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Cheap Sports For All Sorts

As prices rise for all the fun things in life, sometimes it’s nice to have a Student ID.  And this post highlights several of those great opportunities.  Major teams in Ohio and Pennsylvania are advertising great pricing on tickets to students.  We’ll highlight some of them today.

Browns Excursion for Marietta College Students

College Union Board is taking a busload of students up to Cleveland Browns Stadium on October 3 for their division match-up against the Cincinnati Bengals.  A $20 ticket can be purchased in the Student Activities office in Andrews Hall.  The ticket will get you on a charter bus up to the game, a ticket to the game itself, and transportation back to Marietta when the game is complete.  Bus leaves at 9 AM on the 3rd.

This is a great opportunity for MC students to go see an NFL game for a very low price.  Instead of paying anywhere between $30 and $50 in gas for your car and anywhere between $40 to $60 for a ticket, you are only paying $20.  Take advantage while you can.  Tickets are going fast.

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New MC Website Brings New Direction

As in new content that will be updated throughout the year. The new Marietta College website will actually be somewhere that students will want to visit.  The site launched with six feature articles, including the following:

The idea seems to be to incorporate the past, present, and future all into one nice package.  Visual appearance has improved greatly, with large images and prominently featured 175th anniversary logos.  Content is more easily accessed and easily added/updated.

According to a press release from Tom Perry, the Director of College Relations, we should expect anywhere from 4-8 articles a month, which should keep things fresh and interesting.

As a side note, we have been recognized by the college as a local news outlet, which is a huge step for us.  We will continue to provide a look at Marietta College from the student’s perspective.  Writing on the Mall is still a student owned and operated blog…just expanding our readership and promoting our wears.

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CUB Announces Spring Trips

Looking for college sponsored trips around the state of Ohio?  have no fear, CUB has you covered.

The College Union Board has decided to send students to three locations throughout the semester.  Sadly, none of them appear to be the rumored sky diving trip.

On March 28th, CUB continues a tradition of promoting shop-a-holic-ism with a return trip to Easton Shopping Center in Columbus.  Tickets are $5 and will go on sale March 22nd.  The $5 gets you on a bus to Easton, and allows you the entertainment of a movie.  Exact times and movie name has not been released yet.  It’s a good chance to go to a great shopping center and check out some cool places, like the Apple Store.

On April 4th, the CUBbies will be going to the Columbus Zoo.  There is no price announced quite yet, but tickets are to go on sale March 29th.

On April 25th, its time to play baseball.  Well, kinda.  CUB will be taking MC students to the Cleveland Indians game against the Minnesota Twins.  No price has been announced yet, and no ticket sale date was mentioned either.

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