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Campus Security Improved at Parsons

DSCF1211An article hit the Marietta Times today about Marietta College’s security enhancements.  They were all put into place over the summer and include the following changes:

  • Every hallway has a campus phone
  • Every floor of every building has an emergency radio linked to the College’s and NOAA’s emergency alert systems
  • Wooden doors have been replaced with metal doors
  • Grab-resistant handles installed on doors
  • Security screens installed on all first floor windows
  • All Card readers are certified as working
  • Card Reader placed on entrance to bathroom in a 4th street dorm

This hits me a little bit close to home because I can tell you a few things.  I live in a campus-owned Fraternity house.  And our house has not had security screens installed on the first floor windows.  We don’t have a card reader, metal doors (entrances or room doors), or an emergency call box installed.  We have emergency radios, but not much else.  Our house has had two TV’s stolen from it the past two summers, and every time we ask for security improvements we do not receive them.  The other houses have card reader access, but to not have security screens (as far as I know) or metal doors installed.  Sure, Parsons is safer (which is good, don’t get me wrong), but saying that all campus housing facilities have all of these safety measures is stretching the truth a bit.

Do I feel safe?  Absoultely.  Marietta (and the College) have very little crime to worry about.  However…it would be nice if they did install all safety measures at all campus housing.  Is the campus safer with all of these additions?  Of course it is.  I just would like to see all students protected equally.

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Update: Sexual Assault on Campus

As many of you may have heard, there was a sexual assault on campus early Saturday morning.  Today, we learned that there was a second crime that happened involving the same suspect.  The notification of the incident is included after the jump, including steps that you can take to stay safe on campus.

The attacks appear to have taken place at Parsons Hall, which in my opinion in one of the worst secured buildings on campus.  You will always have a problem with tailgaters (which is what looks like the suspect’s means of entry), but when the entire first floor is open and un-protected without key-card access, there’s a problem.

The suspect is an African-American male, about 6 feet tall, in his early 20’s, with a muscular build.

Special kudos to the Marietta Times for combining their updated article with stories about the Dow Jones falling and another about the stimulus bill.  One would think an update about a sexual assault without a suspect behind bars would be, I don’t know, SLIGHTLY IMPORTANT.

Sympathy goes out to those affected by this idiot.  It is truly terrible for something like this to have happened.

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