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PROFILE: The DBRC's Head Honcho

When William Vincent, director of Marietta College’s Dyson Baudo Recreation Center, walked into his office one morning, the phone rang. On the other line was the circus wanting to come and perform at the DBRC.

“One of my favorite parts of this job is all the strange requests,” Bill said. “You never know what’s going to happen on a given day.” The circus was coming to town, but not to the DBRC.

The DBRC was built and has been running since 2003. It is one of the nicest and most used facilities on the Marietta College campus. It is used for intramural sports, workout sessions, team practices, and even transportation.

Kevin Quick, a community walker at the DBRC, knows all about this. “People are always going in and out of this place, and Bill greets most of them,” Quick said. “I’d say he knows just about everybody on campus.”

Vincent attended Marietta in the early 1980s and received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and then a master’s degree in Sports Administration. When the building opened up in 2003, it needed someone to supervise and handle the day-to-day operations.

Vincent at the time was supervisor of Greek Life on the campus, so he was already familiar with the people and the environment. When the spot opened up at the DBRC, he knew it was the job for him.

He took over the position, and began handling the daily duties. Seven years later, he is still going strong. One of his biggest tasks includes keeping people happy, from his employees to the entire athletic department. It helps to have a laid back mentality like Vincent does when holding a position like this, because it can be stressful.

Vincent does note that one of the best experiences he has had during his tenure at the DBRC is getting to interact with many diverse cultures. Every day people of many different backgrounds, such as Asian, European, and South American, come through the building and interact with Vincent and his workers.

Over the years, Vincent has developed a relationship with not only community, but his workers, as well. “Bill makes a point to get to know everyone that he hires,” Heather Haught said. “It’s a lot like a family.” This family atmosphere that Vincent has acquired helps give the DBRC a cozy, friendly vibe.

There is much about the position that people do not know about. A lot of things are happening behind the scenes. Vincent is constantly working in his office at providing opportunities for students to get involved. One of the biggest ways students can do this is through the intramural sports that the DBRC offers, a system that Vincent has provided himself. “Intramurals are very popular, but most people don’t know the work involved in getting it set up,” he said.

Bill Vincent is a huge part of the Marietta College campus, even if people do not always realize it. He runs intramural sports, he provides job opportunities, and he schedules special events, such as comedians and magicians. Maybe someday he will even hire the circus.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article is by Jordan Holland, a Media Writing Two student at Marietta College.  If you are interested in writing for Writing on the Mall, send an e-mail to

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Quick Note: FREE H1N1 Vaccinations on Campus

If you haven’t received your H1N1 “Swine” Flu vaccination yet, you have until 4:30 PM to go to the Trustees Board Room (2nd floor of the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center) and get a free shot. All students vaccinated will be entered to win a Wii. The dorm floor or house with the highest amount of participation will win one of several prizes, as well.

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Flag Football Rosters Due Friday

DSCF1201From the Intramurals page of the RSS Feed:

Sign up for this year’s flag football intramural league.

  • Blank roster forms and rules are available at the Recreation board in the DBRC.
  • Return completed forms to the front desk of the DBRC by Friday, Aug. 28.
  • Captains’ meeting is TBA so be sure to check your email and the campus announcements online for updates.
  • Captains must submit a $10 forfeit fee at the meeting.
  • The team captain or a representative must attend.

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Construction on Campus

DSCF1213 Don’t worry, this isn’t any construction you’ll see when you get back.  Its stuff that Physical Plant is working on now so you can enjoy them come late August.

The picture to the left is of the new sidewalk that is being poured by Parsons and McCoy to replace the parking area used by construction workers.  That means no more walking in the road now.

Also, there is some work going on inside McDonough and Erwin Hall.  McDonough received donations for a renovation and purchase of digital presentation equipment.  Room 205 has been all re-done, with new paint, more narrow desks and chairs (so you can actually walk to your seat now, instead of navigating the maze of chairs in a narrow space), power and data hook-ups for every seat, and a new projector and smartboard combo for presentations and classes.

Erwin Hall saw its bathrooms enter ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance on the first floor, as the college continues the process of becoming 100% ADA compliant.
DSCF1218Lastly, the wooden stairway from the rear of the Dyson-Baudo Recreation Center to the McCoy/Mills parking lot has been torn up. I’m not sure if this will be replaced, rebuilt, or totally demolished. I guess we’ll see when we get back. However, this is a welcome sight, as the rubber material they had covered the stairs with had begun to come off and become a hazard for those who used it.

Off campus, look for a completely rebuilt Front Street, which saw all of the bricks pulled out and replaced, with a focus placed on pedestrian safety.  Speed tables now lead up to raised crosswalks, and flashing lights can be triggered to alert motorists to mid-block crossings.  Washington Bridge construction continues, so if you use State Route 7, you’ll have to use the provided detour, which sends you up or down Interstate 77.

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There Goes The Hype…Hough Concert Delayed

Julianne Hough was supposed to be at Marietta College April 24th…two weeks from now.  However, due to her commitment to “Dancing with the Stars,” the concert has been delayed until June 1st.  I’m sure the five students and ten area fans are disappointed to hear about the delay.

If you bought a ticket through iTickets, you have until May 18th to get a rebate on your tickets if you cannot attend on the new date.

Unlike the sell-out crowd that packed the DBRC back in 2007, selling tickets for the ballroom dancer turned country singer  has been difficult.  Tickets are still on sale for the new date.  Marietta College students, staff, and faculty are eligible for reduced-rate tickets at $19.  Regular price is $23 for general admission, and $28 for VIP tickets.

Doors open at 6:30, concert starts at 7:30 with opening act Phil Stacey (former American Idol finalist).

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Great Wall of Marietta is Disappearing

As the Double L (Legacy Library, not the bar) project begins finishing up, crews began to take down the fencing around the perimeter of the site.  More importantly, the ugly ugly ugly blue tarp around the site has finally disappeared for the most part.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t have wanted to look at the construction site the whole time either.  But that covering just got unbearable after a while.  It began ripping and tearing and looked downright nasty for what is typically a pristine campus.

Luckily, the eyesore is gone, and now we can see the work going on in and around the site.  The seating for the Amphitheater is now completed, and only needs some concrete poured for the stage before being completed.  It looks like they are constructing a raised patio area over by the Gilman mail room doors, possibly for picnic tables or benches?  Only one could hope.  There is another structure, primarily of brick, being built on the side by the DBRC.  No clue what it will end up being, as only time will tell.

Paths have been graded and graveled in preperation for concrete.  Looks like there will be an oval path that connects all four features of the pseudo-green space together and ties them into the staircases and secondary paths required by the massive amount of dirt that was generated from putting the Library above the flood plane.

One final note…according to what I’m hearing the food services available inside the library will be typical coffee shop fare.  The Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop will serve up coffee and specialty drinks, along with soups, salads, sandwhiches, and deserts.  No word on whether the services will be offered 24 hours a day, nor if this will be included on the meal plan/declining balance only/cash only.  Only time will tell.

Everything still looks like a go for books to be moved back in over break and for the Library to be open for student use by the first day of classes next semester.

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