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PROFILE: Flowers Blooming At MC

If you have ever felt destined to be a certain person or follow a specific path, then you already have plenty in common with the topic of this article, Nancy Ann Flowers. “Live, Love, Laugh, and Dream” is the perfect quote to sum up Nancy. Through her 22 years of life, she has kept fighting and held tight onto her dreams of someday becoming a star on Broadway.

Flowers was born in the early morning hours of March 6, 1988, in Bellaire, Ohio.  Mike and Cheri Flowers were caught slightly off-guard the night before Cheri’s scheduled baby shower for her baby bump named Nancy. The happy couple was decorating their church to welcome friends and family with gifts for their new baby the next day when Cheri went into labor and had to be rushed to the hospital by her husband. Leave it to Nancy to stop the show and make everyone’s jaws drop with her impeccable timing and knack for making everyone smile.

From their exciting kick-start as a family, Mike, Cheri, and their daughter Nancy have been a very close-knit family. Nancy didn’t have any siblings growing up but she has helped raise two family pets; Ziggy, who came into the family in her eighth grade year and then Gizmo, who was born with his multiple sibling right underneath the Flowers’ porch! Nancy saw the pregnant mother cat under the porch and just had to help out. She and her parents adopted one of the kittens and took the rest to the local shelter that did not put pets to sleep. This is just another example of how Nancy shows her kindness towards anyone willing to accept it.

Another way this kind character likes to show her kindness towards animals is through being a vegetarian. Nancy has been a vegetarian since July 19th, 2005. She can remember the day so vividly because her decision to stop eating meat didn’t come lightly. She and her mother had been on the South Beach Diet for a few months when suddenly, while eating a steak her father cooked, Nancy decided she had eaten enough meat for a lifetime.

Now, she never really liked the taste of meat all that much, as she was used to only eating hamburgers and chicken tenders as her selections of meat, but this was her breaking point. Not only did Nancy stop liking the taste but, when she thinks about how the meat came to be on her plate, it “grosses [her] out!” Being a vegetarian for going on five years now has taken a lot of strength and determination from Nancy. These personality traits are helping her in more areas than nutrition though.

Nancy will be the next-to-last graduate, and the only one this year, who will leave Marietta College with a degree in Musical Theatre. The major has since been deleted from the school’s repertoire but this young dreamer is determined to make it her career.

“It’s the only thing I really love to do and I can get a job in. Yeah, my parents weren’t too thrilled about it at first but, they came around.”

They came around to the possibility of musical theatre being a career for their only daughter during Nancy’s senior year. She played two major roles in her high school productions; Abbie in “Arsenic and Old Lace” and ended her year as Dolly in the Spring Musical, “Hello Dolly.”

“Dolly convinced me I could do it because it was one of the best shows my school had done and it showed people I was a pretty good singer and actor too. They were kinda shocked to see me doing so well and that made me happy!”

Through her four years at Marietta College, Nancy has partaken in numerous plays and several of the musical productions as well. Ask Nancy what her best show experience has been and you’ll get a warm reply with a bright smile saying “Quilters!” This was Nancy’s senior capstone project and the 2010 Marietta College Theatre Spring Musical. Nancy had a huge role in the musical and even got to direct a couple of scenes that were most people’s favorites. She had to change character on stage a few times and, although that was the hardest part, Nancy said “It helped me a lot because it forced me to practice and get out of my comfort zone.”

Nancy isn’t nervous about the future because she seems to be pretty set, at least for the next year. She will be graduating in May, working a local job in Bellaire, then going down to Orlando, Fla., to live and work at Disney World. Nancy was accepted into Disney’s college program and will be there for around five and a half months. She will be working with the Attractions division and hopefully auditioning for shows and performance roles in parades and such.

If I learned anything from having the privilege of interviewing this young lady, it’s this; you can never underestimate yourself and the power you have to affect those around you. Nancy Ann Flowers is a truly genuine, caring, supportive, faithful, and dedicated student who is more than ready to take on the world in her own unique ways. I’ll leave you with the words of the famous Walt Disney, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article is by Allison Holton, a Media Writing Two student at Marietta College.  If you are interested in writing for Writing on the Mall, send an e-mail to

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As Seen On The Whiteboard: Senior Edition

As seen on a whiteboard on campus.

2010-02-15 13.03.09

Click for a larger version.

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Men's Basketball Game TONIGHT vs Otterbein at 7:30 PM

Men’s Basketball has its first game of the Spring semester tonight at 7:30 PM against the Otterbein Cardinals.

The Pioneers (2-5 OAC, 5-8 overall) will take on the Cardinals (2-5 OAC, 4-10 overall) in a battle for the basement.  The top eight teams in the OAC advance to the conference tournament at the end of February.  The Pioneers currently sit in eighth, while Otterbein sits ninth and Muskingum tenth.

