WATCH: Greek Week Lip Sync Rocks Fenton Court

As the semester draws to a close, only three things are guaranteed:  Finals, Doo Dah Day, and Greek Week.  And the last item is this week.

Greek Week 2010 kicked off on Saturday with Community Service Day, but the week’s biggest event was Sunday night in Fenton COurt.  Lip Sync, the most highly coveted Greek competition, brought five of the six chapters at MC to the stage.  The chapters were given the task of finding songs between the late 80’s and 1999 (The Nickelodeon period, I guess you could say), but there was no actual theme for the night.  However, most chapters followed the Greek Week theme, which is Nickelodeon.

Lambda Chi Alpha took the stage first.  Their performance brought the first recorded mass-aww in Lip Sync history.  At the end of their show, they saluted the graduating seniors with a sign, and walked off to a standing ovation.  Here is Lambda Chi Alpha’s 2010 Lip Sync.  Songs included “Friends in Low Places”, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, “Paradise City”, “Fly Like an Eagle”, “Jerry Springer”, “Closing Time”, and “The Circle of Life”.

Next on the Stage was Sigma Kappa.  They titled their lip sync “Tales of the 90’s Flashback” and incorporated as many Nick shows and references as possible.  They opened with a dance to the song, “What is Love?”, and then later included some Backstreet Boys and S Club 7.  Also, an appearance from Will Smith was included.  The Kappas also included “The Fairy Oddparents” theme, marking one the of only show title songs used for a lip sync.  Here’s the video of Sigma Kappa’s 2010 lip sync, which earned them third place.

Chi Omega was the third chapter up.  The 2009 Lip Sync champions brought us a road trip across the country with the help of Google.  Their road trip took them to Miami, where they lip synced to “Welcome to Miami” by Will SMith (A popular guy tonight, eh?), then headed North to Chicago for “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul.  While in Chicago, we heard a bit of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”.  The Chi O’s then headed across the country…making sure to avoid Texas, since “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”.  When they arrived in Los Angeles, the song “California Love” by Tupac was heard.  They finished with “Here We Go Now” by N*Sync.  Here is Chi Omega’s 2010 Lip Sync.

Alpha Xi Delta, who finished second in 2009, came back with their tour of AXi Studios.  They began with “Rugrats”, and went into the “Rugrats Rap” (yes…it does exist), and then went into “Baby Got Back”.  Next was a stop at “Hey Arnold”‘s set, where we were treated to Destiny Child’s “Say My Name” and Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping (I Get Knocked Down)”.  On to the “Doug” set, we heard Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” and then were  “Rick Rolled” with “Never Gonna Give You Up”.  They finished with “Time of Your Life”.  Here is Alpha Xi Delta’s 2010 Lip Sync, which was placed 2nd.

The last act up was Delta Tau Delta, who threw things back to “Salute Your Shorts”, which was the second live-action show on Nickelodeon.  As per usual with a Delt lip sync, conflict errupted between two sides, this time the Jocks and the Geeks.  Also included was their tradition chair dance.  The Geeks danced to Destiny Child’s “Survivor”, which came out in 2001, two years past the 1999 cut off.  The Delts also used “Yeah” by Usher, a song released in 2004, five years after the cut-off.  The two sides came together to dance to “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC.  They also used Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and “Up in Here”.  Even with the songs outside of the requirements, Delta Tau Delta won the 2010 Lip Sync championship, and will receive a trophy for the achievement at Recognition Night on Friday.  Here is the winning Lip Sync.

(EDITOR’S NOTE – Patrick Hahe is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha)