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Cheap Sports For All Sorts

As prices rise for all the fun things in life, sometimes it’s nice to have a Student ID.  And this post highlights several of those great opportunities.  Major teams in Ohio and Pennsylvania are advertising great pricing on tickets to students.  We’ll highlight some of them today.

Browns Excursion for Marietta College Students

College Union Board is taking a busload of students up to Cleveland Browns Stadium on October 3 for their division match-up against the Cincinnati Bengals.  A $20 ticket can be purchased in the Student Activities office in Andrews Hall.  The ticket will get you on a charter bus up to the game, a ticket to the game itself, and transportation back to Marietta when the game is complete.  Bus leaves at 9 AM on the 3rd.

This is a great opportunity for MC students to go see an NFL game for a very low price.  Instead of paying anywhere between $30 and $50 in gas for your car and anywhere between $40 to $60 for a ticket, you are only paying $20.  Take advantage while you can.  Tickets are going fast.

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Posted by    Date: Friday, September 24, 2010

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As Seen On The Whiteboard: Senior Edition

As seen on a whiteboard on campus.

2010-02-15 13.03.09

Click for a larger version.

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Posted by    Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Rankings Time: Forbes Ranks Marietta #112

DSCF1225A Press Release from Marietta led me to see the Forbes rankings of public and private colleges has been released.  And Marietta College is now knocking on the top 100 colleges in the country.

Marietta was ranked #112 in the country out of all schools that they ranked (the list is out of 600 schools) and, while not officially, ranked within the top 100 private colleges (I say this because they have a list of all the private colleges in the top 100, which is 89 schools, and since I’m not sure which schools are public or private, we are either in the top 100 or #101). In the state of Ohio, Marietta was ranked 4th (Behind #22 Kenyon, #74 College of Wooster, and #88 Oberlin College).

In the OAC. Capital was the closest ranked to Marietta.  They were ranked #138.  Otterbein was #221, John Carroll was #273, Baldwin-Wallace was #335, Mount Union was #481, and Ohio Northern was #570.  Heidelberg, Muskingum, and Wilmington were not ranked in the Top 600 schools.

For comparison, the highest ranked public college in ohio, Miami University in Oxford, OH, was ranked #331.  The Ohio State University was ranked #361.  Marietta also outranks all colleges listed on the poll from West Virginia, with Bethany College (WV’s highest ranked school) listed at #164.

So in other words, its great to be a Marietta College student.  And if you’re a high school senior looking to attend one of the best colleges in Ohio, you should check out MC.

Check out Marietta College’s Press Release after the jump.

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Posted by    Date: Saturday, August 8, 2009

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Free Laundry?

I’m hearing that the use of washers and driers at MC will be free starting in the fall, with the trade-off of no more phone service in rooms. Have confirmed with students, but am confirming with officials. Full details to follow as I get them.

As a side note (so I don’t feel like I’m wasting a post on about 40 words), there is a new Calendar page that is up and running.  Anything that is happening at Marietta College or in the city of Marietta will appear on that calendar.  So take advantage of it to help you find things to do on and off campus.

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CUB Announces Spring Trips

Looking for college sponsored trips around the state of Ohio?  have no fear, CUB has you covered.

The College Union Board has decided to send students to three locations throughout the semester.  Sadly, none of them appear to be the rumored sky diving trip.

On March 28th, CUB continues a tradition of promoting shop-a-holic-ism with a return trip to Easton Shopping Center in Columbus.  Tickets are $5 and will go on sale March 22nd.  The $5 gets you on a bus to Easton, and allows you the entertainment of a movie.  Exact times and movie name has not been released yet.  It’s a good chance to go to a great shopping center and check out some cool places, like the Apple Store.

On April 4th, the CUBbies will be going to the Columbus Zoo.  There is no price announced quite yet, but tickets are to go on sale March 29th.

On April 25th, its time to play baseball.  Well, kinda.  CUB will be taking MC students to the Cleveland Indians game against the Minnesota Twins.  No price has been announced yet, and no ticket sale date was mentioned either.

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Posted by    Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Disney Recruiters On Campus at 4 PM

Sorry for the late notice, but if you’re interested in checking out the Disney College Program, they have representatives here at 4 PM.  if you’re unable to make it, check out the online presentation at the link.

