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Higher Participation Through Class Gift?

DSCF1158Now, I will be honest and say that I write this without knowing what the typical participation is for the Senior Challenge, but here is a great idea.

Onward State, a blog about Penn State (Much bigger school, I know…but their blog is very similar to Writing on the Mall), published an article talking about the three things their class may give back to the school.

Wouldn’t it be great for the Senior Class to pick something to physically give back to the school?  Or maybe set up a scholarship fund for future classes?  I think that if the goal is higher participation in the drive, then something tangible will bring those numbers up.  It would give members of that graduating class something to come back to, or be something to be remembered by.

What are your thoughts?  Seniors – would you be more likely to donate if you saw what your donation was going to?

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Posted by    Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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Pioneer Spirit Day Brings Odd Promotional Effort

DSCF1135I have mentioned it before, but received an e-mail from Tom Perry at College Relations today regarding Pioneer Spirit Day:

Your moment…and your T-shirt… are at hand.

Pioneer Spirit Day is Friday, Aug. 28, and your chance to wear the Navy Blue and White to help Marietta College celebrate the kick-off to its 175th anniversary celebration is there for the taking.

What will you do? Will you wear the same old Hollister shirt or hoodie?

No, you won’t do that. Want to know why?

Because you’re a Pioneer through and through and you know this is your opportunity to join with 25,000 alumni around the world to observe a special day in the history of Marietta College.

Wear your Marietta College T-shirt on Friday, Aug. 28.

Need some inspiration? Follow Jason Sadler all day on and he’ll lead you across the Internet wearing his Marietta T-shirt…to Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and

Join Jason and wear your Marietta College T-shirt.

You’ll do that because you’re a Pioneer…and you don’t want to be the one person in class wearing a hoodie!

~ Tom Perry, College Relations (Sent to all students via e-mail)

I Wear Your Shirt is a website where an organization pays a guy (according to the site, soon two guys) that will wear whatever shirt you send to him for a day that you purchase.  He then blogs, Twitters, posts videos to UStream and YouTube, and posts images on Flickr of him wearing the shirt of the day.  Usually he themes it around the shirt, like a cook book that bought one day led to him cooking on video using recipes from their cookbook.  So who knows what MC will bring to his day.

At first I thought it was kind of odd, then realized that in today’s world of social media, this guy found a gold mine.  I know I’m curious to see what he may have up his sleeve for Pioneer Pride Day.

But anyways, wear your Pio Pride this Friday, snap a picture, and put it on Facebook or send it to Tom Perry at College Relations

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Posted by    Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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France Labor Strikes From American Student's Perspective

Blakely Dye, another of the students taking part in McDonough Worldwide Blogging, is reporting on how strikes are crippling the education and transportation systems near her.

According to her entry, classes have been cancelled because of the nationalized educational system France has, which makes all professors and staff government workers.  Transportation around town is no good either, since transportation unions are also protesting.

The strikes come about a week before the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, meets with the heads of major unions.  The strikes could move from more localized strikes to a full-on national labor strike if the talks do not go well.

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Posted by    Date: Monday, February 9, 2009

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