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CAMPUS ALERT: Former Food Service Worker Makes Threats Against Former Co-Workers

The Campus Alert System was activated today to report  that a former food services worker has made threats against former co-workers.

The threat was allegedly made by Ronald Scott Science, who according to sources made pizza at Gilman Dining Hall.

A quick search of the suspect shows 33 items, which lists mostly traffic violations, but does include an assault charge.  This was confirmed by a 2004 notice from the Washington County Sheriff.  Also, he was charged with domestic violence in 2007.

Here is the full release from the College’s Timely Notification report.  You can also listen to the notification, which mentions Science’s name, at this link.

Marietta College Police were notified late this afternoon that a former food service employee has allegedly issued threats against his former co-workers and could be contemplating a return to campus with the intent to do them harm.

The College Police are working with the Marietta City Police to locate the suspect, Ronald Scott Science.

All Marietta College students, faculty and staff are asked to be alert to this threat and report any suspicious or erratic behaviors to campus police immediately.

Please do not attempt to intervene should you witness a dispute between food service employees and, once again, notify campus police immediately.

Please stay tuned to Writing on the Mall for the latest news regarding this case.

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FBI Joins Investigation to Find Bomb Threat Caller

According to a Marietta Times article, the FBI has joined the search for the man responsible for five bomb threats in two days.

The man placed the calls, which threatened Marietta Memorial Hospital, Selby General Hospital, the Marietta Wal-Mart, the Marietta Comfort Inn, and Marieta College, on what is being called an, “untraceable cell phone.”

The man, with an apparent speech impediment, called the Washington County Sheriff’s Office each time, simply stating that there is a bomb at the site, and then repeating himself and hanging up.  The calls can be heard by going to the Marietta Times website

All locations were swept by bomb-sniffing dogs and local police, but nothing was found.  The calls have been deemed hoaxes, so there is no immediate threat to the college or any other site.

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Car Checks Until 3 PM Today

Hey guys, I know this is kind of late noticed, but this is pre-finals week, and things have been hectic.

If you have a car on campus, the Washington County Sheriffs, Campus Police Service, and local dealerships will be checking vehicles over on the side of the Gathering Place until 3 PM.  Supposedly there will be food and freebies, so check it out if you get a chance.

The bonus of this is that you get a State of Ohio Vehicle Inspection Certification, which is good for the next year.  It can be helpful to have in many situations.

If any problems are noted, they will let you know what needs fixed and where you can go to fix it with more major issues.

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