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Blackout 2010: What You Need To Know

Writing on the Mall has been trying to gather information to inform students that may be trying to get information, but are not able to follow our Twitter account (@WriteOnTheMall) or are also dealing with Facebook’s desire to croak at crucial points in time.

We are hearing that a transformer has blown near North Hill Bowling Alley, and that may be the cause for what seems to have peaked out at over 1,500 customers without power, according to AEP.  Also, a tree has fallen on Colgate Avenue, but I did not hear if that tree took out further power lines or not.

Students I have talked to confirm that a bright green flash was seen throughout the sky, quickly followed by the power outage.

What does the outage means for Marietta College students?  We are hearing that only McCoy Hall and Parsons have power. Specialty housing has also been affected, as Fourth Street has also lost power.  Most academic buildings have lost power, and students have said that emergency lighting appears to have been switched on in facilities that have them.

We’ll keep things updated as we can.

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Student Speak-Out Coverage TONIGHT!

Writing on the Mall will have full coverage of tonight’s Student Speak-Out.  The event begins at 7 PM in McDonough Auditorium,

Just like last time, we plan to have an updating stream of questions asked at the Speak-Out, plus photos and videos.  Our goal is to have some interviews with College administrators and Student Senate members to supplement our coverage.

If you can’t be at the event, but have a question you want answers, leave a comment to this article, or leave a comment on our Facebook Fan Page, or send a Tweet our way on Twitter.  Student Senate members will also be at Gilman tonight to take questions from those that will be unable to attend.

Looking at the event’s official Facebook page, there should be a large number of people present at the event.

At this point, the list of faculty and administrators that will be attending has not been released, but as soon as it is known we will publish it.

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BREAKING: Campus E-Mailed Over "Gastrointestinal Illness" Alert

From watching Facebook yesterday and today, I’m surprised I didn’t pick up on this earlier.  But thanks to some readers and an e-mail from the college, we have a vague idea of what is going on.  I’m still trying to gather information as I can, but here’s what I have at the moment.  Stay tuned to Writing on the Mall for more.

In cooperation with both city and county health organizations, Marietta College is currently investigating the cause of yesterday’s limited campus occurrence of gastrointestinal illness.

The Office of Student Life reports that a small number of students were treated and released at Marietta Memorial Hospital last night and in following standard procedures the College contacted Dining Services and area health officials to help pinpoint the origins of the illness.

In seeking to discover the cause of the illness, Dining Services has immediately reviewed its quality assurance protocols in order to determine if the student illness may have been food borne or originated in some other fashion.

Pending the outcome of that inquiry, precautions include encouraging students to frequently wash their hands to prevent the spread of any illness transmitted from person-to-person.

If you are presenting any symptoms, please contact your Resident Director.

We will update the campus community when additional information is available.

~ Tom Perry, Director of College Relations

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Student Speak Out is Tomorrow Night

Just a reminder that the Student Speak Out is tomorrow night at 7 PM in the McDonough Auditorium.  If you have a concern, most of the college’s administrators will be there to try to help fix your problem, or at least hear your complaint.  There are more than 80 people that say they’re coming, according to their Facebook group.

If you have a problem that needs addressed but can’t be there, just comment on this post, our Facebook, or our Twitter, and we will ask it for you.

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Student Speak Out to Let Students Get it All Out

Tired and frustrated with how things are at Marietta College?  Now’s your chance to have your voice heard and hear from the administrators themselves how your problem can be addressed.

Wednesday, November 18th at 7 PM in the McDonough Auditorium is your chance.  A panel of administrators will hear your problems and respond to them.  The heavy hitters will be there, including President Jean Scott, VP of Administration and Finance Dan Bryant, Director of Dining Services Walter Miller, Director of Career Center Hilles Hughes, Director of Residence Life Bruce Peterson, Director of Athletics Larry Hiser, Director of Physical Plant Fred Smith, Chief Information Officer Administrative Computing John Davis, Director of Student Financial Services Kevin Lamb, Provost and Dean of the College Dr. Rita Kipp, and Chief of Campus Police Dave Valkinburg.

Can’t make it?  No Problem.  Writing on the Mall will take your questions to the meeting and ask them for you!  Just leave a comment here on the blog with your question, or leave a comment on our Facebook page, or tweet at us @writeonthemall.  We’ll take all the questions we receive and report back with the answers.

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Campus Parking Becomes A Problem

DSCF1139Maybe I shouldn’t say that it has become a problem, because some people will say that its always been a problem.  But I digress.

