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Alcohol Policy Gets a Nip / Tuck, To Student Disapproval

A committee has been working to revamp the College’s Alcohol Policy over the past semester in an attempt to make improvements, and the changes were officially announced prior to Wednesday’s Student Senate meeting.  A packed house (of about 30 people total…hey, the Emeritus Chamber isn’t big) of Senators and concerned students showed up to the meeting to discuss certain aspects of the new policy.

There are three major changes being proposed for the Marietta College Alcohol Policy:

  • Section H will still allow for students of age to have 12 cans or bottles of beer (empty or full), as long as they are 12 ounces or less.  Or, you can still have a 750 ml bottle of wine.  The new wrinkle is that beer would not be allowed to be stronger than 5.5% alcohol.  There is not a similar restriction on wine.
  • Section O will require all social functions and campus dorm rooms to cease serving or consuming alcohol at Midnight on Sundays through Thursdays, and at 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • The table of automatic sanctions is gone, now replaced by a tiered system.  Tier One offenses are the low-end, while Tier Three are high-end offenses.  There are also two additional lists of sanctions (both social and educational) that can be divvied out as deemed necessary.

The full policy can be read below.  Changes are in red font.

Marietta College Alcohol Proposed Policy Changes


While the Faculty Council has already voted to approve the changes, Student Senate has made several recommendations to Vice President of Student Life Dr. Robert Pastoor and the Alcohol Policy Committee.  Dr. Pastoor can choose to make changes to the proposed policy, or choose to leave the document the same and have Student Senate vote on the document as-is.  If changes are made based on Student Senate’s recommendations, the Faculty Council would then have to re-vote on the policy.

The recommendations from Student Senate are as follows:

  • Striking Section O from the policy so that there are no restrictions on when students of age can choose to consume alcohol
  • Amending Section H so that students can have beers with up to 10% alcohol per volume.  The policy, if left unchanged, would have made many craft brews illegal to drink on campus.
  • Striking an educational sanction that would have required students (if given the sanction) to shadow a Resident Assistant on a Friday or Saturday night.  Senators saw the move as more of a burden to the RA than a punishment to the student.

Student Senate will receive a final proposal prior to their next meeting on Wednesday, April 20th.  If you have any comments or concerns, you can come to the meeting at 7 PM in the Emeritus Chamber, or speak with your Class Representative or Organization Representative.

It is expected that a vote will happen at this meeting.  If passed it is not clear as to when the policy will take effect.

What are your thoughts on the proposed alcohol policy?

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