tim Crandall, Senior – Two side doors on side of Fayerweather need greased, can it be addressed.  Physical Plant responds, saying students should either call Physical Plant at 740-376-4790 or submit a work order online

7:05 PM – Gretchen Reimer, Sophomore – Parking will be reduced during new dorm construction, so what will happen?  CPS responds, adding parking on Church Street.  They are also looking to enforce non-permitted vehicles that currently clog permit parking spots.

Ty Stay – How will public parking be affected?  CPS says it will not be

Ritchie Fredericks, Junior – Why did CPS call my landlord and express concern about living arrangements?  CPS says that Ritchie needs to visit and discuss the issue in private.

Dave Hood, Senior – Idea for Chartwells – reducing prices for Faculty and Staff so they can eat more on campus.  Chartwells is introducing a faculty/staff buy one get one free special

7:09 PM – Laura Finck, Junior – Can changes be made to apartment and off-campus living policies, especially application dates?  Bruce (Res Life) explains that the handbook needs to be updated to further explain room pick process for apartment living.  Laura wanted to as if times could be staggered…Bruce will look into doing that.  Laura also thanks Bruce for getting her into housing late

Adam Stonier – Graphics Dept has printing issues…has had to spend $50 on printing this semester.  Printers in the department are not part of GoPrint, and thinks that things need changed.  IT Response is that GoPrint printers are available across campus, but some printers are owned by the departments, and that the school has no control over those.  They will take a look at new options for website to add MCASH to student ID’s.  Adam also asked about price discrepancy between Library and Graphics Dept printers…cost between printers is the difference.  Some printers more expensive than others.

Kelsey brown, Sophomore – Wants to see To Go boxes at Gilman, and wondering why the Gatorade tastes better at the Gathering Place than at Izzy’s?  Chartwells will check on both

Claire Murphy, Sophomore – Omicron Chi Theta President, wants to know if her organization could get more permanent or consistent meeting places for meetings.  Student Life says they will work to schedule a room for them.  OXO would also like a room on campus to show awards.  Student Life says to talk to them about getting a display case to show off awards as a short-term fix.

7:19 PM – Adrienne Prentice – Wants more traction on the bridge between McCoy and DBRC.  Physical Plant will immediately discuss the issue.

Lindsay Buckwell, Freshman – Thanks CPS for coming at 6 AM to warn her to move her car during recent floods, but could CPS make sure that they have the right people associated with each car.  CPS says there was no permit on the car, and license plate was not necessarily tied to the student, but they will double check practices.

Why is the track team the only team that pays for their trips?  Larry says the question is erroneous, and other teams do pay.  Every team has access to fund raising accounts and operations.

RItchie Fredericks – Asking if Pioneer Pledge / Student handbook trump Constitutional rights?  Admin responds that since this is a private college, things can be a bit more restrictive.

Ty Stay – asking about alcohol policy revisions.  Dr. Pastoor says the committee has pretty much finished up.  Planning to get it through to Senate by Wednesday.  Policy could be in place for next school year.  Main student complaints include simplifying punishment process.  Some things included in revisions he does not agree with, doesn’t think will be included in final proposal.  Continuing to another student asking if Dr. Pastoor could clarify rumors of the new revisions, including reducing 12 cans of beer to 6, and reducing wine to half a bottle.  Dr. Pastoor says he cannot comment on it since nothing has been officially proposed yet.  Student Senate had previously moved to increase amounts students are allowed to have.  Quote of the night so far: Ritchie: “I don’t know how you would have half a bottle of wine” Dr. Pastoor “well you drink the other half [jokingly]”

7:29 PM – “My student ID will not scan me into anyplace. I used to be able to scan into the cafe. What buildings SHOULD I be able to scan into? I’m particularly interested in Mills, DBRC and the cafe. Who do I see to fix this?” – CPS says there are some malfunctioning ID cards out there…CPS will replace them for free in their office if they are undamaged.