Over the summer, the college decided to turn the entire Gathering Place parking lot into a a red lot, which is freshmen only.  Prior to the change, the lot had been both blue and red, with blue being for upperclassmen.  At the same time, the former Moose Lodge parking lot is now yellow (faculty) and blue.  The change has made many upperclassmen as red as the freshmen lots.

This Facebook Group was started to raise the issue with fellow students and organize an Electronic Executive Carpet Bomb of sorts, by asking students to e-mail Rita Smith Kipp (the provost of Marietta College).  The group wants to see the parking policies changed back to allow upperclassmen to park in the Gathering Place parking lot once again, and shift commuters and freshmen to the Moose Lodge lot.  Here is a comment from the group.

This is ridiculous. Don’t most schools not even allow freshmen to bring their cars? And yet we are giving them more privileges? If anything, it should go the other way.

~ Katie Wolfe, MC Student

DSCF1137Student Senate has been notified of the problem, and I’m sure that it will be discussed at the first meeting of the year, which is this coming Wednesday.  Writing on the Mall will be there to cover the meeting.

If anything, the one thing that shocks me the most from the group is the claim that a CPS officer told the group’s creator to “take a cab”.  If true, something needs to be done about this mentality at CPS.  Campus Police offers free escort services from any part of campus to wherever you need to go.  It’s their job to provide that opportunity to students.

Is there a good way of fixing things this semester?  Possibly.  But the difficulty is that the parking passes are out and the spaces have been designated.  Any changes may take as long as next year to see come to fruition.  But better to work through Student Senate and e-mails with Rita Kipp about the issue so that the College knows that it is a problem than to let it sit idle and not have anything done about.

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Quick Hits

  • Club MC Pictures are up on our Facebook Page.  They will eventually reach Flickr (Once I find a spot that will allow me to upload to Flickr, since the college won’t allow me to.  For some reason they have a content filter on uploading pictures to Flickr.  Who knew?)  So go check those out.  There is a photo of every booth.
  • Apparently parking for upperclassmen has been greatly reduced on campus.  The story goes that all of the parking in front of the Gathering Place has been converted from mixed parking (Freshmen and Upperclassmen) to Freshmen only.  While I haven’t investigated it too much, there is a Facebook group asking students to e-mail the administrators at the school to fix the problem.  I’ll try to get some more info on the situation.
  • The Charles Sumner Harrison Organization Icebreaker is tonight at the Gathering Place at 10 PM.  Go enjoy the music, fun, food and drinks.  The event is a Blacklight Party, so dress for the occasion.
  • Blessid Union of Souls is tomorrow night at the Gathering Place.  Everything starts at 8 PM, so get there early for the best seats.
  • Today is Pioneer Pride Day! Make sure to wear your favorite Marietta College shirt today, and take a photo of yourself wearing it.  Then send it to Tom Perry at College Relations to be included in the Pioneer Pride photo gallery.

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Pioneer Spirit Day Brings Odd Promotional Effort

DSCF1135I have mentioned it before, but received an e-mail from Tom Perry at College Relations today regarding Pioneer Spirit Day:

Your moment…and your T-shirt… are at hand.

Pioneer Spirit Day is Friday, Aug. 28, and your chance to wear the Navy Blue and White to help Marietta College celebrate the kick-off to its 175th anniversary celebration is there for the taking.

What will you do? Will you wear the same old Hollister shirt or hoodie?

No, you won’t do that. Want to know why?

Because you’re a Pioneer through and through and you know this is your opportunity to join with 25,000 alumni around the world to observe a special day in the history of Marietta College.

Wear your Marietta College T-shirt on Friday, Aug. 28.

Need some inspiration? Follow Jason Sadler all day on and he’ll lead you across the Internet wearing his Marietta T-shirt…to Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and

Join Jason and wear your Marietta College T-shirt.

You’ll do that because you’re a Pioneer…and you don’t want to be the one person in class wearing a hoodie!

~ Tom Perry, College Relations (Sent to all students via e-mail)

I Wear Your Shirt is a website where an organization pays a guy (according to the site, soon two guys) that will wear whatever shirt you send to him for a day that you purchase.  He then blogs, Twitters, posts videos to UStream and YouTube, and posts images on Flickr of him wearing the shirt of the day.  Usually he themes it around the shirt, like a cook book that bought one day led to him cooking on video using recipes from their cookbook.  So who knows what MC will bring to his day.

At first I thought it was kind of odd, then realized that in today’s world of social media, this guy found a gold mine.  I know I’m curious to see what he may have up his sleeve for Pioneer Pride Day.

But anyways, wear your Pio Pride this Friday, snap a picture, and put it on Facebook or send it to Tom Perry at College Relations

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