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Campus Parking Becomes A Problem

DSCF1139Maybe I shouldn’t say that it has become a problem, because some people will say that its always been a problem.  But I digress.

Over the summer, the college decided to turn the entire Gathering Place parking lot into a a red lot, which is freshmen only.  Prior to the change, the lot had been both blue and red, with blue being for upperclassmen.  At the same time, the former Moose Lodge parking lot is now yellow (faculty) and blue.  The change has made many upperclassmen as red as the freshmen lots.

This Facebook Group was started to raise the issue with fellow students and organize an Electronic Executive Carpet Bomb of sorts, by asking students to e-mail Rita Smith Kipp (the provost of Marietta College).  The group wants to see the parking policies changed back to allow upperclassmen to park in the Gathering Place parking lot once again, and shift commuters and freshmen to the Moose Lodge lot.  Here is a comment from the group.

This is ridiculous. Don’t most schools not even allow freshmen to bring their cars? And yet we are giving them more privileges? If anything, it should go the other way.

~ Katie Wolfe, MC Student

DSCF1137Student Senate has been notified of the problem, and I’m sure that it will be discussed at the first meeting of the year, which is this coming Wednesday.  Writing on the Mall will be there to cover the meeting.

If anything, the one thing that shocks me the most from the group is the claim that a CPS officer told the group’s creator to “take a cab”.  If true, something needs to be done about this mentality at CPS.  Campus Police offers free escort services from any part of campus to wherever you need to go.  It’s their job to provide that opportunity to students.

Is there a good way of fixing things this semester?  Possibly.  But the difficulty is that the parking passes are out and the spaces have been designated.  Any changes may take as long as next year to see come to fruition.  But better to work through Student Senate and e-mails with Rita Kipp about the issue so that the College knows that it is a problem than to let it sit idle and not have anything done about.

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Men's Basketball Takes The Court Wednesday Night

Marietta College’s Men’s Basketball team will take to Fenton Court in Ban Johnson Arena at the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center (gasps for breath) for the first home game of the season Wednesday, December 3rd.  Tip-off should be around 7:30 PM.  The game has been designated as a “white-out” for fans, so if you’re coming, wear white and cheer on the Pioneers as they take on Denison.

A lot of students are anticipated to come to the game, as athletes in other sports and the campus’s Greek life have been asked to be the backbone of the  “white-out” effort.  Advertising on campus has been heavy as of last night, with the rock being painted and signs/table cards places across campus.

Later in the week, the Pios will take on Ohio Northern in what will be a kick-off to Ohio Athletic Conference play.  That game is Saturday, December 6th at 3 PM on Fenton Court in Ban Johnson Arena at…oh…you know where.

The game is being broadcast on 88.3 WMRT-FM (Marietta, Parkersburg, Athens, and everywhere in between).  Calling the game will be yours truly alongside long-time voice of the Pioneers, Mike Washbaugh.  Look for pre-game coverage to start around 7:20 PM EST.  You can catch the stream online of our coverage (or WMOA’s coverage) by going to Marietta’s Streaming Audio page.

For a look further into the Men’s Basketball season, check out the schedule here.  And to see how the 2-2 Pioneers look in the OAC so far, check here.  It’s looking like a good season so far (if you don’t count the two 20-25 point losses), and looks like last year’s six wins should be passed (four out of conference wins, two in conference).

Good luck guys!  Should be a good season.

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Great Wall of Marietta is Disappearing

As the Double L (Legacy Library, not the bar) project begins finishing up, crews began to take down the fencing around the perimeter of the site.  More importantly, the ugly ugly ugly blue tarp around the site has finally disappeared for the most part.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t have wanted to look at the construction site the whole time either.  But that covering just got unbearable after a while.  It began ripping and tearing and looked downright nasty for what is typically a pristine campus.

Luckily, the eyesore is gone, and now we can see the work going on in and around the site.  The seating for the Amphitheater is now completed, and only needs some concrete poured for the stage before being completed.  It looks like they are constructing a raised patio area over by the Gilman mail room doors, possibly for picnic tables or benches?  Only one could hope.  There is another structure, primarily of brick, being built on the side by the DBRC.  No clue what it will end up being, as only time will tell.

Paths have been graded and graveled in preperation for concrete.  Looks like there will be an oval path that connects all four features of the pseudo-green space together and ties them into the staircases and secondary paths required by the massive amount of dirt that was generated from putting the Library above the flood plane.

One final note…according to what I’m hearing the food services available inside the library will be typical coffee shop fare.  The Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop will serve up coffee and specialty drinks, along with soups, salads, sandwhiches, and deserts.  No word on whether the services will be offered 24 hours a day, nor if this will be included on the meal plan/declining balance only/cash only.  Only time will tell.

Everything still looks like a go for books to be moved back in over break and for the Library to be open for student use by the first day of classes next semester.

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