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Looking at Debt Around the OAC

DSCF1129The Institute for College Access and Success completed a recent survey of 2009 grads and compiled the data  into the Project on Student Debt.  The data provides information school by school, state by state, which allows us to compare our debt levels to other schools.

Overall, the State of Ohio has the 10th highest average debt, which is $25,842, and the ninth highest percentage of debt, with 66% of graduates having debt.  Marietta College grads are slightly higher than the Ohio average, at $27,455.  But MC is much better when compared to other schools in the OAC…

Debt Accrued by 2009 Graduates on Average (Percent Of Grads Owing Money)

Ohio Northern University – $45,902 (82%)
Heidelberg University – $35,397 (90%)
John Carroll University – $28,830 (74%)
Muskingum University – $28,343 (79%)
Marietta College – $27,455 (74%)
University of Mount Union – $25,804 (70%)
Baldwin-Wallace College – $17,716 (67%)
Capital University – N/A
Otterbein College – N/A
Wilmington – N/A

If you were curious…Ohio Northern grads averaged the sixth most debt in the entire country, out of all the schools and states that provided data.  The graduation debt average was also in Ohio, at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  And if it makes you feel better, the average debt of MC students in on par with most of the big public Universities.  Kent State grads owed $26,698, while Bowling Green grads averaged out at $28,542.

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Universities + Credit Card Companies = Profit for Both

But really, it just screws over the average student.

The Consumerist blog (which was recently purchased by the company that produces Consumer Reports) reported on a story that originally was published in the New York Times, detailing the relationship that most universities have with credit card companies.

In the first case they mention, Michigan State University gets $8.4 million dollars over seven years from Bank of America for student names and addresses, allows advertising on campus, and use of the school’s logos.

It lists examples where new freshmen were enticed with raffles, food, drinks, and other prizes in return for signing up for credit lines, often to unemployed students, up to $2,500.  Now that would be fine (I guess) if they actually attempted to educate those applying for cards on proper use of credit.  But there is more money to be made on credit than on people actually living within their means.

Honestly, I’ve been happy to never have a problem like the ones that are mentioned in the article.  There are no tents pushing free blankets for signing up for a credit card, no free food coupons for risking my credit history, nothing like that.  Maybe it helps that we are a smaller campus, and thusly, don’t have to worry about large banks trying to pay the college off for their own advancement.

Any readers ever have an issue with someone pushing credit cards at Marietta?

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