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Winter Term Thoughts

As Monday marks the first weekday of winter break, I figured I should share some musings of the loss of “J-Term”

Some of you may remember J-Term, a two week period where a student of the college could take a course in two weeks instead of an entire semester.  It evolved into teachers leading course-based learning excursions, including tours of the local, national, and international realms.  Trips overseas and cruises were the most popular trips.

Through what I can only see as a cost-cutting move, our break was shortened and J-Term removed.  But really, I feel this is a benefit.

The last day of finals week is Friday, May 1st.  This gives more time to students who either work all summer or take on an internship.  The extra weeks can be critical financial and scholastic moves that aid in a student’s ability to continue to attend MC or move on and get a job.  It also allows for less of a lull  between semesters, which I’m fine with.

Honestly, I’m fine with the decision.  The question will be whether J-Term is brought back next year or left off again.  Personally, I’m for nixing it.  I don’t mind less of a break in the winter.  More summer is nice…more bearable to live in Northeast Ohio in the summer, not the winter.  Brrrrr.

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Finals Week Left Ahead

As the final day of classes ends and we meet the weekend, finals are only jsut around the corner.  While I’m sure most Marietta College students are sitting around studying all weekend, I wish the best to those who have finals to take.

Remember that the Midnight Breakfast is Sunday night at 11 PM through 1 AM.  Bring a canned good, or you’re SOL when you get to the door.

Congrats to the Men’s Basketball team for beating Denison.  If you’re looking for a study break, they’ll be playing Ohio Northern Saturday at 3 PM.

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