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Spring Recruitment: Chi Omega Welcomes Interested Women


Are you a woman on campus thinking about going greek? Now is a great opportunity to visit the sisters of Chi Omega.

Chi Omega is hosting two events this week.  Tonight from seven to nine PM, head down to the Gathering Place for a game night.  They will have games to play and snacks to eat.  On Wednesday (tomorrow night) from six to eight PM, they will be hosting a Valentine Making Party.  All valentines will be made for U.S. Soldiers overseas.  They will also have cookies to bake and decorate.

Chi Omega was founded in 1895, and has grown to become one of the world’s largest women’s organizations.  They have over 290,000 initiates and 171 chapters.  For more information, visit their national website, their local website, or visit one of their events for more information

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Panhellenic Council Bid Handouts!

Writing on the Mall was there as Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega, and Sigma Kappa cheered, chanted, and welcomed their newest members to their chapters.  The three sororities wrapped up Panhellenic Council Recruitment yesterday with Bid Day, an annual tradition where disaffiliated members (Rho Gammas and freshmen housing Resident Assistants) were presented to their chapters.

As the three chapters marched to their positions in front of Andrews Hall, their new members received their bids and met the women that would be joining their chapter with them.  From there, they run out the front doors and into the waiting arms of their new sisters, where they are given shirts and other items to celebrate their bid acceptance.

In the end, 17 women accepted bids to Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Kappa, while 15 women accepted bids to Chi Omega.  That means that only Chi Omega can continue to recruit new members with continuous open recruitment.

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Move In Dates

DSCF1214If you are a Greek Mover, you can move in starting on Wednesday.

If you are an incoming Freshman, you can move in Thursday.

If you are an upperclassman student that has not already moved in, you can move in Saturday or Sunday.

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