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Looking Back: Freshmen Greeks Have First MC Homecoming

Editor’s Note:  Welcome Andie West, a Freshman here at Marietta College, to the Writing on the Mall writing crew.  She will be periodically writing articles from the Freshmen perspective, among other things.

Marietta College Homecoming! A week filled with exciting activities, food, and chances for different organizations around campus to show their pride. The week is also an exciting time for freshmen, new to the experience. I had the opportunity to speak with seven freshmen on their first Marietta College homecoming experience. Here are their responses:

Patrick Tegge, a new member of Lambda Chi Alpha, says his homecoming back home is a big deal and was expecting as much from MC. To his surprise, MC did meet his expectations. On asked about his favorite experience he responded: “working on the float at 2:00 am and building a gate to the graveyard with Chuck Bonakoski!”

Pat and his brothers got to work with the local sorority, Omicron Chi Theta, on their float. He said that he was anxious at first since floats at home took 4 months to construct, but despite the lack of time and all of the activities associated with being a full-time college student, the float turned out to be well done. Tegge is very excited for next year’s homecoming.

Elisa Santiago, a new member of Omicron Chi Theta, expected the week to be a lot crazier than it was, but she was expecting to have a lot of fun and bond with her sisters. In addition to sisterly bonding, the Omicron Chi Theta’s experienced inter-Greek bonding with the Lambda Chi. Elisa said making the float with them was a lot of fun. “We forgot to open the windows (At the Lambda Chi house) so that was a headache with all the spray paint!” she said laughing. “Homecoming was a lot of fun and I can’t wait ‘til next year”!

Bryan Murray, a new member of Alpha Tau Omega, was expecting homecoming to be “kinda lame because (back home) cheerleaders and football players were the only ones who cared.” However, the MC homecoming “exceeded” his expectations. “I enjoyed it greatly and loved how much you could participate in and building the float was fun.” The croon was Bryan’s while Blake Alan Johnson jumped rope behind me!” Next year? “I’m excited especially now that I know what it’ll be like I can put more in it and get more out of it.”

Clay Ellenwood, a new member of Delta Tau Delta, figured it would be a pretty long, fun week and was looking forward to meeting a lot of new people. His favorite part of the week: “I think my favorite part was getting to compete in the Greek competition it was something I didn’t expect to be a part of”. Next year? “Definitely excited for next year for more opportunities to get involved and contribute since it’s not so new to me.”

I asked Alex Martin, a new member of Chi Omega, about her homecoming experience and she said it met her expectations. Her favorite part? “Can it be a tie?” she laughed. “There were so many good aspects it’s hard to pick out a favorite!” Her top two favorites were: The feeling of accomplishment after the cheer and her second was the announcement of fellow sister, Jen Kuhn, as queen. Next year? “I can’t wait!” She is excited to participate in more activities in the 2011 MC homecoming.

Mary Roberts, a new member of Alpha Xi Delta, was unsure what to expect from her new home’s homecoming. “I was pumped to do things with my sorority!” Her favorite activity? “Cheer! We are pumped for Greek week already!” Her impression? “A lot going on” but she enjoyed how everyone on campus was involved and showed pride in their organizations. Mary is excited for next year’s homecoming.

Kiki Cunningham, a new member of Sigma Kappa, knew homecoming was going to be fun. When asked if the week met her expectations she responded: “Yeah! It was a lot of fun and seeing how much pride everyone had for the school.” Her favorite? “The cheer and croon because I liked seeing what everyone came up with because everyone was so different.” Kiki is already excited for next year and uncovering the theme and how it’ll play through.

All in all, the freshmen experience of homecoming was positive and exceeded all their expectations. From the cheer and croon to amusing float stories, the MC 2010 homecoming is one to remember for our freshmen.

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PROFILE: The DBRC's Head Honcho

When William Vincent, director of Marietta College’s Dyson Baudo Recreation Center, walked into his office one morning, the phone rang. On the other line was the circus wanting to come and perform at the DBRC.

