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Panhellenic Council Supports Our Troops

The Marietta College Panhellenic Community helps support the troops deployed for Pro-Panhellenic Week.

As a part of Pro-Panhellenic Week, the women of the Panhellenic Council put on a philanthropy event. For the event they could make letters that are being sent to Ladies of Liberty. Everyone could also bring different products that will be sent over to the women troops deployed.

The philanthropy event was a part of the Panhellenic Council’s Pro-Panhellenic Week. The week was dedicated to uniting the women of the Greek community and to display the benefits of the council.

“I am very excited for everything that has been collected for the troops.  We’ve been very excited for this week since the beginning of the semester and hope to do many more events like this.” Elizabeth Oswalt, President of Marietta College’s Panhellenic Council stated.

Ladies of Liberty is a national organization ,which Buckeye Blue Mothers is working with. Buckeye Blue Mothers is a non-profit organization that is made up of mothers whose sons or daughters are deployed overseas in the military.  Their goal is to support their troops anyways possible, mostly by sending boxes of products that the soldiers need. For more information visit,

“I felt that this was a good event to get the women of the community involved,” Sarah Griffin, Vice President of Community Development for Panhellenic Council, said, “It let’s them see that these items are going to women who are around the same age as many of us.”

Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the sororities at Marietta College. The community consists of Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega and Sigma Kappa.

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Get To Know OXO

Omicron Chi Theta, Marietta College’s only Local Women’s Club (Essentially, a Local Sorority) is recruiting this week.  If formal Panhellenic Recruitment wasn’t for you, or if you were looking for something different, now is your chance to get to know OXO.

OXO Fall Recruitment Flyer (Fall 2010)

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Sorority Recruitment Kicks Off Today

Ed’s Note:  Writing on the Mall Reached out to Panhellenic Council for an article regarding Sorority Recruitment.  The following was written by Ally Janakis, the Vice President of Public Relations for PHC.

DSCF1236With the campus all a flurry and recruitment finally here, one cannot help but hear “Be More, Be Greek.” Although this does not literally mean Greek as in baklava and Greek gods, it is the world of sisterhood and philanthropy.

Every female student is given the opportunity to go through Recruitment at Marietta College. There are upperclassmen that disaffiliate from their chapter to help women through the recruitment process called Rho Gammas. Their job is to be unbiased and to answer questions and help women make the choice that is best for them.

DSCF1138There are three sororities on campus including Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega and Sigma Kappa. Recruitment for sororities will be held the week of September 6 through 10. Although Greek life is not for everyone, it is definitely an important aspect of college to try. As an incoming freshman, Greek life allows women to meet other freshmen women and also upperclassmen.

Recruitment for women involves different themed nights where potential new members are given an inside look at each sorority in hopes that they find one they feel they belong with. It begins with Monday and Tuesday being open houses and gives interested women a chance to visit each house.

Wednesday is chapter day. This is when each house explains what is unique to their chapter at Marietta College. Wednesday is also a chance for women to begin making a decision as to which house they feel most at home in.

Thursday night is a very special night for affiliated women and interested women. Thursday is Preference Night. This is when women are given an inside look at sisterhood and are invited to follow their heart to whichever house they liked the best. Following Preference Night women sign a card agreeing to accept a bid from whichever houses they write down. However, there is no obligation to join a sorority or fraternity if one chooses to go through Recruitment.

DSCF1234Friday is the final and most exciting day because the interested women receive their bids and are welcomed home into their respective houses. Most of the Greek community comes to witness Bid Day outside of Andrews Hall. Each sorority house is filled with excitement as they anxiously await their new girls and also to welcome their Rho Gammas back.

“Sorority life offers so much from lifelong friendships, leadership development, community service, social activities and more,” says Kelly Querry ’11, Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment. “The sorority life is a home away from home for many young women and it is a place to grow and mature.”

Although each house has its own character, they all have similar standards they must maintain. Every house has a required GPA that must be upheld, philanthropies they support by doing community service and raising money and some houses have study hours. Along with this, there is a lot of Greek involvement on campus. Greeks hold many leadership positions on campus including roles on many Executive Boards.

