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Pioneer Perfection: Men’s Basketball Undefeated

The Pioneers needed to keep things clean against a winless Wilmington, and they did.

With an 89 to 78 victory over the Wilmington College Quakers, the Men’s Basketball team moves to 5-0 in the Ohio Athletic Conference, and a 10-0 record overall.  This comes as the Pioneers gather more Top 25 votes in the Poll.

Freshman Tyler Hammond is really stealing the show, as the Freshman from Cleveland, OH scored 22 points.  That’s his second game in a row with 20 or more points.  Junior Trevor Halter added 10 more points, and in a surprise, eight rebounds.  That’s more than junior Kevin Knab, who usually leads the team in rebounds.  He ended the night with 12 points and seven rebounds.

The Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams head out for a West Coast swing after the Christmas holiday, then return to face the University of Mount Union and Heidelberg University in the new year.

Check out the full Ohio Athletic Conference standings below.  Should be an interesting week when Marietta takes on both Capital University and John Carroll University in the same week.

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Orientation Deadline Looms

While Spring Break is only 4 days away (!!!), there are still some looming deadlines.  One of them is the Orientation Leader Application due date.

Being an Orientation Leader comes with a lot of bonuses.  From a purely monetary standpoint, you get free room, board, and meals for the week prior to classes starting, and $250.  But there is more than that.  You get a chance to interact with incoming Freshmen…to guide them and help them learn about Marietta College and it’s surroundings.  It’s a way to give back the knowledge you have gained.

The deadline for applications is Friday, which means that your application, two references, and scheduled interview all have to turned in by Friday at 5 PM.

If you have any questions, there will be a Gilman Theme Night tonight from 5 to 7 PM, which will allow students to pick up an application if they havn’t done so yet, ask questions to returning Orientation Leaders, and enjoy some of the best food Gilman makes (trust me on this…we basically picked all the foods we like at Gilman).

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Filling the Gaps

Its been a week and a half/two weeks since I had to send my laptop in for repairs, so here’s all the news you missed!

  • Viva La Revolucion!  Parking for upperclassmen has been restored to the Gathering Place parking lot.  All blue parking passes can now park in the lot, along with red passes for freshmen that received them.
  • Hooray for the Blue and White!  The Pioneers defeated Thiel College in the River City Bowl with a score of 20-14.  Looking ahead, Marietta College plays Wilmington College this Saturday at 6 PM, the season’s only home night game.
  • Lambda Chi Alpha held their annual Watermelon Bust.  13 teams from various organizations competed in events ranging from watermelon tossing to melon carving.  The teams raised nearly 500 pounds of food, which will go to the Marietta Community Food Pantry as part of the Lambda Chi chapter’s North American Food Drive effort.
  • H1N1 “Swine” Flu may have finally made it to Marietta College.  There have been a couple reported cases of potential H1N1 infections, but they haven’t been confirmed yet as far as I know.  More information will be posted later.
  • Sternwheeler has come and gone.  The three day event brought thousands of visitors to the city of Marietta for a fun-filled weekend that culminated in one of the region’s most spectacular firework shows.  I was once again happy to get myself some Quaker Steak and Lube wings and a Bloomin’ Onion from vendors, and won a t-shirt from the Ohio Lottery.
  • Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment began yesterday.  Events continue through Thursday for IFC and Friday for PHC.

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Campus Parking Becomes A Problem

DSCF1139Maybe I shouldn’t say that it has become a problem, because some people will say that its always been a problem.  But I digress.

Over the summer, the college decided to turn the entire Gathering Place parking lot into a a red lot, which is freshmen only.  Prior to the change, the lot had been both blue and red, with blue being for upperclassmen.  At the same time, the former Moose Lodge parking lot is now yellow (faculty) and blue.  The change has made many upperclassmen as red as the freshmen lots.

This Facebook Group was started to raise the issue with fellow students and organize an Electronic Executive Carpet Bomb of sorts, by asking students to e-mail Rita Smith Kipp (the provost of Marietta College).  The group wants to see the parking policies changed back to allow upperclassmen to park in the Gathering Place parking lot once again, and shift commuters and freshmen to the Moose Lodge lot.  Here is a comment from the group.

This is ridiculous. Don’t most schools not even allow freshmen to bring their cars? And yet we are giving them more privileges? If anything, it should go the other way.

~ Katie Wolfe, MC Student

DSCF1137Student Senate has been notified of the problem, and I’m sure that it will be discussed at the first meeting of the year, which is this coming Wednesday.  Writing on the Mall will be there to cover the meeting.

If anything, the one thing that shocks me the most from the group is the claim that a CPS officer told the group’s creator to “take a cab”.  If true, something needs to be done about this mentality at CPS.  Campus Police offers free escort services from any part of campus to wherever you need to go.  It’s their job to provide that opportunity to students.

Is there a good way of fixing things this semester?  Possibly.  But the difficulty is that the parking passes are out and the spaces have been designated.  Any changes may take as long as next year to see come to fruition.  But better to work through Student Senate and e-mails with Rita Kipp about the issue so that the College knows that it is a problem than to let it sit idle and not have anything done about.