Tim Crandall – Really appreciated the sustainable housing effort

Tom Dougherty, Senior – Wondering why some ATO cards are getting deactivated after each semester.  CPS and IT respond…IT populates the list automatically.  Bruce says that the names are not removed.  ATO needs a member who can’t get in go to the CPS office and have them work through the problem.

Kelly Park, Senior – Is hearing that enrollment is increasing a lot for next year.  Why has enrollment been increasing so much, effecting housing and class selections.  Admins respond, saying they are targeting enrollment of 405, compared to 370-ish last year.  Need to guarantee Freshmen Housing for Freshmen students.  Students are encouraged to go ahead and wait list classes so admin and faculty can potentially add additional classes.  Kelly wanted to know if Writing Center funding is secured for the future.  Rita Kipp says rumors are untrue, Writing Center will still be around.  Have been trying to increase number of work-study students.

7:37 PM – Ian Boley – Wanted to thank CPS for their increase in Community Policing efforts and professionalism.

Claire Murphy – Rumor of key card reader being installed in Hermann.  Is this happening?  CPS says the rumor is true.  Physical Plant has installed new doors that would allow for key card readers to be installed.  Reminder to call Physical Plant or place work orders online.  Continuing, she is an RA in Dorothy Webster.  Apparently they are having an issue with furniture breaking.  Students worried about breaking items.  Bruce says that things will be replaced over the summer.  Items will still look antique, don’t worry.

Sean McKenna – Was going through judicial process, reviewing his file.  There were documents in his file that were removed just before his trial.  Dr. Pastoor says that things need tightened up.  Some of it is learning, some of it is just going through rough spots.  Being looked into.

Question about having to use declining balance to pay for friends/family instead of being allowed to use unused meals.  Chartwells responds that the meal plan is for you.  Some cashiers were allowing students to, when they were not supposed to.  They will look into it.

Ryan Cahall – Was given course catalogue Freshman year, but looking at future course listings, two classes conflict at the same time.  Departments being stubborn about moving times.  Can anything be done about having departments cooperate more?  Kipp says better relations is a good idea.  Coordination usually happens in the Science department.  One potential solution might be to ask for a substitution.  Cahall continues, saying that conflicts could be an issue for early-applicant PA students.  Kipp says they might be able to add another section.

Cody Clemons – Parks in the Freshman Circle, but sometimes can’t get parking spots because of non-permit vehicles and other permitted vehicles.  CPS is updating signage to be more consistant, will help with confusion and enforcement.

Question about break housing.  Needed to come back early due to weather issues while traveling.  Wonders why he is being charged $50 for that.  Bruce says all he needed to do was talk to him because it was an unplanned/emergency issue.  Student also wonders why it was double the standard of $25, and why students are charged to stay over breaks.  Money goes towards paying staff to stay over breaks, and Physical Plant workers to take care of trash.  Students can call CPS if they need items over breaks.  Dr. Pastoor adds that students don’t need to wait for Speak Outs to address issues.

Connor Walters, Sophomore – Doesn’t have a question!  Wrote an article to the Marcolian, wasn’t sure how many people read it, but was really impressed with school spirit during the team’s playoff run.  Wants students/staff/faculty to be just as excited about other sports/outlets.  Larry Hiser was happy the Crew team spelled Marietta correctly every home game, and was happy to see other sports supporting other teams.

“is there a time-line for a greening of school? if so, what is it? if not, why not? Are there any projects being planned, from simple things like making it policy to use CFL lights to medium-sized projects like replacing the drafty windows in freshman dorms with energy efficient ones, or even any bigger projects?” – There is a lot of things the College can do, and is making progress on.  New dorm will have LEED elements, like the area’s largest rain garden.  Pioneer House will be turned into a sustainable living house (modeled after living option at Ohio University).  Fred Smith and others in Physical Plant would be better to ask, but are not here tonight.  Wants to shout out to MC students for doing so well at recycling.  Marietta ranks #30 out of 363 schools in Recyclemania in one statistic.  Sustaintability at MC will be led by students themselves.  Forward ideas to Physical Plant anytime!

