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Resident Assistant Positions Growing Interest

The position for a Resident Assistant at Marietta College is becoming more popular every year and the selection process is more competitive as well.

“I really want to be a RA for many reasons,” said sophomore Corey Clause. “But I’m really nervous about whether I’m going to get it or not because there are so many people taking the class to be one, I have to be able to stand out.”

To try and be a Resident Assistant the student has to take the class Lead 121 and pass with a C or better. Their grade point average has to be a minimum of 2.5 as well as having good academic and disciplinary standing. The instructors also hold interviews for potential candidates toward the end of the class that plays a very important role in the selection.

“The ability to problem solve, good decision making skills, leadership skills, a positive attitude and someone that wants to work with students and be a member of the Marietta College community,” said Richard Ciccone, the Resident Director on Fourth Street about what skills they look for in a Resident Assistant.

There is an increase of interest in the program this year with roughly 50 students enrolled in the class. Last year they had approximately 20 students per class but this year they decided to add another class of 20 as well because of more students interested.

“I love being an RA,” said Andy Guimond, a sophomore RA in McCoy Hall. “My favorite part is having people that have to talk to you, I’ve met a boat load of more people on campus since I’ve been an RA.”

Being a Residential Assistant is not always just fun though it takes a lot of work such as between being on duty, meetings and the personal programs.

“My least favorite part is the programs we have to put on because they take too much time,” said Guimond.

There are many pros and cons to being a Residential Assistant but all signs seem to be pointing towards yes to more and more students each year who are deciding to take a little time out of their social life to save money.

This article was written by Danielle Staub, a student taking Media Writing Two at Marietta College.  Look for more articles from the class to appear on Writing on the Mall in the coming weeks.  If you are interested in writing for Writing on the Mall, please e-mail patrick_h at writingonthemall dot net.

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Could You Go 72 Hours Without Technology?

The challenge presented was for a group of students to go one weekend, Friday at noon until Monday at noon without their cell phone or Facebook. Out of 27 people only three attempted this feat and only one accomplished it.

“I took one look at Dr. (Robert) McManus and shook my head,” said Corryn Muench, sophomore at Marietta College. “I am on my phone all day, everyday and there is no possible way I could go without it. I wasn’t going to do it, let alone even try it.”

Leadership Professor at Marietta College, Dr. Robert McManus is teaching a class on Global Leadership and decided to see if his students could survive without this “steroid” of technology.

“I thought a few would take me up on it, but I didn’t expect anyone to be able to do it,” he said. “Maybe one, which was the case. Even then I was surprised he made it, but good for him!”

Only one student in the class was able to accomplish this by having his girlfriend lock his cell phone and computer in her room. Fifteen years ago college campuses hadn’t really even heard the idea of a cell phone.

“I lived in a dorm with two pay phones for about 100 men,” said McManus. “There was always a line for the phone and a number of runs to the grocery store to find quarters.”

This would have been a simple task back then but in today’s world students are connected to their phone and the Internet 24/7 with school, work and social networking. Some students did try and attempt this task but found themselves having to think of things to do because they could not use their computer or cell phone.

“The minute I got back to my room I was about to go to my desk to flip my computer on and I stopped myself. I couldn’t believe that my first instinct has been to go for my computer!” said Kristin Norton, sophomore at Marietta. “I then proceeded to sit on my couch for a good ten minutes trying to figure out what to do. I read a book.”

Norton lasted 24 hours without her phone or the Internet, which was much more than anyone else did, but she forgot when she came back from a dance and wanted to show her friend in Peru a photo she had taken that night. After she had already uploaded the photo she realized she broken the assignment.

The technology of this world is starting to take over our every day, making us overly dependent on it. The question is though, is this a good thing or is it in reality hindering us by taking away that face to face real connection with people?

The challenge to you is think of any part of your life that is not reliant upon some form of computer.

This article was written by Danielle Staub, a student taking Media Writing 2 at Marietta College.  Look for more articles from the class to appear on Writing on the Mall in the coming weeks.  If you are interested in writing for Writing on the Mall, please e-mail patrick_h at writingonthemall dot net.

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Men's Basketball Game TONIGHT vs Otterbein at 7:30 PM

Men’s Basketball has its first game of the Spring semester tonight at 7:30 PM against the Otterbein Cardinals.

The Pioneers (2-5 OAC, 5-8 overall) will take on the Cardinals (2-5 OAC, 4-10 overall) in a battle for the basement.  The top eight teams in the OAC advance to the conference tournament at the end of February.  The Pioneers currently sit in eighth, while Otterbein sits ninth and Muskingum tenth.

Marietta is led by Trevor Halter, who comes into the game scoring over 20 points in his past two games.  He was named OAC Men’s Basketball player of the week after 29 points and 10 rebounds in a win over Muskingum (0-7 OAC, 5-9 overall).  He followed that up with 21 points in a loss to Ohio Northern (5-2 OAC, 7-7 overall).

Otterbein comes into this game off of a victory over Mount Union (3-4 OAC, 5-9 overall), their second conference win of the year.  Senior Brian Pollock had 29 points in their last game, against Mount Union.  The Cardinals did not let the Purple Raiders score a single point from the field for 13 straight minutes, including the first six minutes of the second half.

Come check out your Pioneers tonight at Ban Johnson Arena.  Tip is at 7:30 PM.  Can’t get to Fenton Court?  88.3 WMRT-FM will be broadcasting the game over the air and streaming online at the Marietta Athletics page.

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Enterprise Deal for MC Students UPDATED

The Marietta College Announcement Page just popped up an interesting tidbit that is a nice little deal for students without a car down here.

MC students can get 50% off either a five day rental (from Wednesday to Monday) or a three day rental (from Friday to Monday) from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  That means you’re looking at about $125 for the five day rental (if you are going for the Chevy Aveo in Economy Class), or $75 for the three day rental (same vehicle).  $5 more and you can be cruising around in a Chevy Cobalt or Toyota Carolla (intermediate), or $15 more and you’re in a Chevy Malibu (standard).

Freshman and most Sophomores need not apply, as you must be 21 or older to be able to rent a car.  If you’re a student over the age of 25, you can take off the $25 fee charged to younger drivers.  Seems kinda backwards since most of the people that could use this program are Freshman, since they are still suffering from the new restrictions instated this year that limit freshman parking to those that meet one or more of certain criteria.


The 50% off deal is good for everybody from Friday to Monday.  Not just students at MC.  Anybody, anywhere can take advantage of that.

The deal that applies to students is the 50% off a rental from Wednesday to Monday.  I can confirm that this deal is good specifically for Marietta College students.  However, your milage may vary at other institutions.  Call your local Enterprise Rent-A-Car to find out if you can take advantage of the deal too.

Students wishing to take advantage of the extended deal here in the Marietta Area should contact the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car, because the deal is not available online.

Local Enterprise Contact Info:
Enterprise Rent-a-car
Marietta, OH Rental Location

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