WotM Guides

Writing on the Mall Guides are here to help you.  If you’d like to see a guide created about something, contact one of the writers via the About page.

Regional Concert Guide

The Regional Concert Guide is a survey of the largest and most popular venues within 3 hours of Marietta, OH.  There are currently 69 concerts from 13 different venues listed.  Compiled and updated by Patrick H.

Area Radio Guide

The Area Radio Guide is your resource for AM and FM stations in the Marietta area.  Also, there is a list of the best stations to tune your iPod, XM, or Sirius transmitter to if you have one.

Area TV Guide

The Area TV Guide lists all of the channels that students receive at Marietta College.  I will update the list once back on campus to let you know which digital channels also exist (if you have a digital tuner).