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Here are all the stories we ran last week while you were all off in paradise:

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Posted by    Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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98.5 Provides Diverse Listening Opportunities

It’s Tuesday night. Maybe you’re working on homework and need a little background music. Maybe you’re avoiding homework and need a distraction. Your iTunes playlist is overplayed and Pandora can’t seem to get your musical style just right. So what do you do? Perhaps turning to the good old radio is the way to go.

Senior Danette Curiale, of Cleveland, Ohio, and junior Alissa Bambarger, of Conneaut, Ohio, recently started broadcasting their own hip-hop radio show on Marietta College’s own WCMO 98.5 FM. The duo’s show, Hip Hop Hour to the Second Power, runs from 7-9 p.m. every Tuesday.

“We both like hip-hop a lot,” Curiale said, “We pick songs that are popular and that we like.” They are happy to take requests, both girls said, and they will play any suggestions they get, as long as they fit into the show’s genre.

Bambarger, who goes by “A-Bam” on the show, said her favorite aspect of doing the show is getting to play the kind of music she likes because there aren’t really stations around here that play it. “I never thought I’d have a radio show,” Curiale, better known as “D-Money,” said, “It’s different. That’s what I like.” Neither thinks having a show is very hard, the most difficult thing for both is finding edited versions of the songs they want to play. During the course of the show, they also have to break for campus and community announcements, as well as play public service announcements.

Curiale and Bambarger heard about an opening for a show through their sorority sister, Amy Hayes, who has had a show for the past two years. “We just had to e-mail the station manager and fill out some paperwork with a basic idea and timeslot. It was really simple,” Curiale commented. Now they grace the airwaves for your enjoyment on those boring Tuesday nights, so take a break and tune in.

This article was written by Joe Dillon, a student taking Media Writing Two at Marietta College.  Look for more articles from the class to appear on Writing on the Mall in the coming weeks.  If you are interested in writing for Writing on the Mall, please e-mail patrick_h at writingonthemall dot net.

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Posted by    Date: Monday, March 8, 2010

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OAC Tournament Schedule Announced

The #6 OAC Marietta Pioneers will be travelling to #3 OAC Ohio Northern in the first round of the OAC Men’s Basketball Tournament.  The Polar Bears, 11-6 in the conference this year, will hope to take out a Pioneer team that was 7-11 in its first playoff season since 03-04.  Something tells me the Pios will have something to bring to the table.

In the other match-ups, #1 OAC (#16 National) John Carroll takes on the #8 OAC seed of Heidelberg, #2 OAC (#11 National) Capital will duel with #7 OAC Mount Union, and #5 OAC Muskingum travels to #4 OAC Wilmington.

All higher-seeded teams will be home for all tournament games.  For Marietta to force opponents to feel the force of the Pioneer home crowd, they’ll have to knock off Ohio Northern and then hope that Capital loses to Mount Union, or beat Capital themselves and hope that the Blue Streaks will have been eliminated as well.  It’s a long shot, but it is tournament time.

The OAC has one guranteed bid to the Field of 59 for the Division 3 National Tournament that goes to the tournament’s winner (as far as I understand).  Capital and John Carroll are poised to make the tournament no matter what, as they are nationally ranked.  That leaves six teams hoping to be the “upset special” that makes the tournament by defeating either (or both teams) and then joining them in the Big Dance.

I’ll have a lengthier preview of the game closer to Wednesday, when the game occurs.  The Pioneers will play at Ohio Northern, and the game should be heard on either Marietta College Broadcasting stations 88.3 WMRT-FM/98.5 WCMO-FM or (more likely) locally-owned and operated 1490 WMOA-AM.  Tip-off should be at 7:20 PM, either way.

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