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The Power of a Wish

Pie a ChiEd’s Note:  Chelsey Scott will be writing for Writing on the Mall, please give her a warm welcome.  For full disclosure, Scott is a Chi Omega.  Also, apologies for the delay in getting this article out.  Things will be much more on time now, I promise.

If you had lunch or dinner in Gilman on Wednesday, September 1, you may have noticed lots of pies outside. And not the kind of pie you eat – the kind of pie you throw. At Chi Omegas, to be specific. This year’s first on-campus fundraiser was held by the women of Chi Omega in their annual Pie-A-Chi charity event, proceeds benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, their national philanthropy. After taking last year off from the event, Pie-A-Chi was brought back by popular demand this fall. And when I say popular, I mean popular. The event raised more money than it has in the last five years with a grand total of over $600! Not bad for four hours and thirteen tubs of whipped cream huh?

Pie A ChiFor those who may have missed the event, students who wished to pie one of the women paid either $3 for a throw or $5 for a smash in the face. Not only were the Chi Omegas the targets, special guest appearances were made by Delta Tau Delta’s Derek Ensinger, Alpha Tau Omega’s Drew Schulte, Sigma Kappa’s Amber Davis, (then) Rho Gammas Alex Edelbrock and Kasey Woodworth, and student body President, Josh Maxwell. The women of Chi Omega want to send a million thanks to these individuals for being such great sports to raise money for this fantastic cause! And another thanks to all the people who paid to pie a Chi – you helped share the power of a wish, the mission of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation raises money to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. For more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit

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College Begins Search For New Assistant Director of Student Activities And Greek Life

Writing on the Mall has confirmed that Allison Toney will be leaving her position at the end of July.

This means that Marietta College will have its fourth Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life in four years.

Toney revealed her plans in an e-mail to the leaders of all the greek houses and councils on campus. In the letter, which was obtained by Writing on the Mall, she says, “I decided to leave to get back closer to home and it was more personal than professional reasons for leaving.”

When reached for comment, she says, “I really enjoyed working with everyone this past year! You all are some great students and I know you will continue to do good things in the future!”

Toney was hired by Marietta College last summer to replace Tara Kurilchick.  Kurilchick had dual-roles for the college (Residence Life and Student Activities) during the search to fill the Assistant Director position after Lynne Miller left in 2008 for the University of Pittsburgh.  Miller replaced Melissa Liptak in 2006 after Liptak accepted a position with Kent State.

David Travis, the Director of Student Activities and Student Life, says that this is to be expected.  He says that the Assistant Director position is considered and entry-level position.  Because of this, he continues on to say, “It is not uncommon for entry level positions to be held from 1 to 3 years. With this said my goal is to create a working environment that is welcoming for any staff member. This environment needs to allow for a staff member to be challenged and grow professionally.”

Travis will take over the duties of Assistant Director while a search to fill the position begins.  Candidates will be interviewed by a panel of students, faculty, and staff has been formed.  Interviews will begin in July on a rolling basis.

If you were curious to the job requirements, Travis sent along a copy of the job description.

The primary responsibility of this position, as part of the Student Activities & Greek Life department, is to provide leadership to the Greek community by developing and implementing programs and activities that strengthen and enhance Greek Life at Marietta College.  This includes serving as advisor to Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and Greek Council.  The Assistant Director will also provide academic support, counseling and educational programming for all Greek organizations.

Additional responsibilities include partnering with students, student organizations, faculty, and staff in coordinating community service projects.

Duties and responsibilities are organized around two areas:  Management and Programming.

Also of note, a Master’s degree in Higher Education is not being required for the position. Emphasis is also placed on Greek Affiliation.

A Bachelor’s degree is required while a Master’s degree in College Student Personnel, Higher Education Administration or related field is preferred. Prior Greek Life experience (chapter consultant, graduate assistant with Greek Life responsibilities, etc.) is strongly preferred.  Affiliation with a Greek Letter organization is highly desirable. Must possess well developed communication/interpersonal, organization, planning and programming skills.

Writing on the Mall asked several campus leaders for comment.  Brendan George, president of Interfraternity Council, and Josh Maxwell, president of Student Senate, had the following to say.

Ms. Toney’s vacancy will mark the fourth Greek Adviser that MC seniors have experienced.  This means that something is either very wrong with the Greek population at MC or something needs to be done with the position from an administrative standpoint.  Why is it so difficult to keep someone in the position?  Looking at Andrews, Bruce Peterson is really the only one that I see that has stayed with the overall department of Student Life for an extended period of time.  Vickers is gone, Travis is still relatively new, and Pastoor has yet to impress the collegiate population.  It is, as far as it’s personnel is concerned, a very new department.  Now Allison Toney, a woman that showed such promise early in her career here, is leaving as well.  The phenomenon warrants investigation.

~ Brendan George, President of Interfraternity Council

Allison’s departure marks a growing trend in the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life position of very low retention.  It’s currently suffering the Harry Potter “Defense Against the Darks” curse, because we can’t seem to keep them past a year.  I wonder if maybe this is an appropriate time figure out why this keeps happening, before we set out to hire a replacement.

One of the biggest criteria I will be looking for in a replacement will be the candidate’s willingness and commitment to a multi-year stay at Marietta.  I feel that if the Student Life wishes to continue helping Greek Life grow and develop, it needs to have a staff member that can bring continuity to the table.

~ Josh Maxwell, President of Student Senate

Travis also had the following to say about Toney

Marietta College is sad to see her leaving us. I believe Allison contributed much to the College, its students and the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life. I believe her passion is supporting students and helping them achieve their goals.

~ David Travis, Director of Student Activities and Greek Life

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WATCH: Student Senate Presidential Debate Videos

All three videos from last night’s Student Senate Presidential Election Debate are online, so enjoy the videos below or on YouTube.

Candidates Dave Hood and Josh Maxwell answered questions in the Kremer Amphitheater, along with Vice President and Treasurer candidates.

Remember that you can vote tonight from 5 to 7 PM in front of Gilman dining hall, or tomorrow from 11 AM to 1 PM and 5 to 7 PM.

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BREAKING: Defaced Student Senate Candidate Posters Appear On Campus

As I walked through Upper Gilman today, I noticed that two posters for Student Senate Officer Candidates had been defaced.  Here are images of the two posters.

2010-04-05 13.32.26

2010-04-05 13.33.14

A poster for the Dave Hood campaign had been defaced by someone crossing off his name, then writing “Maxwell = Maximum Experience” and “By Voting Maxwell” in pencil.  Also, a poster for Sarah Campfield had been defaced, with somebody writing “But Her Grammar Doesn’t.”

Dave Hood and Josh Maxwell, both Juniors, are running for President of Student Senate, while Sarah Campfield is running against Chandler Wittel, the current Treasurer.

A poster for Josh Maxwell that was located in the same area had not been defaced.

The posters were removed immediately.

If you see any other defaced posters on campus, please let us know at Writing on the Mall by e-mailing

Writing on the Mall has sent e-mails to Megan Moore, Judicial Chair of Student Senate, and the four candidates for their responses to the situation.  Stay tuned to Writing on the Mall for further news and the response of the affected candidates on the issue.

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