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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: My Summer in D.C.

Editor’s Note: We are looking to highlight a few MC students and things they did during their summer vacation.  Today we share Sarah Snow’s adventure in Washington DC as a congressional intern.

As I drove around Dupont Circle during rush hour on a Tuesday afternoon, I thought to
myself, “This was not a good idea.” Cars lurched out in front of me and herds of pedestrians fearlessly
threw themselves into the streets as I tried to carefully maneuver myself around the busy streets of
D.C. in my mom’s car. Mom was in the passenger seat, practically hyperventilating over the traffic, and
I was left to find my way and not wreck at the same time. I passed at least ten Starbucks, a handful of
embassies, and a mile long line of people waiting at the Steak and Shake before I finally found my way
down Connecticut Avenue. At around five thirty, I finally spotted my destination and praised the Lord
for getting me there in one piece.

My first place of residence was here, with a Marietta alum and sorority sister who shares my
love for politics. After I unloaded the car and gave Mom a paper bag to breathe into for a few minutes,
we collected ourselves and set out, via Metro, to see the sites and get some dinner. Later that night, as
I gazed up at the Washington Monument in the moonlight, I was immediately at ease. Walking through
the World War II monument and reading the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Monument made me
realize that no, this was not a mistake, and it was indeed just the beginning of a beautiful summer
romance with our Nation’s Capital.

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