The Best and Worst of Gilman

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Michael Cute is a guest writer for Writing on the Mall.  He is involved with the Media Writing Two class at Marietta College, which has been submitting articles to us.  His article is the first of many that you will see hit the site.  If you would like to see more like this, just let us know at patrick_h at writingonthemall dot net.

Its 5 o’clock on a Sunday and most of Marietta College campus shuffles into Gilman to grab some dinner.

The plates at Gilman always seem to fly off the shelves. It’s been a long tradition for students to complain about the food in the dining hall. The students may complain about the food but there rarely is an empty table available and plates always seem to disappear.

What has Gilman done right? What are the top Gilman meals according to Marietta College students? A survey was taken by Marietta College students to see what their favorite meals were.

  • Mash Potato Chicken Bowl: A college favorite, it’s very simple and extremely good. How could it be bad with mashed potatoes, chicken, gravy, and corn…all mixed into one bowl!
  • Chicken Tender and Mac and Cheese : This meal is great because it reminds you of when you ordered off the children’s menu at a restaurant.
  • Pasta bar: Can’t go wrong with the pasta bar, it’s a simple meal everyone enjoys
  • Turkey and Stuffing: A Gilman favorite and holiday favorite that will make you feel like you’re at Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Cereal: The back-up plan when nothing is good, cereal will save the day.
  • Chicken Patty Sandwiches: Come in all different varieties (buffalo, parmesan, and plain).

What has Gilman done wrong? In the same survey I asked Marietta College students what the worst meals Gilman has to offer.

  • Ham: I don’t think it’s ham but a piece of reused rubber.
  • Vegetable Lasagna: Lasagna is a good meal but when you throw the leftovers from two days ago in it, it’s still the leftover vegetables from two days ago.
  • Tuna Melt: That’s not TUNA!!
  • Meat Loaf: Meat Loaf can be good but somehow Gilman hasn’t found mamma’s secret receipe.
  • Bratwurst: May or May not be real Bratwurst.

“It always seems that Gilman is hit or miss, but if nothing is good you can always grab a bowl of cereal… But when Gilman is good it makes the day that much better,” said Sophomore Patrick Cleveland.

Sooner or later Gilman will get it right but in the meantime just pull up a chair and relax with some friends, because in a few years you will be the one making your own food.