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Quick Hits

  • Club MC Pictures are up on our Facebook Page.  They will eventually reach Flickr (Once I find a spot that will allow me to upload to Flickr, since the college won’t allow me to.  For some reason they have a content filter on uploading pictures to Flickr.  Who knew?)  So go check those out.  There is a photo of every booth.
  • Apparently parking for upperclassmen has been greatly reduced on campus.  The story goes that all of the parking in front of the Gathering Place has been converted from mixed parking (Freshmen and Upperclassmen) to Freshmen only.  While I haven’t investigated it too much, there is a Facebook group asking students to e-mail the administrators at the school to fix the problem.  I’ll try to get some more info on the situation.
  • The Charles Sumner Harrison Organization Icebreaker is tonight at the Gathering Place at 10 PM.  Go enjoy the music, fun, food and drinks.  The event is a Blacklight Party, so dress for the occasion.
  • Blessid Union of Souls is tomorrow night at the Gathering Place.  Everything starts at 8 PM, so get there early for the best seats.
  • Today is Pioneer Pride Day! Make sure to wear your favorite Marietta College shirt today, and take a photo of yourself wearing it.  Then send it to Tom Perry at College Relations to be included in the Pioneer Pride photo gallery.

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Marcolian Round-Up!

A new school year brings us a new Marcolian…or at least in paper form.  The Marc website has not been updated to reflect the new stories.

If you’re looking for another helpful student media, the Marcolian is less of a newsy paper (usually runs every other week, but that may be changing) and more of a magazine.  They cover big campus events, but tell more of the story than just telling you what happened.  There are more editorials and opportunities for students to speak their mind and get their point across.

Headlines in this week’s Marcolian:

  • Matriculation Ceremony takes place tonight
  • Marietta College ranked 112th in Nation
  • MC Students travel to Central America
  • Planetarium community events scheduled for August, September
  • Soccer coach expects greatness
  • Football team prepares for season of growth
  • Local Churches
  • Student Discounts
  • Fine Arts on Campus
  • President welcomes Class of 2013
  • Senior gives prospective on summer
  • Del Mar’s Baja Grill disappoints
  • Freshman offers fresh perspective
  • Campus Organizations
  • Cable Channel Guide

Writing on the Mall will be posting a few more guides now based off of a few of the Marc articles (Church Guide, Campus Organization Guide), but already has guides featuring the Cable Channel Listing (which was updated today to include digital channels for those with Digital Tuners), Area Concert Guide, and more.

And as a side note, Del Mar’s is really tasty (in my opinion) so I disagree with the Op/Ed saying that it lacks flavor and experience.  They just opened, they’re still training and hiring.  Cut them some slack.  And I think its tasty and flavorful.  But make your own opinion.

Pick up a copy of the Marcolian today to read all of the articles they have this week.

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Move In Dates

DSCF1214If you are a Greek Mover, you can move in starting on Wednesday.

If you are an incoming Freshman, you can move in Thursday.

If you are an upperclassman student that has not already moved in, you can move in Saturday or Sunday.

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Time To Head Back to MC

Many people have begun the pilgrimage back to Marietta College for sports and EXCEL training.  And many more students return to campus over the weekend.  Freshmen move in next Thursday, and the rest of the college community returns over the course of next weekend.

Here are some things to think about before heading back to campus to keep your car in good, safe running condition:

  • Check all your fluids and make sure to top them off as needed.  Your engine’s oil, antifreeze, transmission, power steering, brake, and windshield wiper fluids should all be checked.
  • Check your tires for wear.  If you notice uneven wear, bulges, balding tires, or other irregularities, consider investing in some good all-weather tires.
  • Check your tire pressures.  If your tires have more or less than what is imprinted on the side of the tire, you could be missing an opportunity to get more gas milage out of your car, or be risking blowing out your tire.
  • Check your belts and hoses.  If anything looks brittle, torn, cracked, frayed, loose, or excessively worn, it may be time to head to the parts store and get a replacement.
  • Consider investing in a AAA membership.  While most people may think of them for maps and directions, they also provide 24/7 emergency assistance.  Run out of gas?  They will bring you you enough fuel to make it to the next gas station.  Flat tire?  They’ll come and put your spare on for you.  Need a tow or a jump start?  you get the idea…its a lot of useful benefits (I mean, there’s even bail money and legal fee reimbursement if things go wrong somewhere).  Basic coverage starts at $50 a year, and gives access to all of their discount programs along with what was described above.

(Information gathered for this article is from and

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Enterprise Deal for MC Students UPDATED

The Marietta College Announcement Page just popped up an interesting tidbit that is a nice little deal for students without a car down here.

MC students can get 50% off either a five day rental (from Wednesday to Monday) or a three day rental (from Friday to Monday) from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  That means you’re looking at about $125 for the five day rental (if you are going for the Chevy Aveo in Economy Class), or $75 for the three day rental (same vehicle).  $5 more and you can be cruising around in a Chevy Cobalt or Toyota Carolla (intermediate), or $15 more and you’re in a Chevy Malibu (standard).

Freshman and most Sophomores need not apply, as you must be 21 or older to be able to rent a car.  If you’re a student over the age of 25, you can take off the $25 fee charged to younger drivers.  Seems kinda backwards since most of the people that could use this program are Freshman, since they are still suffering from the new restrictions instated this year that limit freshman parking to those that meet one or more of certain criteria.


The 50% off deal is good for everybody from Friday to Monday.  Not just students at MC.  Anybody, anywhere can take advantage of that.

The deal that applies to students is the 50% off a rental from Wednesday to Monday.  I can confirm that this deal is good specifically for Marietta College students.  However, your milage may vary at other institutions.  Call your local Enterprise Rent-A-Car to find out if you can take advantage of the deal too.

Students wishing to take advantage of the extended deal here in the Marietta Area should contact the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car, because the deal is not available online.

Local Enterprise Contact Info:
Enterprise Rent-a-car
Marietta, OH Rental Location

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