The program sounds like an awesome opportunity.  It just has the downside of requiring you to give up a semester of classes at MC (or wherever else readers may attend).  You do have the opportunity for internship credit for your time in Disney, and there are classes offered that can be transferred back for credit.

Last I heard, there are currently two MC students involved in the Disney program.  I got a chance to talk to one of them, and she said she is really enjoying her experience.  I may try to get a full interview from her sometime in the future.

Disney College Program

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Keep Safe Since We'll Have School Tomorrow No Matter What

Well, the weather is going to suck tomorrow.  No matter what.  There’s a huge front extending from Texas to here, and it’s going to dump a lot of snow and ice.  So, while many schools around the area are closing for tomorrow and beyond, the college is expecting students to trudge out into the potentially dangerous weather.  But don’t worry, MC is providing these tips for a safer walk across campus (instead of at least cancelling morning classes).

A winter storm watch has let us know that there is the potential for five or more inches of snow over the next few days. The Physical Plant is ready to act to keep walking surfaces cleaned and treated. But, this is still a good time to remind us all that caution, planning, and staying alert will help prevent winter slips and falls. Please consider the following guidelines:

• Try to wear shoes that support your foot and provide a solid foundation.
• Non-skid soles are recommended.
• Try to wear bright, light colored or reflective clothing. It will make you more visible to traffic.
• Be aware when crossing the street that cars may have trouble stopping on ice.
• Resist the temptation to take the well worn short cut across the lawn. It may be packed with snow and ice and probably will not be treated.
• Take shorter steps and walk at a slower pace.
• Stop occasionally to break the momentum.
• Give yourself sufficient time to reach your destination.
• Watch for “black ice”. (extra thin, nearly invisible ice)
• Try not to carry too much of a load.
• Use handrails when you are on steps and plant your feed firmly on each step.
• Be prepared for a fall and think about safe falling techniques. (Do not lock your arms. Round your back and tuck your chin if falling backwards, etc.)
• When you finally reach your destination, clean off your shoes at the door and watch for wet floors.

The Physical Plant will be doing their best to keep sidewalks and steps cleared of snow and ice, but we would remind you of the following information:

• During normal working hours faculty, staff, and students can call ext. 4790 or 4791 to report areas that need to be treated or retreated.
• After normal working hours call Campus Police at 4611.
• While it is not expected that you self help with ice and snow removal, there will be salt boxes at the entrances to most of the campus buildings that have steps. The Physical Plant staff treats the surfaces with that salt. However, if there is immediate, emergent conditions people are welcome to use the salt until Physical Plant staff can reach the area.

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Men's Basketball Takes The Court Wednesday Night

Marietta College’s Men’s Basketball team will take to Fenton Court in Ban Johnson Arena at the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center (gasps for breath) for the first home game of the season Wednesday, December 3rd.  Tip-off should be around 7:30 PM.  The game has been designated as a “white-out” for fans, so if you’re coming, wear white and cheer on the Pioneers as they take on Denison.

A lot of students are anticipated to come to the game, as athletes in other sports and the campus’s Greek life have been asked to be the backbone of the  “white-out” effort.  Advertising on campus has been heavy as of last night, with the rock being painted and signs/table cards places across campus.

Later in the week, the Pios will take on Ohio Northern in what will be a kick-off to Ohio Athletic Conference play.  That game is Saturday, December 6th at 3 PM on Fenton Court in Ban Johnson Arena at…oh…you know where.

The game is being broadcast on 88.3 WMRT-FM (Marietta, Parkersburg, Athens, and everywhere in between).  Calling the game will be yours truly alongside long-time voice of the Pioneers, Mike Washbaugh.  Look for pre-game coverage to start around 7:20 PM EST.  You can catch the stream online of our coverage (or WMOA’s coverage) by going to Marietta’s Streaming Audio page.

For a look further into the Men’s Basketball season, check out the schedule here.  And to see how the 2-2 Pioneers look in the OAC so far, check here.  It’s looking like a good season so far (if you don’t count the two 20-25 point losses), and looks like last year’s six wins should be passed (four out of conference wins, two in conference).

Good luck guys!  Should be a good season.

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