7:58 PM – Ty Stay – Wanted to thank Josh Maxwell for being President

Drew Schulte –  Wanted to know if there is a plan to expand the grading scale to allow for an A+ to be rated at 4.0, and an A a 3.75.  Kipp responds that some faculty agree that A+ should be worth 4.33, but majority of Faculty do not agree.  One point was that it is more common in high school than in college to receive more for an A+.  Other point was that there are a wide variety of faculty that either give no A+’s or a lot of A+’s.

Mallory Haynes, Sophomore – Annoyed that bottled water is 50 cents at Izzy’s, but no additional fee at the Cafe or Express.  Chartwells says the difference is that there is a water option on the Izzy’s Pop/Soda Fountain.  Second question is wondering why Petro can get 19 credit hours for no additional fee, but her major (accounting?) she would have to pay for 19 credit hours.  Kipp says the concession to Petro students no longer exists.  Concession was due to an FYE class required Freshman year.

Valerie Price – Was wondering how sign-offs and substitutions would be made wit the new electronic system.  Kipp says that signatures still need to be made on audit sheets in person with advisers.  Price also wants to know if school has considered removing pluses and minuses completely, feels penalized for being in the A range but not getting full points.

Matt Booth, Sophomore – Member of the Second Amendment Club and College Republicans, wanted to know if there was any progress made on allowing officers to have weapons.  Response is that Board of Trustees has to make that final decision.  Proposals from students, faculty, and staff have been heard, currently working to progress it through the school’s processes to approve things.

Phil Sizemore, Senior – Most successful campus communities have a central place for students to visit, but MC has a place that nobody uses.  David Travis listing off reasons students have given for not going to the Gathering Place, and that the College is trying to address those issues.  Admin panel continues that adding a new building for a new student center would be very costly.  “Master Plan” document says that a student center could be built in Hermann Bowl, Hermann Parking Lot, Gilman, or converting Hermann and building a new Fine Arts building.  So unless a lot of money is dropped on the school, probably will be a while before a specific new building would be constructed.

8:13 PM – Sorry Adamn, had to miss your question.  Apologies!

8:18 PM – Moving on to do Student Senate Officer Debates

8:20 PM – Running for Student Senate President are Tim Shields, Ryan Nolen, Danica Cunningham, and Nyssa Wilkerson

8:20 PM – Tim Shields is first.  Thinks communication needs to be improved between Student Senate, Administrators, and Students.

Ryan Nolen wants to increase safety, increase communication between students and administration

Danica Cunningham feels President should serve as a leader and a liaison.  Wants to increase transparency, and make sure right choices are made for President and Provost selections.

Nyssa Wilkerson feels that Student Senate is lacking diversity and needs more turnover.  Wants to make sure more people are involved so students are adequately represented, and communication is improved.

Ryan is asked by Writing on the Mall “You advertise yourself as a candidate of change.  At the same time, you are a member of an organization that has has a member as President of the Student Body for the past three-four years.”  He says that when he represents Student Senate, he is not a member of his Fraternity, but a student of Marietta College.

Question asked to all candidates about how to increase transparency.  Tim says more e-mails should go out to campus.  Ryan points out that most students did not know about work many campus committees do and are not told about.  He says meetings are open and more people need to attend.  Danica says that Student Senate could utilize its Facebook and Twitter accounts more.  She also wants more open communication throughout the year.  Nyssa says that open communication is great, but Student Senate needs to reach out more, and keep the website more up to date.  She says that Senate needs to be seen as a means of communication for Students.

Name one thing you could bring to Student Senate.  Tim says he can bring accountability.  Ryan says he would use committees and delegate more.  Danica would like to see Senate have more of a backbone and stand up for students.  Nyssa says that policies need to be enforced.