“One of my favorite parts of this job is all the strange requests,” Bill said. “You never know what’s going to happen on a given day.” The circus was coming to town, but not to the DBRC.

The DBRC was built and has been running since 2003. It is one of the nicest and most used facilities on the Marietta College campus. It is used for intramural sports, workout sessions, team practices, and even transportation.

Kevin Quick, a community walker at the DBRC, knows all about this. “People are always going in and out of this place, and Bill greets most of them,” Quick said. “I’d say he knows just about everybody on campus.”

Vincent attended Marietta in the early 1980s and received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and then a master’s degree in Sports Administration. When the building opened up in 2003, it needed someone to supervise and handle the day-to-day operations.

Vincent at the time was supervisor of Greek Life on the campus, so he was already familiar with the people and the environment. When the spot opened up at the DBRC, he knew it was the job for him.

He took over the position, and began handling the daily duties. Seven years later, he is still going strong. One of his biggest tasks includes keeping people happy, from his employees to the entire athletic department. It helps to have a laid back mentality like Vincent does when holding a position like this, because it can be stressful.

Vincent does note that one of the best experiences he has had during his tenure at the DBRC is getting to interact with many diverse cultures. Every day people of many different backgrounds, such as Asian, European, and South American, come through the building and interact with Vincent and his workers.

Over the years, Vincent has developed a relationship with not only community, but his workers, as well. “Bill makes a point to get to know everyone that he hires,” Heather Haught said. “It’s a lot like a family.” This family atmosphere that Vincent has acquired helps give the DBRC a cozy, friendly vibe.

There is much about the position that people do not know about. A lot of things are happening behind the scenes. Vincent is constantly working in his office at providing opportunities for students to get involved. One of the biggest ways students can do this is through the intramural sports that the DBRC offers, a system that Vincent has provided himself. “Intramurals are very popular, but most people don’t know the work involved in getting it set up,” he said.

Bill Vincent is a huge part of the Marietta College campus, even if people do not always realize it. He runs intramural sports, he provides job opportunities, and he schedules special events, such as comedians and magicians. Maybe someday he will even hire the circus.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article is by Jordan Holland, a Media Writing Two student at Marietta College.  If you are interested in writing for Writing on the Mall, send an e-mail to

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National Hazing Prevention Week Kicks Off

This week is National Hazing Prevention week, an international effort to educate and inform campus organizations and their members that hazing does not work.  Marietta College already has a strong stance on hazing, so it hasn’t been a big problem here.  But elsewhere, many students face daily torture from the organizations they joined, whether they be athletic, greek, or otherwise (although most statistics are about greek hazing, athletic hazing is prevalent, just less reported.

According to the HazingPrevention.Org, 55% of  students involved in clubs or organizations experienced some level of hazing.  40% of athletes reported that their coach knew of hazing happening, with 22% responding that the coach was directly involved.  More frighteningly, nine out of ten students have experienced some sort of hazing, but feel they were not hazed.

This week, Greek Council is sponsoring National Hazing Prevention Week and  National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (although I think most college students are well aware of alcohol…poor choice for a name), with support from Student Activities and Greek Life.  Here is the week’s events:

  • Monday, Oct. 19: “Happy Hour” with Bernie McGrenahan, Alma McDonough Auditorium, 8 p.m. Enjoy a comedy and inspirational message about alcohol, hazing and its effects.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20: Participate in saving a life. Blood Drive at The Gathering Place 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Click this link to sign-up to donate blood, save a life: Type in mariettac for the sponsor code. Or contact Greek Council President Zohare Khan via email at zhk001 at marietta dot edu.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21: Banners designed by each Greek chapters on hazing prevention.
  • Thursday, Oct. 22: Greek Council members will be at a table outside Gilman with pamphlets and information on Hazing Prevention and Alcohol Awareness.
  • Friday, Oct. 23: T-shirt Day.

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Interfraternity Council Rush Continues Tonight!

