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Lip Sync Results From Greek Week 2011

Omicron Chi Theta – “True Life: I’m Becoming Greek” – Seventh

Alpha Tau Omega – “ATO Story Time” – Sixth

Lambda Chi Alpha – “It’s Great to be a Lambda Chi 2011” – Fifth

Sigma Kappa – “True Life: I’m A Greek Goddess” – Fourth

Chi Omega – “True Life: Jersey Shore” – Third

Alpha Xi Delta – “Sorority Girl Problems” – Second

Delta Tau Delta – “Hot For Teacher” – First

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Looking Back: Freshmen Greeks Have First MC Homecoming

Editor’s Note:  Welcome Andie West, a Freshman here at Marietta College, to the Writing on the Mall writing crew.  She will be periodically writing articles from the Freshmen perspective, among other things.

Marietta College Homecoming! A week filled with exciting activities, food, and chances for different organizations around campus to show their pride. The week is also an exciting time for freshmen, new to the experience. I had the opportunity to speak with seven freshmen on their first Marietta College homecoming experience. Here are their responses:

Patrick Tegge, a new member of Lambda Chi Alpha, says his homecoming back home is a big deal and was expecting as much from MC. To his surprise, MC did meet his expectations. On asked about his favorite experience he responded: “working on the float at 2:00 am and building a gate to the graveyard with Chuck Bonakoski!”

Pat and his brothers got to work with the local sorority, Omicron Chi Theta, on their float. He said that he was anxious at first since floats at home took 4 months to construct, but despite the lack of time and all of the activities associated with being a full-time college student, the float turned out to be well done. Tegge is very excited for next year’s homecoming.

Elisa Santiago, a new member of Omicron Chi Theta, expected the week to be a lot crazier than it was, but she was expecting to have a lot of fun and bond with her sisters. In addition to sisterly bonding, the Omicron Chi Theta’s experienced inter-Greek bonding with the Lambda Chi. Elisa said making the float with them was a lot of fun. “We forgot to open the windows (At the Lambda Chi house) so that was a headache with all the spray paint!” she said laughing. “Homecoming was a lot of fun and I can’t wait ‘til next year”!

Bryan Murray, a new member of Alpha Tau Omega, was expecting homecoming to be “kinda lame because (back home) cheerleaders and football players were the only ones who cared.” However, the MC homecoming “exceeded” his expectations. “I enjoyed it greatly and loved how much you could participate in and building the float was fun.” The croon was Bryan’s while Blake Alan Johnson jumped rope behind me!” Next year? “I’m excited especially now that I know what it’ll be like I can put more in it and get more out of it.”

Clay Ellenwood, a new member of Delta Tau Delta, figured it would be a pretty long, fun week and was looking forward to meeting a lot of new people. His favorite part of the week: “I think my favorite part was getting to compete in the Greek competition it was something I didn’t expect to be a part of”. Next year? “Definitely excited for next year for more opportunities to get involved and contribute since it’s not so new to me.”

I asked Alex Martin, a new member of Chi Omega, about her homecoming experience and she said it met her expectations. Her favorite part? “Can it be a tie?” she laughed. “There were so many good aspects it’s hard to pick out a favorite!” Her top two favorites were: The feeling of accomplishment after the cheer and her second was the announcement of fellow sister, Jen Kuhn, as queen. Next year? “I can’t wait!” She is excited to participate in more activities in the 2011 MC homecoming.

Mary Roberts, a new member of Alpha Xi Delta, was unsure what to expect from her new home’s homecoming. “I was pumped to do things with my sorority!” Her favorite activity? “Cheer! We are pumped for Greek week already!” Her impression? “A lot going on” but she enjoyed how everyone on campus was involved and showed pride in their organizations. Mary is excited for next year’s homecoming.

Kiki Cunningham, a new member of Sigma Kappa, knew homecoming was going to be fun. When asked if the week met her expectations she responded: “Yeah! It was a lot of fun and seeing how much pride everyone had for the school.” Her favorite? “The cheer and croon because I liked seeing what everyone came up with because everyone was so different.” Kiki is already excited for next year and uncovering the theme and how it’ll play through.

All in all, the freshmen experience of homecoming was positive and exceeded all their expectations. From the cheer and croon to amusing float stories, the MC 2010 homecoming is one to remember for our freshmen.

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Meet The Candidates: Amanda Case

Writing on the Mall sat down with six of the nine Homecoming candidates.  Here is our interview with Amanda Case, Omicron Chi Theta’s representative.

