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Off Campus Housing Policies

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Kui Jai (aka Jacky) is a guest writer for Writing on the Mall.  He is involved with the Media Writing Two class at Marietta College, which has been submitting articles to us.  His article is the first of many that you will see hit the site.  If you would like to see more like this, just let us know at patrick_h at writingonthemall dot net.

If you have an option, will you choose to live on campus or not? Apparently, it is a tough question that many students do not know how to answer. Today, let’s focus on different people on campus, and let’s hear the different voices from them.

In Marietta College, all of the undergraduate students are required to live on campus. The requirement of applying for living off campus is extremely strict. “In Marietta College, our students were not allowed to live off campus until living in residence hall for eight semesters or four years,” said Bruce Peterson, the Director of Residence Life in Marietta College. “Other requirement also includes the age limits 23. Basically, the only way that we allow them to live off campus is getting married or having some personal medical problem.”

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Marietta College Ties for 6th in the Midwest!

DSCF1146The US News and World Report: America’s Best Colleges list is finally out, and Marietta College tied for 6th place in the Baccalaureate Colleges – Midwest Region.

While it did not beat out all other OAC schools like in the Forbes Poll (Ohio Northern University was second to Taylor University), it did beat out #33 Wilmington College.  No other OAC colleges were ranked.  Marietta was tied for 6th with Cedarville University and Huntington University.

Marietta was also included on the list of schools with International students (9% of campus population), economic diversity (26% of students obtain Pell grants), diversity (index score of .13), and retention (73.2% freshmen retention).

Once again, another ranking of colleges, another great day to be a Pioneer!

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