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Students Learn Self Defense

WTAP did a nice piece (Article and Video) on the new self-defense program that the college has developed.  They did some advertising for it in and around campus, but I jsut plain forgot to post it up.

The idea is to help women on campus learn ways to help protect themselves in case of an attack (primary method being run up and kick them in the shin, from what the video shows).  The course is currently only a beginner’s course, but more advanced classes may be offered in the future.  It’s also only for college students, but may be expanded to locals eventually.

After the sexual assault happened last month, the first thing I noticed is a lot of pepper spray getting added to girls keychains.  It’s a good thing to see that girls are helping protect themselves.  Always a reminder that Marietta has call boxes placed up and down the mall, outside most buildings, and near all parking lots.  If you ever feel uncomfortable, hit the red panic button and help will be on the way.  CPS also provides escorts if you feel uncomfortable walking across campus.  Escorts are free, so take advantage of the service.

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Posted by    Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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