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CAMPUS ALERT: Former Food Service Worker Makes Threats Against Former Co-Workers

The Campus Alert System was activated today to report  that a former food services worker has made threats against former co-workers.

The threat was allegedly made by Ronald Scott Science, who according to sources made pizza at Gilman Dining Hall.

A quick search of the suspect shows 33 items, which lists mostly traffic violations, but does include an assault charge.  This was confirmed by a 2004 notice from the Washington County Sheriff.  Also, he was charged with domestic violence in 2007.

Here is the full release from the College’s Timely Notification report.  You can also listen to the notification, which mentions Science’s name, at this link.

Marietta College Police were notified late this afternoon that a former food service employee has allegedly issued threats against his former co-workers and could be contemplating a return to campus with the intent to do them harm.

The College Police are working with the Marietta City Police to locate the suspect, Ronald Scott Science.

All Marietta College students, faculty and staff are asked to be alert to this threat and report any suspicious or erratic behaviors to campus police immediately.

Please do not attempt to intervene should you witness a dispute between food service employees and, once again, notify campus police immediately.

Please stay tuned to Writing on the Mall for the latest news regarding this case.

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Brandon Marino Charged In '09 Sexual Assault Case

DSCF1211College Police Service Chief David Valkinburg announced today to the Marietta Times that an arrest has been made relating to last year’s sexual assault in Parsons Hall.

Brandon M. Marino, 23, was served with a warrant for his arrest on Wednesday in Hamilton County Jail, where he had been arrested on unrelated charges.  He was indicted on March 3rd for aggravated burglary and burglary, which is listed as a 2nd degree felony.  If found guilty of those charges, he could be sentenced to anywhere between 2 to 8 years in jail and up to $15,000 in fines.  Marino was held on $25,000 bond in that case, and was waiting for an April 2nd court date.

He now faces additional charges in Washington County, where he has been charged with rape and burglary.

The alleged sexual assault happened early February 28th, 2009 in the victim’s room at Parsons Hall.  Timely notification was sent out, and you can check out our previous coverage here.  The suspect had been spotted in Russell Hall earlier that day (night of Feb. 27th).  The incident led to security improvements at Parsons Hall, including recently installed security screens on first floor windows.

The article states that Marino was not a student of the college, but reading the 2007 Mariettana yearbook, was listed as being a member of the Class of 2010.  So the alleged attacker had attended school here.  The Times article also stated that Marino had been living in Marietta at the time of the incident.

The college had alerted students to the possibility of media coverage of the arrest in the following timely notification e-mail.

We wanted to inform you that there are likely to be media reports this afternoon or tomorrow that involves an update to an alleged incident on campus that was reported about a year ago. We wanted to share with you the College’s official statement with regard to these recent developments.

“Marietta College is aware of an arrest of a suspect in connection with the case of a sexual assault that took place on campus during the spring of 2009. Since then, much diligent and tireless investigative work has taken place and we are grateful for the ongoing energy and collaboration of our own Marietta College Police Department, Marietta City Police, and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification. It is our most sincere hope that their efforts may ultimately provide closure for the survivor, the survivor’s family, and our campus community.”

Check out the Marietta Times Story for the full story.

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Attempted Burglary at Parsons Hall Triggers Early Alert

Another semester, another Parsons Hall attempted burglary.

The Marietta College Campus Police Service issued an alert this morning at 6:30 AM to make students aware of the 4:45 AM incident.  The incident report sent to students describes an unknown person attempting to enter a student’s room.  The student awoke, startled the person, and they fled the scene.

We’ll try to get some reaction from students that live in Parsons.  For now, here’s the message sent out to students this morning.

In compliance with the Timely Notice provisions of the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998, Marietta College officials want to inform you that Marietta College police are investigating an attempted burglary that took place at approximately 4:45 a.m., Thursday, Dec. 10.

An unknown person attempted to enter a resident’s room at Parsons Hall. Before the suspect could gain entry into the room, the resident awoke and the suspect fled.