Each sorority has its own house with a housemother that serves as a live-in R.A.

Some of the benefits of Greek life include lifelong connections. Being a part of a national organization opens doors for employment and also provides alumni chapters all over the country that are there to help you if you move somewhere new. The idea is if you move someplace new you will have sisters there to take you to a dinner and tell you all the best places to go. Greek life also provides many chances to practice leadership. A good number of U.S. Presidents have been affiliated with fraternities.

“To incoming freshmen: at least try out Rush and Recruitment; some of our most involved Greek leaders on campus would tell you they never planned on going Greek when they came to Marietta College,” said Ryan Nolen’12 . “At least give it a try, you could end up with some of the greatest friendships and opportunities during your four year run here at Marietta.”

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Spring Recruitment: Chi Omega Welcomes Interested Women


Are you a woman on campus thinking about going greek? Now is a great opportunity to visit the sisters of Chi Omega.

Chi Omega is hosting two events this week.  Tonight from seven to nine PM, head down to the Gathering Place for a game night.  They will have games to play and snacks to eat.  On Wednesday (tomorrow night) from six to eight PM, they will be hosting a Valentine Making Party.  All valentines will be made for U.S. Soldiers overseas.  They will also have cookies to bake and decorate.

Chi Omega was founded in 1895, and has grown to become one of the world’s largest women’s organizations.  They have over 290,000 initiates and 171 chapters.  For more information, visit their national website, their local website, or visit one of their events for more information

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Panhellenic Council Bid Handouts!

Writing on the Mall was there as Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega, and Sigma Kappa cheered, chanted, and welcomed their newest members to their chapters.  The three sororities wrapped up Panhellenic Council Recruitment yesterday with Bid Day, an annual tradition where disaffiliated members (Rho Gammas and freshmen housing Resident Assistants) were presented to their chapters.

As the three chapters marched to their positions in front of Andrews Hall, their new members received their bids and met the women that would be joining their chapter with them.  From there, they run out the front doors and into the waiting arms of their new sisters, where they are given shirts and other items to celebrate their bid acceptance.

In the end, 17 women accepted bids to Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Kappa, while 15 women accepted bids to Chi Omega.  That means that only Chi Omega can continue to recruit new members with continuous open recruitment.

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Panhellenic Recruitment Continues Today

While recruitment started yesterday for Panhellenic Council, those that are still interested in joining recruitment can still sign up.  You have to sign-up in Andrews at the front desk and attend all three open houses tonight.

If you would like to sign up please go to the Student Life Office in Andrews Hall and pick up a form
Rho Gammas will be visiting the halls each evening… look out for them to ask questions
Rho Gammas will be holding informationals next Tuesday in each dorm.
Recruitment starts September 14th.

Megan McGrath, Panhellenic Council Rho Gamma

Here’s the rest of the Panhellenic Council Recruitment Calendar for this week.

Tuesday, Sept. 15: Open House 2
5-7 p.m. — Alpha Xi Delta
6-8 p.m. — Sigma Kappa
7-9 p.m. — Chi Omega

Wednesday, Sept. 16: Chapter Night
While all three chapters are affiliated with a national organization they are special and unique here at Marietta College.
8-3 p.m. — Pick up invitations to this night in Andrew’s Hall
5-5:45 p.m. — Chi Omega & Sigma Kappa
6-6:45 p.m. — Alpha Xi Delta
7-7:45 p.m. — Chi Omega
8-8:45 p.m. — Alpha Xi Delta & Sigma Kappa

Thursday, Sept. 17: Preference Night
This is a very special night for each chapter and you!
8 a.m.-3 p.m. — Pick up invitations to this night in Andrew’s Hall
6:30-7:30 p.m. — Party 1
8-9 p.m. — Party 2
8:30 pm — Meet Rho Gammas in Andrew’s Hall to sign preference card

Friday, Sept. 18: Bid Day

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