Marietta is led by Trevor Halter, who comes into the game scoring over 20 points in his past two games.  He was named OAC Men’s Basketball player of the week after 29 points and 10 rebounds in a win over Muskingum (0-7 OAC, 5-9 overall).  He followed that up with 21 points in a loss to Ohio Northern (5-2 OAC, 7-7 overall).

Otterbein comes into this game off of a victory over Mount Union (3-4 OAC, 5-9 overall), their second conference win of the year.  Senior Brian Pollock had 29 points in their last game, against Mount Union.  The Cardinals did not let the Purple Raiders score a single point from the field for 13 straight minutes, including the first six minutes of the second half.

Come check out your Pioneers tonight at Ban Johnson Arena.  Tip is at 7:30 PM.  Can’t get to Fenton Court?  88.3 WMRT-FM will be broadcasting the game over the air and streaming online at the Marietta Athletics page.

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The Beginning of the End: Senior Year

DSCF1622Melissa is currently a Senior at Marietta College.  She has signed on to Writing on the Mall so she could share her stories as she completes her final year of classes.  Stay tuned for more stories throughout the next two semesters.

When I first walked back onto Marietta campus last week, I’d been away for 8 months. I had my first “I can’t believe I’m a senior” moment at the welcome back BBQ when I realized I hardly recognized anyone. Just a sea of unfamiliar faces…is this what it means to be a senior?
I’ve only been back a week and already I’m swamped with reading. Still, it is good being back in Marietta, though part of me feels like I have missed so much of what has gone here, having taken the opportunity to study abroad. Not that I have any regrets; it was definitely one of the highlights of my college life. If nothing else I now have a whole new appreciation for international relations! Having been back a week I’ve already gone through the familiar motions of searching for edible food in Gilman, paying for overpriced, last minute books at the College Bookstore, and saying hello to all our wonderful professors, and MC feels like home again.

But this is senior year, and everyone knows what is expected—the BIG DECISION of “what you’re going to do with your life.” The options seem pretty grim. Graduate and enter the work force in a state with the highest unemployment levels? In this current economic climate do we take the leap into the workforce and start repaying our loans, not knowing if our job will be there in six months? How about grad school? We are already so completely buried in a mountain of debt what is the harm of another 2 years? Playing the odds, the recession may have turned around and we can enter a workforce as fresh young faces with brand new MA’s. Whatever our options, the time to make the decision will come too fast, and our time left at this institution will seem too short.

An article in Time magazine this year starkly points out “companies surveyed for the group’s spring update are planning to hire 22% fewer grads from the class of 2009 than they hired from the class of 2008, a big letdown from the group’s projections in October that hiring would hold steady. Some 44% of companies in the survey, conducted last month, said they plan to hire fewer new grads, and another 22% said they do not plan to hire at all this spring, more than double last year’s figure.”

Grad school already sounds better…

And then there’s the other aspect of being a senior; the engagements, the weddings planned for after graduation, friends settling down to start families. Just in the past two months I’ve been to weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and engagement parties, all for people around my age. Here I am, absorbed in being a senior and whatever life after MC lays before me, yet life has truly already begun for those around me. In the current climate none of us can really be sure of where our paths will lead us, though with the right people around us it will certainly be easier and even more rewarding.

I guess being a senior means just that: we ought to use this time not to party as much as we can, or suck up to professors we don’t like in hopes they’ll write us great recommendations, but to strengthen our relationships with those who matter to us. Senior year is a reminder that before we know it our lives will have completely changed, and we should make the most of our time here before it’s gone.

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Rankings Time: Forbes Ranks Marietta #112

DSCF1225A Press Release from Marietta led me to see the Forbes rankings of public and private colleges has been released.  And Marietta College is now knocking on the top 100 colleges in the country.

Marietta was ranked #112 in the country out of all schools that they ranked (the list is out of 600 schools) and, while not officially, ranked within the top 100 private colleges (I say this because they have a list of all the private colleges in the top 100, which is 89 schools, and since I’m not sure which schools are public or private, we are either in the top 100 or #101). In the state of Ohio, Marietta was ranked 4th (Behind #22 Kenyon, #74 College of Wooster, and #88 Oberlin College).

In the OAC. Capital was the closest ranked to Marietta.  They were ranked #138.  Otterbein was #221, John Carroll was #273, Baldwin-Wallace was #335, Mount Union was #481, and Ohio Northern was #570.  Heidelberg, Muskingum, and Wilmington were not ranked in the Top 600 schools.

For comparison, the highest ranked public college in ohio, Miami University in Oxford, OH, was ranked #331.  The Ohio State University was ranked #361.  Marietta also outranks all colleges listed on the poll from West Virginia, with Bethany College (WV’s highest ranked school) listed at #164.

So in other words, its great to be a Marietta College student.  And if you’re a high school senior looking to attend one of the best colleges in Ohio, you should check out MC.

Check out Marietta College’s Press Release after the jump.

Read more…

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