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Meet The 2010 Homecoming Candidates

The excitement has been building, and now the curtains can come down…here are your Homecoming candidates for 2010.  Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name, King candidates first, then Queen candidates.

Homecoming Candidate Steve Baranoski

Steve Baranoski – Lambda Chi Alpha

Homecoming Candidate Derek Ensinger

Derek Ensinger – Delta Tau Delta

Homecoming Candidate Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson – Alpha Tau Omega

Homecoming Candidate Tyler Preston

Colin “Tyler” Preston – Charles Sumner Harrison Organization

Homecoming Candidate Amanda Case

Amanda Case – Omicron Chi Theta

Homecoming Candidate Amber Davis

Amber Davis – Sigma Kappa

Homecoming Candidate Jen Kuhn

Jen Kuhn – Chi Omega

Homecoming Candidate Jessica "Lippy" Lipniskas

Jessica “Lippy” Lipniskas – Alpha Xi Delta

Homecoming Candidate Alison Matas

Alison Matas – Honors House

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Get To Know OXO

Omicron Chi Theta, Marietta College’s only Local Women’s Club (Essentially, a Local Sorority) is recruiting this week.  If formal Panhellenic Recruitment wasn’t for you, or if you were looking for something different, now is your chance to get to know OXO.

OXO Fall Recruitment Flyer (Fall 2010)

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Who You're Voting On

court01Thanks to a Press Release from Tom Perry at College Relations, I have true bios for each of the candidates.  Voting takes place today (Thursday, October 15th) and tomorrow (Friday, October 16th) from 11 AM to 1 PM and 5 to 7 PM.  Your student ID is required to vote.  You can meet the candidates in person at Munchies on the Mall tonight at 6 PM in Upper Gilman.  Writing on the Mall will be presenting coverage of Homecoming 2009, so stay tuned for the latest.  Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Erin Boyle
boyle_erinBoyle, of North Olmsted, Ohio, is heavily involved on campus, including membership with Psi Chi Honorary, Student Alumni Association, Student Senate Planning Committee, McDonough Leadership Program, American Advertising Federation, Women’s Choir, The Marcolian and as part of a number of Marietta Musical Theater Productions. Boyle, daughter of Neil and Dawn Boyle, is majoring in Psychology with minors in Advertising & Public Relations and Marketing. Her alumni escort is Kellen Boyle ’09.

Christa Dunlevy
dunlevy_christa1Dunlevy, of Malvern, Ohio, is an Organizational Communication and Public Relations major with a minor in Marketing. She has a certificate in Leadership Studies from the McDonough Leadership Program. She continues to work with the McDonough Leadership Program as a project leader for Alumni Relations. She has been the captain of the Marietta College Dance Team for three years. Dunlevy, daughter of Mary Laubacher, is a member of Lambda Pi Eta and Alpha Lambda Delta. She is also a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee representative and the Chair of PioPalooza. She has also been the head dispatcher at College Police for the past year. Her brother J.C. Kowal will be her escort.

Nancy Flowers
flowers_nancy1Flowers, of Bellaire, Ohio, is a member of Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre Honorary), Marietta College’s Theatre Department and Women’s Choir. Flowers, daughter of Michael and Cheri Flowers, is majoring in Musical Theatre with a minor in Management. Her father will escort her Saturday.

Emily McGinty
mcginty_emily1Representing Alpha Xi Delta, McGinty is the Public Relations Vice President of the sorority, and also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Tau Pi Phi and the leadership department. During her time at Marietta, she has participated in Student Senate, Relay for Life and women’s crew. She is majoring in Public Relations & Advertising. McGinty, of Dalton, Ohio, is the daughter of Jeff and Bev McGinty. Her father and Marietta College alumna Melissa Schulte ’09 will escort her.

Megan McGrath
mcgrath_megan1Representing Chi Omega, McGrath is the president of Omicron Delta Kappa and Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi. She is also the Vice President of Order of Omega, Treasurer of the Hockey Club, Senior Interviewer for Admission, and former President of Chi Omega. McGrath, daughter of Gary and Robin McGrath, is from Pittsburgh, Pa. She is majoring in Middle Childhood Education with certificates in Leadership, Teachers as Leaders and Reading Endorsement. Her father will serve as her escort.