Biggest issue you’ll face in the next year?  Tim says the Pioneer Pledge, and that many things have not progressed.  Ryan says that Faculty can be written up to HR, and that the new alcohol policy could be an issue.  Parking and safety are two other issues.  Danica says current students are taken care of, not just future students.  Nyssa says that finding the new President and Provost are the biggest issue.

Changes to safety on campus?  Tim says the Second Amendment club has a valid point to allow officers to have weapons on campus, and encouraging more use of CPS.  Ryan took a walk around campus to find dangerous areas on campus, says that it is possible to get more lighting added in dark areas.  He would also like to see more emergency call boxes across campus.  Danica says that a lot of progress has been made over the past few years, just need to look for the gaps that Ryan mentioned.  Nyssa says that self-defense classes should be offered to male students, not just women.

8:40 PM – Now for the Vice Presidential Candidates…Sarah Snow and Dawn Lantz

Sarah Snow is already helping plan Senior Week, one of the main points the VP deals with.  She wants to improve communication and transparency.

Dawn Lantz wants to be VP to work with Juniors to make their Senior Week awesome.

VP has to take over for President at some points…Question is what are the thoughts of being in charge of Student Senate.  Sarah Snow has presidential experience in other campus organizations.  She is planning to lessen her schedule for next semester.  Dawn says she has never been the president of an organization, but that she has worked closely with Josh this year as the secretary of Student Senate.

Question for Sarah…concern of time management issues.  Sarah says that she works agreements with directors in the Theater department, and that she will be doing her last show at MC this weekend.  She has been in multiple organizations and still has a GPA over 3.75.  Cutting back to major interests and career interests.

Running for President next year?  No and no.

What kind of activities do you have in mind for Senior Week?  Sarah wants to get most of her ideas from the Junior class for next year and what they want.  She lists off events that she has helped plan for this year’s Senior Week.  Dawn says she would use her committee to help find what students want in their Senior Week.

How well do you connect with the student body, specifically the rising Seniors.  Sarah she has been involved in many organizations, and has great relations with many people.  Dawn pretty much says the same thing.

8:50 PM – Treasurer time!  Mallory Haynes

Mallory Haynes has been involved with Student Senate and is currently Sigma Kappa’s treasurer.  Wants to be a CPA

Brittney Knellinger is currently Alpha Xi’s rep on Student Senate.  Petro major, so pretty good with numbers.

Caleb Mueller wants to play a larger role in the Student Body.  Understands appropriations and bylaws, and knows Excel well.  Can work with numbers and is pretty organized.

How do you feel about having to break the bad news about appropriations not being given?  Mallory says that she has experience with this from CUB, since she has had to cut budgets.  Thinks communicating well and providing options for the future are important.  Brittney says to tell them why and to give them tips for next time.  Caleb says it’s not easy, but his experience as a TA has helped him with relaying bad news.

Could you deal with backlash from changes to the Constitution and Bylaws?  Mallory says she has had to deal with many types of people in the past.  She would like to be able to set up meetings with concerned students to receive feedback.  Brittney says the biggest thing is to take a step back and not to take it personally, and to explain why it is the way it is.  Caleb says it is important not to take it personally, and remind them that it takes a Senate majority to pass things.

Are you familiar with appropriations processes, and what would you improve with appropriations?  Mallory says she has had no experience directly with appropriations due to other time commitments, but she has an understanding of them.  She would like to create a survey, or something like that, to see what organizations that are appropriated money ended up using, among other things, to help make future decisions.  Brittney has been to appropriations before, but not the experience that Caleb has.  She promises to jump in head first and learn as much as possible.  She also agrees that organizations need to be checked on to see what they have spent, and to also support the events that are given money.  Caleb has appropriations experience.  He says he would improve communication between the appropriations committee, Senate, and the applying organizations.

9:02 PM – That’s all!  Thanks for reading!