Update: Sexual Assault on Campus

As many of you may have heard, there was a sexual assault on campus early Saturday morning.  Today, we learned that there was a second crime that happened involving the same suspect.  The notification of the incident is included after the jump, including steps that you can take to stay safe on campus.

The attacks appear to have taken place at Parsons Hall, which in my opinion in one of the worst secured buildings on campus.  You will always have a problem with tailgaters (which is what looks like the suspect’s means of entry), but when the entire first floor is open and un-protected without key-card access, there’s a problem.

The suspect is an African-American male, about 6 feet tall, in his early 20’s, with a muscular build.

Special kudos to the Marietta Times for combining their updated article with stories about the Dow Jones falling and another about the stimulus bill.  One would think an update about a sexual assault without a suspect behind bars would be, I don’t know, SLIGHTLY IMPORTANT.

Sympathy goes out to those affected by this idiot.  It is truly terrible for something like this to have happened.

Here’s the contents of the e-mail sent out to students today regarding the second incident involving the suspect.

To the Marietta College Community:

During the course of the Marietta College Police Department’s (MCPD) investigation surrounding an alleged sexual assault on Saturday, Feb. 28, the police have recently received an additional complaint that another crime occurred on the same day that was related to the initial complaint. MCPD believes this involves the same suspect.

The suspect is described as a black male in his early 20s, muscular build, between 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-0.

MCPD has increased patrol and officers on campus and would encourage anyone to report anything or anyone suspicious. MCPD continues to investigate these incidents and requests anyone who feels they may have any information to contact Marietta College Police at 376-4611 or they may email the Chief at dmv001@marietta.edu.

College officials want to remind everyone of a few safety measures that could be beneficial.

When Walking
–      Avoid walking alone at night.
–      Keep to well lit, busy routes. Avoid shortcuts and isolated areas.
–      Walk purposefully, know where you are going, and project a no-nonsense image. Avoid potentially dangerous situations.
–      If you feel threatened, cross the street, locate an emergency phone, or enter the nearest building.
–      Carry keys in your hand, not buried in pocket, purse, or book bag.
–      An escort service is provided by Marietta College’s Police Department. Call ext. 4611 and an officer can escort you to your on-campus destination.

In Your Room or Apartment
–      Lock your door every time you leave. An intruder can enter in less than 10 seconds.
–      Lock or secure doors and windows when you are alone or asleep.
–      Do not prop open outer doors.
–      Do not leave messages on your door indicating that you are away and when you will return.
–      Know your neighbors.
–      Do not let strangers enter the residence hall or premises.
–      If someone asks to use your phone for an emergency call, offer to telephone for them. Do not allow them access.
–      Do not put your address on your key king.
–      Do not leave keys in hiding places. Carry your keys and make sure that anyone who truly needs them has a copy.
–      Keep emergency numbers by your phone and program them into your cell phone.
–      Call 3333 or 376-3333 to report suspicious persons or activity in or around your residence hall or neighborhood.
–      If you are in immediate danger, call 911; stay calm and get away at the first opportunity.
–      Keep ATM cards in a safe place. Keep your PIN number secret. Only use ATMs during the day.
–      Use a charge card instead of carrying large sums of cash. Some charge cards insure property purchased with those cards against loss, theft, or damage.