Andrew Bolton
bolton_andrew1Representing Lambda Chi Alpha, Bolton is a member of the Pioneer Tennis Team, Ultimate Frisbee and the McDonough Student Advisory Council. Bolton, of Baltimore, Md., will earn a degree in Economics with a minor in both Leadership and Management. Blakely Dye ’11 will escort Bolton, son of Bryan and Beth Bolton.

Michael Cress
cress_michael1Cress, of Atlantic City, N.J., is a Senior Interviewer for Admission, he teaches second graders at Ely Chapman Education Foundation, and he is involved with the Erwin Knights Education Association. He has directed campus excursions for the College Union Board, published articles in The Marcolian, worked on the Presidential campaign trail in 2008, and rowed with the Men’s Crew. Cress, son of Frederick Cress and Katherine Neifert, is majoring in English and Adolescent/Young Adult Education. Kasie Robb ’10 and Assistant Professor Carolyn Backus will serve as his escorts.

Donhnall Godfrey
Godfrey, of Parkersburg, W.Va., is Vice President of the Honors House and Vice President of the English Honorary Sigma Tau Delta. Godfrey, son of Shawn and Lori Godfrey, is an English major with a minor in Art and a certificate in Writing. His alumni escort is Elizabeth Wallace ’09.

Greg Geisler
geisler_greg1Geisler, Alpha Tau Omega’s nominee, works at the campus Academic Resource Center, is a member of the Student Alumni Association and is very active in intramural sports. Geisler, of North Royalton, Ohio, is the son of Greg and Rose Geisler. He is majoring in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. Brian Page ’05 will serve as Geisler’s alumni escort.

Jeremy Jusek
jusek_jeremy1Jusek is representing Delta Tau Delta, an organization that he currently serves as the corresponding secretary. The Garrettsville, Ohio, native is President of the Honors House and Alpha Psi Omega. He is a member of the Chemistry Club and is earning degrees in both Chemistry and Theatre. He is also minoring in Philosophy with a certificate in Writing. Kim Keesler ’12 and Mandy Bics ’09 will escort Jusek, son of Lauren Jusek.

Phil York
york_phil1York, of Frederick, Md., is highly involved with numerous organizations on campus, including Sophomore Student Senate Representative, College Union Board Vice President and Music Chair, McDonough Student Advisory Committee Junior Representative, McDonough Student Teacher’s Assistant, Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Representative for Admission, and member Charles Sumner Harrison Organization. York is also a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, Pi Alpha Theta and Omicron Delta Kappa. During the spring semester he will conduct an internship in Washington, D.C.

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Blood Drive Today…Give 'Til It Hurts!

If you have time to give blood today, stop by the Gathering Place.  Greek Week is teaming up with the Red Cross to help get more blood to area hospitals.  The blood drive is running through 4:30 PM today, so get there if you can.

I know some people will ask about this, so I’ll answer it now.  They are looking for Double-Red donors.  And the other inevitable question?  All donors will receive flip flops (while supplies last).

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CSHO Fashion Show Raises Big Bucks!

I was at the Charles Sumner Harrison Organization Fashion Show last year, and am happy to report they raised over $1,000 for the Humane Society.  Props to them for their continued ability to put on huge events.

I have video from the event, but I am waiting for the final copy and permission before posting it.  Should be a week or two.

On another note…is there anything going on this weekend?  I know of the OXO and ATO formals, but other than that, no big events.  Post a comment is you know of anything going down.

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Homecoming Recap

Hello again readers…

Just a quick update from the Homecoming weekend.

Your new Homecoming King for 2008 is Luke Haumesser, who was sponsored by the Erwin Knights (If you hadn’t heard of them before Homecoming, they are a group for students studying to become teachers.  Luke beat out fellow candidates Tad Cochran (Lambda Chi Alpha), Mike Abou (Alpha Tau Omega), and Mark Hirschfeld (Delta Tau Delta).

As for your Homecoming Queen for 2008, Nicolette Kynkor won the vote.  She was sponsored by the women of Alpha Xi Delta.  Nicolette beat out candidates Rachel Mecklenborg (Sigma Kappa), Diana Hackenburg (Chi Omega), Claire Berlin (Omicron Chi Theta), Touka Akiyama (Charles SUmner Harrison Organization), and Rachel Powell (McCoy Residence Hall)

They havn’t officially released the run-downof who finished where, but I believe that Charles Sumner Harrison Organization won the overall organization competition.  As soon as I find out the specifics I will let you all know.

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