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Sam Rementer Wants To Thank You All

Editor’s Note: We asked Sam Rementer if she would want to let everybody know how she was doing.  Sam has recovered remarkable well from her accident in August.  So much so that she will be in Marietta this weekend for a visit.  Here, in her own words, is Sam explaining her journey and thanking those that have supported her.

Sam Rementer in the hospital after her accident.

Dear Everyone at Marietta College,

I want to first say THANK YOU for your thoughts and prayers! I am doing SO well these days! I’ve heard several stories of me when I was in the hospital and rehab! Some of which are hilarious! When I was at Grant Medical Center in Ohio I had a six foot seven inch physical therapist that at one point took me to therapy, threw a pen on the ground and asked me to pick it up. I then finished the session and took the pen from his pocket. I threw the pen on the ground and asked him to pick it up. When he did I replied “GOOD JOB,” which is what he said to me when I picked it up!

Over a month ago, I was taken to Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation center for an outpatient inspection.  They brought me to the speech therapist which has a lot to do with cognition. After I was finished with the speech therapist she brought me to the physical therapist. A woman which I met when I first walked into the rehab turned around to me and said, “You don’t need to go to physical or occupation therapy/ I see you now and know you can take care of yourself by yourself!” This was amazing to me! Finally, other people realized I was doing as well as I believed I was!

So now I go to speech therapy for one hour a day, three times a week. I take tests on the brain and now my therapist is trying to figure out psychology stuff so we can talk about the major I am pursuing. She is very great!

When this accident first happened to me, the only mark on my body from falling ten feet was a black eye. I ended up fracturing part of my skull and I also fractured under my right eye. Due to the swelling of my brain they had to take part of my skull out. I am now waiting to find a neurosurgeon in my area to finish the work the person at Grant Medical Center started. Once we do, they will be putting a plastic man made skull into my head. They were unable to save the skull they took out because I lost so much blood. If they did save it, I would be dead at this moment.

I believe that all of the thoughts and prayers given out to me have allowed me to make it to where I am. I have no physical changes what so ever. The only problem I have is my memory. I do not remember my summer at all. One interesting fact though is that the day before I got hurt (I was hurt the morning of August 14th) my mom told me my younger sister received texting. I actually remember my mom texting me to text my sister! I also remember texting her and being so excited! Pretty much, I only remember random small things that happened but cannot remember the big picture.

However, I am doing REALLY well! I truthfully want to thank ALL of you for your support, thoughts, and prayers! I believe I am where I am today because of the people who supported me! All I want to ask is that you please keep thinking and praying for me because my recovery is not up! I do not know when I will be fully recovered but I feel like I can and will be!

Thank You ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

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