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Chalking on the Mall: 4:20 Supporters Protest for Legalized Marijuana

April 20th is known as a counter-culture holiday to support use of the drug Marijuana, which led students to chalk the mall last night in support of legalization.

However, what students may have forgotten was the College’s chalk policies, which state the following:

Chalking on campus is limited to flat ground where rain can wash the chalk away and not on building or under awnings. Chalk must be non-toxic sidewalk chalk. Paint is not acceptable and will result in fines and damage charges being assessed to the individual or group.

While much of the chalk on the mall will remain, since it is in open areas, many chalk markings have or will be removed by Physical Plant.  Below are photos of the chalk markings, the rock, and other messages written on and around the Mall.  Clicking on photos will tell you where it was located, and whether the chalk was legal or illegal.

Statement on Curb by McDonough and Library "Free Marc" Statement on Curb by Library/McDonough McDonough Steps After Being Washed 4:20 Chalk on McDonough Steps 4:20 Chalk On McDonough Entrance Wall 4:20 Mall Chalk 4:20 Chalk on Curb by Library and McDonough 4:20 Rock, Front 4:20 Rock, Right Facing Mall 4:20 Rock, Back 4:20 Rock, Left Facing Mall Peace Love 4:20 on Storm Drain near McDonough 4:20 on Mall Chalk Writing Partially Cleaned Up Part One of Date on Mall Part Two of Date on Mall Large 4:20 on Mall More 4:20 Chalk on Mall 4:20 near Gilman 4:20 On Wooden Bench Near Gilman Love Life near Gilman Happy 4:20 near Gilman Munchies On The Mall (In front of Gilman) Marijuana Leaf on Gilman Entrance Peace and 4:20 Near Gilman Entrance Peace and Love Inside Gilman Entrance 4:20 Inside Gilman Entrance Chalk Smilie Inside Gilman Entrance Chalk on Mass Media Building 4/20 on Mass Media Building

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Looking Back: 2004 and 2005 Floods Changed College Preparedness

It was Friday Sept. 17, 2004. Remnants of Hurricane Ivan had just come through dropping almost five inches of rain over the Mid-Ohio Valley during the day. The Ohio River and its tributaries were already swollen due to three and a half inches of rain from the week before, when remnants of Hurricane Frances came through.

Early that Friday morning the National Weather Service in Charleston predicted that the Ohio River at Marietta would crest just above flood stage. Then later that afternoon, the National Weather Service called off the flood warning and said that the Ohio River at Marietta would crest more than a foot below flood stage.

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Construction on Campus

DSCF1213 Don’t worry, this isn’t any construction you’ll see when you get back.  Its stuff that Physical Plant is working on now so you can enjoy them come late August.

The picture to the left is of the new sidewalk that is being poured by Parsons and McCoy to replace the parking area used by construction workers.  That means no more walking in the road now.

Also, there is some work going on inside McDonough and Erwin Hall.  McDonough received donations for a renovation and purchase of digital presentation equipment.  Room 205 has been all re-done, with new paint, more narrow desks and chairs (so you can actually walk to your seat now, instead of navigating the maze of chairs in a narrow space), power and data hook-ups for every seat, and a new projector and smartboard combo for presentations and classes.

Erwin Hall saw its bathrooms enter ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance on the first floor, as the college continues the process of becoming 100% ADA compliant.
DSCF1218Lastly, the wooden stairway from the rear of the Dyson-Baudo Recreation Center to the McCoy/Mills parking lot has been torn up. I’m not sure if this will be replaced, rebuilt, or totally demolished. I guess we’ll see when we get back. However, this is a welcome sight, as the rubber material they had covered the stairs with had begun to come off and become a hazard for those who used it.

Off campus, look for a completely rebuilt Front Street, which saw all of the bricks pulled out and replaced, with a focus placed on pedestrian safety.  Speed tables now lead up to raised crosswalks, and flashing lights can be triggered to alert motorists to mid-block crossings.  Washington Bridge construction continues, so if you use State Route 7, you’ll have to use the provided detour, which sends you up or down Interstate 77.

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Toothpicks Hard To Find in Scotland

I mentioned the McDonough Worldwide Blogging effort a couple weeks ago, and am a little behind in picking up some of the more interesting blog entries.

The first that I’ll highlight is Katy Black, who is currently in Scotland.  She had an interesting adventure trying to find toothpicks at several of the many specialized stores that populate the country.  There are chain stores, but nothing like Wal-Mart.  She eventually found bamboo sticks that she could use as toothpicks.  You can read about her search here.

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Students Abroad Blog About Experiences

Marietta College students are studying abroad this  semester, but with a new added twist.  Students that are part of the McDonough Center for Leadership are spending the semester writing about their experiences while they learn at schools around the world.  In total, there are nine students blogging about their stay in the country they have chosen.  While some have already made the trip over and began coursework, others are still waiting to begin their adventure.  For a list of all the bloggers and links to their sites, keep reading after the jump.

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Top 10: MC Stories of 2008

Looks like it’s time for the college’s PR department to decide what the top 10 stories of 2008 were.  They just issued their annual release, which makes for a good read.  To see my commentary on the list, keep reading after the jump. Read more…

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