This one is for all the men of Marietta College.  If you are interested in joining one of the three fraternities on campus, then head out to one of the rush events the rest of this week.  This is your chance to meet all three houses and find out which one is the best fit for you.  IFC Exec Board officers will be present to answer any questions you may have regarding the chapters or Greek Life as a whole.

ATO – Alpha Tau Omega
DTD – Delta Tau Delta
LXA – Lambda Chi Alpha


5 to 7 PM – ATO – Paintball – Meet at ATO House
6 to 8 PM – DTD – Capture the Flag – DU Field
7 to 9 PM – LXA – Sports Night – Dyson Baudo Recreation Center


5 to 7 PM – ATO – High Steaks – ATO House
7 to 9 PM – LXA – Football on the Field – Parsons Field
9 to 11 PM – DTD – Rush Journey – DTD House


5 to 6:30 PM – ATO – ATO Leadershape – ATO House
5 to 6:30 PM – LXA – Lambda Las Vegas – Gathering Place
5:30 to 7 PM – DTD – Hoagies and Stoagies – DTD House

7:30 PM – Bid Handouts

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Panhellenic Recruitment Continues Today

While recruitment started yesterday for Panhellenic Council, those that are still interested in joining recruitment can still sign up.  You have to sign-up in Andrews at the front desk and attend all three open houses tonight.

If you would like to sign up please go to the Student Life Office in Andrews Hall and pick up a form
Rho Gammas will be visiting the halls each evening… look out for them to ask questions
Rho Gammas will be holding informationals next Tuesday in each dorm.
Recruitment starts September 14th.

Megan McGrath, Panhellenic Council Rho Gamma

Here’s the rest of the Panhellenic Council Recruitment Calendar for this week.

Tuesday, Sept. 15: Open House 2
5-7 p.m. — Alpha Xi Delta
6-8 p.m. — Sigma Kappa
7-9 p.m. — Chi Omega

Wednesday, Sept. 16: Chapter Night
While all three chapters are affiliated with a national organization they are special and unique here at Marietta College.
8-3 p.m. — Pick up invitations to this night in Andrew’s Hall
5-5:45 p.m. — Chi Omega & Sigma Kappa
6-6:45 p.m. — Alpha Xi Delta
7-7:45 p.m. — Chi Omega
8-8:45 p.m. — Alpha Xi Delta & Sigma Kappa

Thursday, Sept. 17: Preference Night
This is a very special night for each chapter and you!
8 a.m.-3 p.m. — Pick up invitations to this night in Andrew’s Hall
6:30-7:30 p.m. — Party 1
8-9 p.m. — Party 2
8:30 pm — Meet Rho Gammas in Andrew’s Hall to sign preference card

Friday, Sept. 18: Bid Day

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Move In Dates

DSCF1214If you are a Greek Mover, you can move in starting on Wednesday.

If you are an incoming Freshman, you can move in Thursday.

If you are an upperclassman student that has not already moved in, you can move in Saturday or Sunday.

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For Those Looking at Sororities at MC

Here is a write-up with the basic need-to-knows for sorority recruitment at Marietta College.  This is courtesy of Megan McGrath from Panhellenic Council.

For those interested in sorority life on campus, here are the need to know facts:

A sorority (or women’s fraternity) is a social organization in which the members are bonded by common ideals.  Each sorority has its own philanthropy and purpose.

For information on each house you can go to the Marietta College Greek Life website: and follow the links to the local and national websites for each house.

To get involved in recruitment (the process of joining a sorority) you can get in touch with a Rho Gamma.  A Rho Gamma is a woman from one of the sororities that has disaffiliated from her own chapter until recruitment is over to provide an unbiased source of information and give guidance before & during recruitment and to make the process of recruitment as easy as possible.

Each Rho Gamma is assigned to a freshman dorm.  They will be visiting the dorms each night in the beginning of the school year to get girls interested in recruitment and tell them how to sign up.

Recruitment will begin the 14th of September.

For more information please reference the Marietta College Greek Life website or

More details will be updated closer to Recruitment about signing up and other events that are occurring on campus.

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