If anyone has any details please contact Marietta College Police at (740) 376-4611.

Previous troubles at Parsons Hall:

Media Coverage Continues on Sexual Assault
Update: Sexual Assault on Campus
Aggravated Burglary Triggers Campus Notification

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UPDATE: MC Student Faces Up To 10 Years for Alleged Stabbing

The Marietta Times (click link for full story and mugshot) now has their article up disclosing some more information regarding the alleged stabbing that took place Saturday night.

The Marietta City Police arrested Thomas Robinson for allegedly stabbing a local resident in a robbery attempt.  Reportedly, he confessed to the crime after being arrested in his dorm room.

Robinson now faces up to 10 years for the robbery charge, if convicted.  He will be arraigned on the charge today at 1 PM at the Marietta Municipal Court.

The man he stabbed is currently in stable condition at the hospital.

The College has stated that they are working with both CPS and the Marietta City Police, but have not done much else at the moment.  Students I have talked to are wondering why they were not notified of the incident or the arrest.  I would assume once the college’s investigation concludes, we will be notified with their response and course of action.

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Enhanced Campus Security?

DSCF1239EDITOR’S NOTE:  Ally Janakis is a guest writer for Writing on the Mall.  She is involved with the Media Writing Two class at Marietta College, which has been submitting articles to us.  Her article is the first of many that you will see hit the site.  If you would like to see more like this, just let us know at patrick_h at writingonthemall dot net.

Although we have not progressed to armed guards and watchdogs, Marietta College has made strides in improving security around campus. But are they truly improvements?

The August newsletter sent to students gave an overview of the new security. Parsons Hall, which has been, locked 24/7 for the past two years now also has automatic locks on suite doors and room doors. For Parsons residents living above the first floor entering their room entails swiping their ID card at the door, unlocking their suite door and then unlocking their room door. It also means to use the bathroom in their suite, one must either prop their door or bring their keys.

Junior Jaque Danhires responds negatively to the recent updated security, “I feel protecting the students is very important, but personally as a student who lives in Parsons locking the suite door would have sufficed. I hate going to the bathroom and getting locked out of my room in the middle of the night.”

Another added frustration is that if you lock yourself out more than three times you are fined by Residence Life. Some dorms even require IDs to access the bathroom such as in the Pioneer House.

Read more…

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Quick Hits: Parking, Lofts, and Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

Just a reminder that if you are looking to have an air conditioner in your room, the deadline for approval is August 1st.  You can find the form here.  You need a letter from your physician proving that you have a valid excuse to need one, such as allergies, asthma, or many other medical problems.  Air conditioners must be between 6,000 and 8,000 BTU, and have an EEF rating of 8.5 or higher.  Your account will be charged $115 for the added expense of electricity for your room.

Trust me, if your dorm is not air conditioned, and you can get approval to have one, it is worth it.  While this summer may be relatively cool for the area, the Fall could prove to be quite warm.  Also, the Spring can sometimes warm up pretty quickly, so always good to have a cool place to go home to.


Also, for those of you looking to build a loft in your room, there’s a form for that also.  You can find it here.  A plan of your loft’s construction must be approved by the Director of Residence Life, then be inspected by Physical Plant upon completion.  The form must be turned in, and then you’re good to go.

The big thing to remember with lofts is that the wood must be coated or dipped with a flame retardant, and that the loft has to be no more than 38 inches off the ceiling.  Full requirements are included in the provided link.


If you’re bringing a car to campus and are an upperclassmen, remember to use the Park Admin system to purchase your parking pass for the 09-10 school year.  The price is the same as always, at $45, and is good through the end of the Spring semester of 2010.

Freshmen have a lot of restrictions to fight through to get a parking pass now, and have already jumped through all the hoops to get one by now.  You can’t get a freshman parking pass through the Park Admin system, so contact CPS if you’re curious to see if you qualify and if there are any passes still available.

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