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Year in Review: Top Stories of 2010

I was reminded that it is time to take a look back when Marietta College posted their own Top 10 Stories list, so here they are…the 10 stories that received the most traffic on Writing on the Mall in 2010.

10 – Looking Back At Campus Flooding

This was the only story submitted by Tom Perry’s writing classes to make it to the Top 10.  Stacy Frederick did a great retrospective piece on the 2004 and 2005 floods.  The Ohio River went over its banks twice that year, flooding Marietta and the College in the process.  Frederick’s article had some great interviews with alumni and College officials, and shows the improvements made to the College’s flooding preparedness plans.

You can read that article here.

9 – Student Speak Out Coverage

Our Student Speak Out coverage was so popular this Fall that it actually crashed the site, which I was impressed by.  If you want to take a look back, here is the Spring 2010 and Fall 2010 live blog pages.  We will actually have our Top Questions from the Fall Student Speak Out here this week.

8 – Student Senate Posters Get Defaced

Maybe when I originally ran this story, it was a bit “Fox News”-ish.  But apparently readers wanted to hear about Student Senate candidate posters getting defaced.  The original story ran here.

Read more…

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Get To Know OXO

Omicron Chi Theta, Marietta College’s only Local Women’s Club (Essentially, a Local Sorority) is recruiting this week.  If formal Panhellenic Recruitment wasn’t for you, or if you were looking for something different, now is your chance to get to know OXO.

OXO Fall Recruitment Flyer (Fall 2010)

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CUB Events Added, Concerts Updated

CUB has graciously given us a heads up on the first half of their Fall programming line-up.

The biggest name of all the names is Blessid Union of Souls, which you may remember from their 90’s hits “I Believe” and “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)”.  The band is coming off of a 5 year hiatus and has moved in a new direction, but should still be a big hit for the campus crowd.

The usual Cedar Point trip is September 19th.

Also, I have updated the Concert listing page, so check out all those concerts that happen right before returning to campus.  Classes start August 24th.  (P.S. – there is a countdown clock here on the left side of the page).

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Meal Plan Prices Movin' On Up

DSCF0991While meal plan prices are movin’ on up, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve finally gotten a piece of that pie.

If you noticed on your statements for the Fall semester, the price of a traditional meal plan has gone up nearly $80, from $1,760 to $1,823.  Very miniscule compared to the overall price increase that the students saw for the full price of attending Marietta.  But this is a reasonable price increase due to inflation and the fact that there is now a fourth eatery on campus.  More staffing and greater food choices are worth the $80 a semester.

The increase also affects Unlimited and Super 3 plans, which are actually the best values on campus if you use them all (according to the math done below).  While the Unlimited plan is very restrictive (only available to use at Gilman Dining Hall, but 300 declining balance points to use at Izzy’s, Gilman Express, or Chlapaty Cafe), it is the best value on campus (if you ate there 3 times a day all week).  The Super 3 is a great idea for those that have odd schedules, since you can eat at any time throughout the day at any location, and is the second cheapest per meal plan on campus.  Both plans are $1,920, up from $1,845.

For those of you interested, here are all the numbers broken down:

Meal Plan Price Comparison

Which meal plan did you choose?  Do you use all your meals every week?  Tell us in the comments.

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Free Laundry?

I’m hearing that the use of washers and driers at MC will be free starting in the fall, with the trade-off of no more phone service in rooms. Have confirmed with students, but am confirming with officials. Full details to follow as I get them.

As a side note (so I don’t feel like I’m wasting a post on about 40 words), there is a new Calendar page that is up and running.  Anything that is happening at Marietta College or in the city of Marietta will appear on that calendar.  So take advantage of it to help you find things to do on and off campus.

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Winter Term Thoughts

As Monday marks the first weekday of winter break, I figured I should share some musings of the loss of “J-Term”

Some of you may remember J-Term, a two week period where a student of the college could take a course in two weeks instead of an entire semester.  It evolved into teachers leading course-based learning excursions, including tours of the local, national, and international realms.  Trips overseas and cruises were the most popular trips.

Through what I can only see as a cost-cutting move, our break was shortened and J-Term removed.  But really, I feel this is a benefit.

The last day of finals week is Friday, May 1st.  This gives more time to students who either work all summer or take on an internship.  The extra weeks can be critical financial and scholastic moves that aid in a student’s ability to continue to attend MC or move on and get a job.  It also allows for less of a lull  between semesters, which I’m fine with.

Honestly, I’m fine with the decision.  The question will be whether J-Term is brought back next year or left off again.  Personally, I’m for nixing it.  I don’t mind less of a break in the winter.  More summer is nice…more bearable to live in Northeast Ohio in the summer, not the winter.  Brrrrr.

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