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Campus Security Improved at Parsons

DSCF1211An article hit the Marietta Times today about Marietta College’s security enhancements.  They were all put into place over the summer and include the following changes:

  • Every hallway has a campus phone
  • Every floor of every building has an emergency radio linked to the College’s and NOAA’s emergency alert systems
  • Wooden doors have been replaced with metal doors
  • Grab-resistant handles installed on doors
  • Security screens installed on all first floor windows
  • All Card readers are certified as working
  • Card Reader placed on entrance to bathroom in a 4th street dorm

This hits me a little bit close to home because I can tell you a few things.  I live in a campus-owned Fraternity house.  And our house has not had security screens installed on the first floor windows.  We don’t have a card reader, metal doors (entrances or room doors), or an emergency call box installed.  We have emergency radios, but not much else.  Our house has had two TV’s stolen from it the past two summers, and every time we ask for security improvements we do not receive them.  The other houses have card reader access, but to not have security screens (as far as I know) or metal doors installed.  Sure, Parsons is safer (which is good, don’t get me wrong), but saying that all campus housing facilities have all of these safety measures is stretching the truth a bit.

Do I feel safe?  Absoultely.  Marietta (and the College) have very little crime to worry about.  However…it would be nice if they did install all safety measures at all campus housing.  Is the campus safer with all of these additions?  Of course it is.  I just would like to see all students protected equally.

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Move In Dates

DSCF1214If you are a Greek Mover, you can move in starting on Wednesday.

If you are an incoming Freshman, you can move in Thursday.

If you are an upperclassman student that has not already moved in, you can move in Saturday or Sunday.

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Construction on Campus

DSCF1213 Don’t worry, this isn’t any construction you’ll see when you get back.  Its stuff that Physical Plant is working on now so you can enjoy them come late August.

The picture to the left is of the new sidewalk that is being poured by Parsons and McCoy to replace the parking area used by construction workers.  That means no more walking in the road now.

Also, there is some work going on inside McDonough and Erwin Hall.  McDonough received donations for a renovation and purchase of digital presentation equipment.  Room 205 has been all re-done, with new paint, more narrow desks and chairs (so you can actually walk to your seat now, instead of navigating the maze of chairs in a narrow space), power and data hook-ups for every seat, and a new projector and smartboard combo for presentations and classes.

Erwin Hall saw its bathrooms enter ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance on the first floor, as the college continues the process of becoming 100% ADA compliant.
DSCF1218Lastly, the wooden stairway from the rear of the Dyson-Baudo Recreation Center to the McCoy/Mills parking lot has been torn up. I’m not sure if this will be replaced, rebuilt, or totally demolished. I guess we’ll see when we get back. However, this is a welcome sight, as the rubber material they had covered the stairs with had begun to come off and become a hazard for those who used it.

Off campus, look for a completely rebuilt Front Street, which saw all of the bricks pulled out and replaced, with a focus placed on pedestrian safety.  Speed tables now lead up to raised crosswalks, and flashing lights can be triggered to alert motorists to mid-block crossings.  Washington Bridge construction continues, so if you use State Route 7, you’ll have to use the provided detour, which sends you up or down Interstate 77.

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Aggravated Burglary Triggers Campus Notification

If there is one thing that the College does well, its timely notification.  The e-mail/robo-calls went out at 10 AM, 4 hours after the incident happened.

In compliance with the Timely Notice provisions of the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998, Marietta College officials want to inform you that Marietta College police are investigating an aggravated burglary that took place at approximately 6 a.m., Friday, May 8.

An unknown person entered a resident’s room at Parsons Hall. After the suspect gained entry he attempted to restrain the resident. The resident fought back and was able to separate from the attacker, who fled on foot. Campus Police say nothing at this time indicates the attacker had any connection to the Marietta College Campus.

The male, described as tall, 6-foot-0 to 6-foot-2, slender build was wearing a dark or black hoodie type sweatshirt and dark jeans. The suspect was wearing dark eyeliner and had multiple piercings on his face.

The scene has been processed by an evidence technician from the Marietta City Police Department. The case is being investigated by the Marietta College Police and the Marietta City Police.

If anyone has any details please contact Marietta College Police at (740) 376-4611.

Once again, questions are raised about the security of Parson’s Hall.  The first floor is completely unprotected from outsiders.  Without knowing what floor it was, it would be my guess that it was the first floor.  I doubt somebody would let some guy follow them through the door to gain access to the second/third/fourth floors.

And a note…Comparatively, our crime rate is much much lower than most colleges/universities.  It’s just that these incidents raise questions of the security of students.

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Media Coverage Continues on Sexual Assault

Marietta Times and WTAP are now both covering the sexual assault case at the college.

More details have been released, including news that the suspect was sighted at Russell Hall earlier that night.  he apparently gained access to the building and came into contact with some of the residents (according to the linked Marietta Times article).

Past that, no new news.

Please lock all your doors, and don’t hold key-card guarded doors open for anybody.  Don’t walk alone at night and use Campus Police escort services (which are free to all college students).

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Room Selection Process Begins

It’s that time of year again…the time to select your living arrangements for the 2009-2010 school year.

Information Sessions begin on the 23rd of February for current Freshmen.  If you’re planning to live off campus, that deadling is March 2nd.  Applications are available at the Residence Life Office (1st Floor of Andrews).  Pre-Registration fees are due on March 6th, and are $200 this year.  Applications for Glendale and Fayerweather are due on March 16th.

Check out the complete list of deadlines and info sessions after the jump, along with links to applications for living off campus, in campus apartments, or in Fayerweather.

Read more…

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